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Map Info:
System Requirements: Medium (For a good FPS) this map has allot of High res textures that are alomst up to par with S3 textures. (about half as good) And the r_speeds are above ids standards by 2000 in some places.
Description : Ever wonder about that strange weapon Called the BFG? Ever think about it as this gun that could have been cool but never made the cut due to its cheese. Well I think this map shows that the BFG takes skill and it can in fact be toned down so its not Just spam! This map was Inspired by Unreal, quake 1 dm6, and the quake 3 BFG. Its layout is allot like quake 1 DM 6 except BFGs replace the rocket launchers. The BFGs now only give 5 shots when you grab one and the ammo boxes are worth 5 as well. This is a BFG fest that takes skill not spam! Note: This map is open sorce to any one out there who follows the set guidlines listed in this text file.
Release.txt: casdm4v2.txt
Download Here:
Previous Versions: v1.0