Leper Quake Links
Modding Links

Code3Arena - Invaluable advice for the budding modder.

PlanetQuake - A good source of daily modding intake. Planet Quake has the largest amount of hosted sites on the web. And they're not all shit.

TeleFragged - Age old rival to PlanetQuake. Kinda dying.

PolyCount - Excellent centre for modellers.

ModMonkey - At last, a site that reviews mods critically. A great way to find out about what's hot and what's not in the modding world.

Matrix Quake - Check Out my smash hit previous mod which managed to dodge WB lawyers with bullet stopping!

The Strogg War - Extremely adventurous attempt at an RTS game. Pretty much pulls it off too (I was working on this project for a while :). Much better than QWar.

Team Reaction - Possibly the single most accomplished modding team ever. Much respect to them. Recently broke away from PlanetQuake hosting (!!!)

Devastation Quake 2 - Without a doubt THE best five minute frag game ever. Until Leper Quake 3 :)


Other Links

SomeThing Awful - A daily hang out for me. This has to rank as one of the funniest sites on the internet. Lowtax's inspired mix or irony and plain insantiy sets this site above others. An BOY can that Bezzy ever write funny articles!!

BluesNews - THE news centre for all things gaming. If it's news, it's here.

Voodoo Extreme - another very worth news site, headed by my good internet friend Mr. Rich Kyanka.

Sharky Extreme - Hard warez wizards (plus a little bit of gaming news)

Gamers.Com - Thresh's new brainchild. This place wants to review every game ever. But not every MOD. Fags.

FilePlanet - Good source of patches and stuff. You'll be lucky if it's up. - Another favoured news site of mine. - Flash cartoons. Very professionally done, but I can't say they're all that funny. Goto SA if you really want to bust yer gut.