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TagYerIt's yellow guy


Holy Wars' Saint

Tag-style mods for Quake II were released in abundance during 1998. The "all-against-one" theme was a popular one among mod developers, and two of the best were TagYerIt and Holy Wars 2. With this in mind, we thought it only appropriate they share a slot in our top 10.

TagYerIt came out quite early in the year, and developed a small but rabid following due to its simplicity. There was no download, no setup, just connect to a server and play. The concept was simple: One player was randomly chosen to be "It", easy to spot by his bright yellow glow. Your goal: (1) Find the yellow guy. (2) Kill the yellow guy. (3) Become the yellow guy. (4) Stay the yellow guy. That was it - no special items, no special commands, just pure, unadulterated mayhem.

Once you got down the simple concept, it was hard not to get hooked. At the peak of the mod's popularity, you could join the crowded Sati's Lair server and easily see a trail of 10 or more players chasing after one poor yellow guy. There were few rushes better than being "It" and trying to stay alive long enough to get that precious 5-kill bonus with a pack of ravenous players breathing down your neck. Even the mighty SteQve would pop in regularly to show he could do more than build mods and no-frills webpages.

Holy Wars 2 was the sequel to the original Quake mod and added that little extra "oomph". The mod had a neat "Saint vs. Sinners" concept, putting all players in pursuit of "sanctity" as they tried to take away the Saint's coveted halo. With 8 small custom maps perfectly suited for nonstop action, Holy Wars 2 had an original feel all its own. One great touch was the "Heretic" rule, which penalized players for shooting other innocents, an ingenious twist that simultaneously added to both the theme and the gameplay of the mod.

In a year where many mods offered variations on the "Tag" concept, TagYerIt and Holy Wars 2 stood out from the crowd. Many game developers have mentioned adding Tag-style multiplayer gameplay to their own future releases, and we can only hope they're as fun as these two.

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Holy Wars

TagYerIt's yellow guy again

- Sluggo

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