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..|| 6/4/2009 - 4:27:25 AM ||..
... still alive!
Hi guyz, lot of time passed since my last update .. from about 3 months i've signed a contract, as Artist/Level Designer with iMU.vu Studios working on a commercial title called Prince of Thunder, things are coming nice and development is fine, hope to show something soon (check out the site atm, still underconstruction). I'm really busy actually, I'm also trying to finish BombQ3 mod and other 2 maps that i was working for Q3A. Stay tuned for more .... !!
Posted by : LordSquart @ 5/9/2004
New site and some news !!! :D
Here it is, after spending lot of time making it,my homepage is reborn. I have completely restyled and imo changed a lot from my old one
Tutorials are the same, I have added some new sections and added more info on others(About,Maps ecc.).Please take your time and sign my cool-new guestbook, post some useful comments about my homepage or just sign it, tnx. We are trying to release another version of BombQ3 ... thing are really slowly in this period .. but hope to release a final version "when it's done" ... other things I'm working .. putting some ideas in radiant for a new map .. trying to make something interesting to show ... just stay tuned here and enjoy the new look!
Thanks for your time and happy holidays everyone!
Posted by : LordSquart @ 12/26/2003
Octopus Revenge > Fast mirror
A good guy called Dan uploaded my map with all the color themes to his server ... if you want to use it just follow this link, fast and simple. Thanks for support!
Posted by : LordSquart @ 9/8/2003
Octopus Revenge review on ..::LvL !
Thanks again to Tig for the review of the Octopus on ..::LvL is online now, thanks for this "acid" and cool review with interesting comments posted ! If you want you can post comments or vote here.Keep up everytime the good work on ..::LvL guyz And thanks to everyone who keep visit my homepage, it reached 20.000 visitors, thanks for support and interest!
Posted by : LordSquart @ 8/28/2003
LSDM17 - Octopus Revenge - Final(ly)
Finally after a lot of bugfixing (still got bugs anyway) i released the final version of this damned map . It got different color themes support, i subdivided the map in two pk3 (the map and the media files) you need to download the map mainly then select your favourite color and put it with the map in baseq3 dir. It is possible to create custom color themes (all info are included in zip) and it is really cool to do .Only fileplanet atm i need mirrors if possible.

You can download the map file (3.1Mb) from FilePlanet then you need to download a color theme, i suggest you the blue then take a look here. After you downloaded the map and the color then unzip the pk3's and put them in basseq3 dir, the map will appear in the skirmish mený. That's all have fun, any comments or problems contact me ... l8r!
Posted by : LordSquart @ 6/25/2003
LSDM17 - MonoChrome-Yard - Beta1 Released!
Here it is an experiment i was working in spare time ... it is a (heavy)modded version of the great Q3DM17 map ... I reelased this first BETA for public you can download it here and if you want you can post comments on q3wforum thread i started. As you can read on the post there are some bugz mainly the no Bot support... but i will try to add it in next release ... just wait and see ...
Posted by : LordSquart @ 3/13/2003

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