Normal Service Resumes6.5.02

Quite a while since last update. I had to take down the site for a brief period while the guys at GameSpy made the move to new servers. Everything should be fine now but if you do have any problems please let me know so I can get them sorted out. My new PC is up and running now, it's hot and loud but its nice and fast, at least I should be Doom-proofed now :-)

Been playing with some pretty nice new arctic textures by Yogi which were featured in Kamarov's cool map Discontent. Below is a very early and poorly lit screenshot but you should get a rough idea of the style I'm going for. The area featured in the shot bears a some resemblance to the rocket launcher area of Q2DM5 - The Pits and I think will offer some cool gameplay opportunities. The map is in very early stages and I can't give any kind of estimate for release so you'll have to just be patient.

In Progress

Went to see David Fincher's new film Panic Room on Thursday. On whole I thought it was a good solid film with a simple yet effective story and some great moments. There are some awesome camera moves in the film with some flawless visual effects being utilised to patch the shots together. I can see other films starting to use the cool disembodied floating camera a lot more in future after seeing it used so well here. Another cool feature was the opening credits, again using some very impressive visual effects to make the 3d text appear part of the environment (with shadows, reflections and highlights in all the right places). So the bottom line is "Go and see this movie!" if you haven't already.

Honour Damnit!9.4.02

OK as promised I've done a review of Medal of Honour Allied Assault. You can check it out on the stuff page or read it right here. This is a top notch game so if you haven't got it already then read the review while you are waiting for it to arrive :-) In other irrelevant news I should be getting some nice new bits for my PC tomorrow: Asus A7V333 motherboard, AthlonXP 2100+, 256 Mb Corsair CAS2 DDR SDRAM and a big old Alpha PAL8045 heatsink to keep the beastie at a reasonable temperature. My housemate should also get his GeForce4 Ti4600 tomorrow so I'll be able to check that out and hoepfully witness some divine framerates and resolutions, can't wait :-)

Games and Stuff8.4.02

I just got through playing Jedi Knight II and Medal of Honour Allied Assault so I thought I'd make an update with a few words about both games. However these few words quickly turned into pretty much full reviews so I've decided to put them on the stuff page. I've only managed to get the Jedi Knight II review done so far but I hope to do the Medal of Honour one done tomorrow night. So if you haven't played JK2 and are debating whether to buy it or not then read the review to convince yourself.

MKSTEEL at ..::LvL23.3.02

A news update which does exactly what it says on the title. MKSTEEL has been reviewed (quite favourably) over at ..::LvL so please take a minute or two to rate the map and maybe leave a comment. That's all for now.

The One15.3.02

Holy shit, I just got The One on DVD and there is some of the most impressive CG I have ever seen in that film. Full credit to Computer Cafe and Tippett Studios for their excellent work. It's a great fun movie to watch so if you haven't seen it then please go out and do so immediately. I can't believe how cool the action sequences are! That's all, I'm off to watch it again :-)

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