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Doom III Gold

Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy10.11.03

I'm sure you've all heard the old adage "Time flies when you're having fun". That may be true but over the last two years I've also found that "Time flies when you're working your ass off". The reason for the absolute lack of updates here for so long is about to become clear, and I have a much more credible excuse than ever before. Some of you may know that I started working for a games company called Eurocom two and a half years ago. Since then I have been part of a great team of designers, programmers, artists and animators working to create an incredible game. It has been a long, tiring process but now it's over and the result of all our efforts should be hitting shelves in the US within the next few days.

Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy

It's taken the best part of two and a half years of our lives to make and it's a game that I am immensely proud to have helped create. I hope you all enjoy it (on PlayStation2, XBox and GameCube :-)


Possibly the longest period KMR has gone without update. Been far too busy at work and with other Real Life stuff like moving house to post anything I'm afraid. There is some new stuff on the site but nothing mapping related (no surprises there). At the moment the only thing that is tempting me to map is Tenebrae, an excellent Quake engine modification which is a good stop gap until Doom III eventually makes it onto store shelves. I am trying to find some time to have a play with the superb features of this engine modification and if I succeed I'll be sure to post some screenshots.

I've managed to get a bit more work done on my Audi TT and there is a new (small) AVI available for download. After having filled some news updates with brief film reviews over the past year or so I decided to put them on their own page which I plan to keep updated as much for my own personal reference as anything else. You can check out the listing on the Films page if you're interested. The latest additions include One Hour Photo and xXx.

As usual the Music page has also been updated with some outstanding tunes. Highlights include Peace Orchestra - Reset, The Crystal Method - Vegas, Royksopp - Melody A.M., Adam Freeland - On Tour and Moby - I Like To Score. That's all for now, see you at Christmas ;-)

TT Goodness24.7.02

My TT model has been progressing nicely over the weekend. You can see the results on the Audi TT page. There are now three AVIs on there which show the progress the model has made (tt_test1.avi rendered on Sunday, tt_test2.avi on Monday and tt_test3.avi on Wednesday). Still plenty of work to do on the model but I think it's really starting to look the part now :-)


It's overdue but I'm here to sweep off the dust which has been gathering on the site for the last couple of months. The map in the screenshot below never got much further than what you can see there; consider that project canned. The last couple of days I have been working on my Audi TT model which I have neglected for far too long. I think I was a bit daunted by the detailing stage but now I've bitten the bullet the model is coming along very nicely. I intend to put some quality hours into it this weekend. You can see a couple of new shots (a 3dsmax grab and a rough render test) on the Audi TT page.

Other stuff I've been doing the last couple of months? Well I've been playing Neverwinter Nights a lot the last few weeks. It's a great game with solid atmosphere, interesting storyline and excellent character evolution. If you liked Dungeon Siege then you should love NWN, it has much more depth and will keep you playing for a much longer period of time.

I've also got a host of new CDs which I hope to get around to putting on the music page in the near future. Highlights include The K&D Sessions by Kruder Dorfmeister, The Mirror Conspiracy by Thievery Corporation, New Forms by Roni Size, Subliminal Sandwich by Meat Beat Manifesto and Blue Lines by Massive Attack.

Film-wise there have been some quality releases recently. I though Spiderman was great, they got the balance of realism and comic book action I thoroughly enjoyed Spielberg's Minority Report. It has a interesting idea at its core, a well though out storyline, solid acting and some nicely visualised ideas about future society and inventions. I would class this a must see movie.

Resident Evil was a pleasant surprise, I was expecting mediocrity at best but Paul Anderson (director of Event Horizon, a personal favourite) has done a great job in making a film which has the quality that most game tie-ins lack. The film has plenty of action, good atmosphere and Milla Jovovich in a wet mini-skirt kicking diseased zombie ass :-)

Denzel Washington was worthy of his Oscar in Training Day. The film is follows a rookie narcotics cop through his first day on the job. It's gritty, full of twists and you really feel for the nightmare that Ethan Hawke's character is put through. Another one to definitely go and see.

Brotherhood of the Wolf is European film perfection. Set in 18th century France it follows the hunt for a mysterious beast which is killing people left, right and centre. There are some outstanding action sequences and the atmosphere of the film is first class. You must see this film!

Another surprise was Clockstoppers. Being associated with Nickelodeon I was expecting a cheesy film aimed at kids but I found myself really enjoying it. The story follows a teenager who acquires a watch which allows him to stop time. This ability obviously opens up a host of possibilities and inevitably attracts the attention of some unsavoury characters. Directed by Jonathan "William T. Riker" Frakes its a great fun movie. Look out for the nice Star Trek reference in the film too :-)

Well, what started as a brief update about my TT model has turned into quite a lengthy rambling about recent film releases. Nevermind, it's typed now so it's going to stay :-) Hasta luego.

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