Fistful of SteelFilePlanet | USA Mirror
Fistful of Steel
Game:Quake III
File Name:mksteel.zip
File Size:11.9 Mb
Released:16th February 2002
Player Load:2 - 4 (8 spawns)

Small map tailored for 1on1 and small FFA games. Utilises a clean and shiny variation of Lunaran's LUN3DM3 texture set with a simple blue and white lighting scheme.

Vorsprung durch VernichtungFilePlanet | USA Mirror
Game:Quake III
File Name:mkvdv.zip
File Size:5.37 Mb
Released:2nd December 2001
Player Load:4 - 12 (14 spawns)
Vorsprung durch Vernichtung

Medium sized base map decorated with Lunaran's LUN3DM3 texture set. Large central hall with several lateral areas and galleries. Best with at least 4 players.

Feel The Base (TA)FilePlanet | USA Mirror
Feel The Base (TA)
Game:Quake III Team Arena
File Name:mkbase-ta.zip
File Size:1.96 Mb
Released:23rd May 2001
Player Load:4 - 12 (12 spawns)

Updated version of MKBASE which supports all Team Arena gametypes (except Tournament). Includes the Guard, Doubler and Scout power-ups as well as the Chaingun, Nailgun and Prox Launcher.

Feel The BaseFilePlanet | USA Mirror
Game:Quake III
File Name:mkbase.zip
File Size:1.77 Mb
Released:13th May 2001
Player Load:4 - 12 (12 spawns)
Feel The Base

Medium sized CTF map decked out in the IKBASEQ3 texture set. Symmetrical layout with two bases overlooking a central courtyard. Plays great with teams of 3 - 6 or 4 - 12 player FFA.

Industrial ExperienceFilePlanet | USA Mirror
Industrial Experience
Game:Quake III
File Name:mkexp.zip
File Size:5.34 Mb
Released:25th February 2001
Player Load:2 - 10 (12 spawns)

Medium to large sized map which utilises the HeadHunters3 Vendetta texture set throughout. Large open areas, vertical action and good connectivity combine to make a great map for larger FFA games.

TechnophobiaFilePlanet | USA Mirror
Game:Quake III
File Name:mktech.zip
File Size:3.44 Mb
Released:24th December 2000
Player Load:2 - 8 (10 spawns)

A fairly small tech style map utilising Lunaran's excellent LUNBASE textures. Accommodates up to 8 players and also plays OK in 1on1 games.

Iron Oxide for Q3:AFilePlanet | USA Mirror
Iron Oxide for Q3:A
Game:Quake III
File Name:mkoxide.zip
File Size:2.53 Mb
Released:15th October 2000
Player Load:2 - 6 (8 spawns)

This is pretty much a direct conversion of KTDM1 - Iron Oxide but with optimised brushwork and better detailing and lighting. Item placement is also very similar to the original but tweaked to suit the new item set.

Itchy Trigger FingersFilePlanet | USA Mirror
Game:Quake III
File Name:mkfingers.zip
File Size:1.25 Mb
Released:12th February 2000
Player Load:2 - 6 (8 spawns)
Itchy Trigger Fingers

My first Quake III map in a pretty strong Quake II style. Almost exclusive use of Iikka "Fingers" Keränen's IKBASEQ3 textures give it quite a unique look. Tight fast layout gaves a great game for 1on1 or up to 6 player FFA.

Resistance Is Futile IIFilePlanet
Resistance Is Futile II
Game:Quake II
File Name:mkfutile2.zip
File Size:298 Kb
Released:20th October 1999
Player Load:2 - 6 (9 spawns)

Complete rebuild of MKFUTILE with vastly improved architecture, lighting and detailing. Some small changes in layout and weapon placement but faithful to the original. Great map for 1on1, 2on2 or up to 6 player FFA.

Silicon AvatarFilePlanet
Game:Quake II
File Name:ktdm7.zip
File Size:471 Kb
Released:18th September 1999
Player Load:2 - 8 (10 spawns)
Silicon Avatar

Seventh map of the KT-imPAKt map pack. A small to medium sized map in the sandstone texture set. Four tall rooms are closely connected at multiple levels to keep travel times down. Best suited for smaller FFA games.

Enemy MineFilePlanet
Enemy Mine
Game:Quake II
File Name:ktdm5.zip
File Size:411 Kb
Released:18th September 1999
Player Load:2 - 6 (10 spawns)

Fifth map of the KT-imPAKt map pack. Small to medium sized map in the mine texture set. Lots of verticality and good connectivity mean KTDM5 excels in 1on1 games. Plentiful arsenal means that small FFA games are good fun too.

The ColosseumFilePlanet
Game:Quake II
File Name:ktdm3.zip
File Size:532 Kb
Released:18th September 1999
Player Load:4 - 10 (13 spawns)
The Colosseum

Third map of the KT-imPAKt map pack. A medium / large map in the boss metallic theme. Plenty of vertical play with multiple levels connected by stairs, lifts and ladders. Needs at least 4 players for a maximum enjoyment.

Iron OxideFilePlanet
Iron Oxide
Game:Quake II
File Name:ktdm1.zip
File Size:342 Kb
Released:18th September 1999
Player Load:2 - 6 (6 spawns)

First map of the KT-imPAKt map pack. Small sized map in the waste theme with three closely connected rooms. Fast flow and plenty of vertical space make KTDM1 ideal for 1on1 and small free for all games.

Kick The BucketFilePlanet
Game:Quake II
File Name:mkkick.zip
File Size:765 Kb
Released:31st January 1999
Player Load:4 - 12 (14 spawns)
Kick The Bucket

Originally to be the first map of KT-imPAKt but we decided it wasn't up to the standards we wanted to set for the pack. However, it is still a fairly nice piece, if a little large and sprawling. Good for large Free For Alls.

Depot Of DecimationFilePlanet
Depot Of Decimation
Game:Quake II
File Name:mkdepot.zip
File Size:556 Kb
Released:24th December 1998
Player Load:3 - 8 (14 spawns)

Medium sized map in the warehouse theme. Some fairly vertical play due to the high rooms with catwalks but a bit too much open space at ground level. OK for larger games of up to 8 players (perhaps 10 with weapons stay enabled).

The Rust BucketFilePlanet
Game:Quake II
File Name:mkrust.zip
File Size:459 Kb
Released:6th November 1998
Player Load:2 - 6 (11 spawns)
The Rust Bucket

Small map in the waste theme. The three rooms are well connected both vertically and horizontally. Nice lighting and plenty of ambient sounds for atmosphere. Plays very well 1on1 and will hold up to 6 players comfortably.

Resistance Is FutileFilePlanet
Resistance Is Futile
Game:Quake II
File Name:mkfutile.zip
File Size:337 Kb
Released:7th October 1998
Player Load:2 - 6 (9 spawns)

Small map in the same metallic theme as MKMETAL and KTDM3. Railgun and Rocket Launcher are within the same room but accessible by very different routes so you must commit yourself to one. Fast flow makes for a great 1on1 game.

Metallic ResistanceFilePlanet
Game:Quake II
File Name:mkmetal.zip
File Size:290 Kb
Released:16th September 1998
Player Load:2 - 6 (7 spawns)
Metallic Resistance

Small map in the boss metallic theme. Fairly simple layout makes learning easy. Plenty of ambient sounds but a little bright lighting in places. Well suited to 1on1 as well as small free for all games with up to 5 or 6 players.

The Triple TowersFilePlanet
The Triple Towers
Game:Quake II
File Name:mktriple.zip
File Size:336 Kb
Released:27th August 1998
Player Load:2 - 6 (10 spawns)

Small map in the jail texture theme. Two level, three atrium design which has fast flow and some good connectivity at both levels. Slightly bland and bright lighting in places but good for 1on1 and small groups of players.