- Stuff -

OK, a little about me.

  • I am 28. (I feel like I'm 35 tho).
  • I'm married to a very nice young lady named Rachel (sorry gals - [grin]) :)
  • I live in Cardiff (that's in Wales for y'all t'other side o tha pond), but am in no way shape or form Welsh.
  • I currently work for NTL (colloquially know as NT-hell) Internet in the now lofty position of 'business internet technical support engineer', basically means I help keep small to large networks up and online.
  • Check out the lynx section for stuff that makes me grin.

Stuff other than Quake I like....

  • Dungeon Keeper.
  • Formula 1.
  • Those little bits of grey fluff I keep finding on the carpet.
  • Diablo.
  • Blade Runner.
  • Death In Vegas (that's a nice London indie-dance band for all y'all who haven't yet had the pleasure).
  • My Hair.
  • Unreal (all of em before ya ask).
  • Kellog's Special K (with lots of sugar on it so it's no longer heath food).
  • Pubs.
  • The Pixies.
  • Rugby.
  • Black.
  • Cheese.
  • Whiskey.
  • The Clash.
  • Networking several computers together in a nearly pointless manner.
  • A Clockwork Orange.
  • Being vegitarian (seriously.........no really I am y'know).

TTFN 4 now peeps.
.....more to come......................maybe!

I must apologise to anyone from the US who happens to be reading this site. I've just realised how much indigenous English humour is in here. Sorry (grin).