Film Reviewsview
Date Updated:23rd November 2002
Description:Listing of recent film releases with brief reviews.

Audi TTview
Date Updated:18th November 2002
Description:Description and images of my project to model an Audi TT in 3dsmax.

Music To Make Maps Byview
Date Updated:27th October 2002
Description:Listing of cool albums to map or play to.

Medal of Honour Allied Assault Reviewview
Date Posted:10th April 2002
Description:Review of Medal of Honour Allied Assault.

Jedi Knight II Reviewview
Date Posted:9th April 2002
Description:Review of Jedi Knight II.

PK3 File Creationview
Date Posted:15th May 2001
Description:Step by step guide to creating PK3 files for your maps.

Serious Sam Reviewview
Date Posted:21st April 2001
Description:Review of Serious Sam.

Colin McRae Rally 2 Reviewview
Date Posted:29th January 2001
Description:Review of Colin McRae Rally 2.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Reviewview
Date Posted:22nd November 2000
Description:Review of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2.

Quake III Must Have Mapsview
Date Posted:1st March 2000
Description:The best custom Quake III maps that you simply must have.

MKLOG Version 1.3view
Date Posted:22nd January 2000
Description:My Quake III log file statistics generator program.

KT-imPAKt Playing Guidesdownload
Date Posted:29th November 1999
Description:Detailed guides for KTDM1, 3, 5 and 7.

The Mapping Processview
Date Posted:6th September 1999
Description:Detailed article on how I go about making a map.

My Mapping Historyview
Date Posted:14th June 1999
Description:A brief outline of how I got started mapping.