- Underwyrld -

Well this was a while in the making. My second map for Q2 and it's waaaaaaaaaaay better than Tolchock. Y'know how it is, a new game is released in which you have loads of new textures and features (coloured lighting) to play with an you just go waaaaaay overboard on all of it. No so with Underwyrld. The coloured lighting is more uniform (only 2 or 3 shades used and no jumping from one to another) and the textureset is confined to only those that suit the mood. Of course the make or break element is always going to be the playability. This map has been tested with 4 bots, 8 bots and with a live 1 on 1 and it performed pretty well for all. I think more than 8 players would be pushing it but for smaller games it's still lots of fun.