- Q1 Clan Skins -

Ok, lets get something straight from the off. I DON'T MAKE CLAN SKINS ANYMORE! Please don't mail asking for one as I won't reply and I don't like doing that. Yes I did at one time and yes this is they but that was a loooooong time ago and I just don't have the spare time or the inclination to skin for anyone other than myself and my friends.

- 9mm -

Hmmmmmm, did this one what seems like an age ago. Does it show? I think so. Can't really remember much about this one cept the clan sent me an armour-replacement .BMP of Partycrasher's and asked if I could include something like it in this skin. It's just about the only bit of this I even half like. Re-used the nightmagic clan legs here. As I remember the clan hated this skin sooooo much they asked me to colour adjust some alternatives they sent me which had large areas nicked from, amongst others, some of the QPD skins. I decined politely and asked if they were gonna use that kinda thing that they take my name off it.

- AGS -

DON'T ASK! All I remember is this clan asked for a smiley face, combat shirt, bikini bottoms and high heels. Queer? Well, I think the result speaks for itself..........shite!!

- Black Magic -

This one seems to be popular, that is with everyone cept me. A number of peeps have expressed their liking for this skin but with me it just wrangles. I hate the shoulders and the Idea of re-using the starry effect from the Nightmagic skin was, perhaps, ill-advised. The backs of the legs are laughtable and the 2 fingered gauntlets look pants. But hey, whadda I know?

- Brothers Of Fire -

Another skin I've really grown to dislike. When this was requested the brief went something along the lines of a cross between the Grim Reaper and the Demon skins, I tried me best but can't help feeling the result lesaves more than a bit to be desired. The flames take up too much of the skin and overwhelm the design with fullbright. The clan were fairly chuffed with this as I remember.

- Blood Stained Nails -

Nice name. Did this skin right after the 9mm one and seeing how much the requester disliked that I though I'd see if it was just me of if that kinda design was just crap. The clan liked this as I remember (correct me if I'm wrong and yer still out there), but I kinda think I could have done much better, especially in light of my more recent work.

- Boston Chick -

This was an experiment. BC was running a skin comp up on her site to design her a QW skin. The lack of anything other than shite entries prompted her to engage the services of a pro. In the meantime I offered to make this skin for nowt as I had'nt made a female QW skin and was curious if it would work. I have to say, I was and am pleased with the result. BC liked it as well and used it until the advent of Q2. The skin had to be in the stylee of BCs clan the 'Rangers' hence it's inclusion here and the military type look.

- Clan of 2 -

Howay the lads! Or so it would be were it not that we're not form the north. Yup this was my, short-lived and small, QW clan. Basically just consisting of meself and the T-man we used to knock around the UK servers on the weekend trying to team frag anyone (more often than not failing as I remember). The skins definitely worked for us, the fullbright made easy identification possible and it was a real buzz running round with this look. Although not too clever these days, these skins occupy a soft spot for me, as would anything that was your uniform for any length of time. Hopefully the advent of Q3 will respawn something of a similar nature as I'm busting to get back into the gang-up-with-me-m8s thang.

- Dirt Clan -

Heh, nice little group and a skin set I'm fairly happy with. Made this for the Dirt Clan labouring under the mis-aprehension they were after Q1 skins. Never mind, anyone out there with a clan of the same name that wants em, here they are. See the q2 skins in the q2 section here and here.

- Knights of Fraggalot -

Yup, stoooopid name, but hey I don't choose em. My rather unimaginative nameure thought a medieval knight would be in order. The clan asked for the skull with crossed swords on the back, don't like it much meself, I far and away prefer the sun logo on the front. This one don't look too bad in game despite being a bit on the bland side as a flat skin. Overall tho I ain't toooooooo happy with this. Oh, and the Ax sux as well.

- Nightmagic Clan -

Y'know I can't remember ANYTHING about the brief for this skin, I did it such a long time ago that most details have escaped me. Apart from the starry hands and feet (a handy and cheap way outta drawing 2 of the more difficult areas of the skin) I'm still pleased with this and love those big fullbright eyes. As I remember the clan were pretty chuffed n all - handy that.

- Resident Evil -

SHITE, SHITE, SHITEY SHITE. Very, very, very, very, very shite. Naff, crap and most importantly SHITE. Pants, awful and SHITE. Very bad indeed, so bad infact it's SHITE. Yep I hate this skin. Hate it with an almost relegious passion. Y? Coz it's SHITE. As I remember I did this in a bit of a hurry and gawd does it show. Don't remember much else about this. Don't really want to.

- Shadow Clan -

Now this one I still like (a bit). It was, as I remember, one of my 1st attempts to get the team colours thingy to work with Quake skins. Aaaaalll the gold bits on this skin change colour with the pants colour selection, y? don't remember, the clan might have asked for it but I really can't place the exact reason. Could well be I just felt like it.

- Necromancy -

Now we are going back a bit. Can you tell this was the 1st ever go I had at a clan skin for anyone??? Yep it's SHITE. The skull however has endured and I have re-used on a couple o skins, ah well, always worth plagerising yerself.

- The Brass Monkeys -

Hehe! Kewl name and for once I'm fairly happy with the implementation. Despite thinking otherwise, the monkey face really came off ok when on the model (that I did not expect) as did the feet. The shirt changes with the shirt color selector and the pants and chest logo with the pants selector as this clan had asked for full CTF implementation. Do I still like this skin? Weeeeeeell I did when I'd finished it but I think it's attraction has certainly wained over the years. Still one of me more presentable QW skins tho.

- The Wu-Tang Clan -

Certainly one of, if not the most, popular clan skin I ever made. I had an awful lot of enquiries about this one. Maybe it's that fullbright shirt that attarcted so much attention, maybe the skin's name. Whilst I like the idea I don't really like the skin anymore which is more or less the reason for the Gangsta 19 skin, a re-working of the Quake meets gangland thing, and I think I got much more right with that later skin, see it here.

-((Download))- All these skins. Go on, it's only 383k!