- All That Glitterz -

......is not gold, and gold is not reality (as the song goes). The last map I have made for Q2 so far, and judging from the playability of Q3 I really doubt there will be any more for the Q2 engine from me. The textureset is the same (more or less) as the one I used for 'Underwyrld', it worked well there and does here n all. The idea for this was basically borne out of frustration with the usual horizontal bias given to DM levels and out of extreme admiration for 2 fine levels, Tokay's Towers from the Q2 Dm levels and QW DM7, both of which are vertically biased. Tested this one with a number of bots (I forget how many) and 1 on 1 live, played real sweet in all games. Oh yeah, check out the teleporters, I didn't like the sprite for the Q2 teleporter with it's 1 bog standard shape and prefered the original Quake slipgates with their area effect method of build. It took a bit of tweaking and many hours cursing John Carmack but I got there in the end.