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The Unofficial Quake II: Extremities FAQ

created: 12.12.98
last revised: 12.13.98

Extremities box art

  1. What is Quake II: Extremities?
  2. What are the game requirements?
  3. When will Extremities be available?
  4. What mods are included on Extremities?
    1. Action Quake 2
    2. C.H.A.O.S. Deathmatch
    3. Capture!
    4. Eraser Bot
    5. Jailbreak
    6. Kick
    7. Powerball 2
    8. QWar 2
    9. Q2CTF
    10. Rail Arena
    11. Red Rover
    12. Rocket Arena 2
  5. What else is included with Extremities?
    1. Quake2 v3.20
    2. Skins by Rowan "Sumaleth" Crawford
    3. DM Maps
      1. "TRDM" series by Daniel "Trebz" Nolan
      2. "ZTN" series by Sten "ztn" Uusvali
      3. id's 64-player deathmatch maps
    4. GameSpy3D
    5. Installer
    6. Q3A poster
  6. Is there anything on Extremities that isn't availavble on the internet?
  7. Should I buy Extremities?

1.  What is "Extremities"?

Quake II: Internet Pack No. 1: Extremities is a commercial add-on product for id Software's Quake II, consisting of some of the best custom modifications created for the game during 1998. For the most part, the included mods are completely new games that use Quake II as a starting point, and are all available on the internet in one form or another.

The compilation consists of 12 complete mods, as well as 12 custom deathmatch maps, new skins, patches to upgrade to Quake II v3.20, and even a shareware version of the server-finding GameSpy 3D software. It also comes with an install program that simplifies setup of all the mods and files and adds shortcuts to run them all from. The compilation was put together by id Software and published by Activision.


2.  What are the game requirements?

To play the mods on Extremities, you must already have the full version of Quake II installed. Also, with the exception of the Eraser Bot, you will need an internet connection (or a LAN) to play all of the included mods.


3.  When will Extremities be available?

Extremities is available now, having been released at the end of November 1998. Its U.S. retail cost is $14.99.


4.  What mods are included with Extremities?

There are 12 mods included with Quake II: Extremities:

Action Quake 2

4.1  Action Quake 2

Action Quake 2 changes just about everything in Quake II to make it more like your favorite action movie, adding new weapons, skins, sounds, and maps, and even a new damage system. A headshot from a simple pistol will kill anyone, and you'll have to bandage your own wounds after getting hit to keep from losing health. Ammo is sparse, and you'll have to reload your own weapons and open your own doors. There's even a teamplay mode similar to that in Rocket Arena 2 where each team tries to take out everyone on the opposing team.

Developers: The A-Team
Version included: v1.0c
Install size: 48MB
Maps included (13): colt, hostile, midtown, monastery, sludge1, teacher, asylum, ghetto, jungle1, kumanru, museum, ruins2, subway

C.H.A.O.S. Deathmatch

4.2  C.H.A.O.S. Deathmatch

Many Quake II mods have added weapons to the game in one form or another, but C.H.A.O.S Deathmatch takes it to a whole new level with a slew of all-new weapons and powerups that are both inventive and will have you rolling on the floor laughing at the same time. The mod comes with its own config files to make using all the new weapons and gadgets easy, and also includes 6 new maps.

Developers: Chaotic Dreams
Version included: v1.11
Install size: 28MB
Maps included (6): chaosdm1-6


4.3  Capture!

Capture! is a Capture the Flag mod that also incorporates elements of Jailbreak and Rocket Arena 2. Each time a player is killed, they get sent to a holding area where they'll fight one-on-one with a member of the opposite team for their freedom. The mod also introduces a new weapon (the Plasma Cannon), a new tech (the Super Grapple), and 10 original CTF maps. 

Project Leader: Kunani
Version included: v1.06c
Install size: 31MB
Maps included (10): q2cap01-10

Eraser Bot

4.4  Eraser Bot

The Eraser Bot is a "articfical deathmatch opponent" that you can use to practice your deathmatching skills against, and is the only mod on Extremities that can be played solo. The mod comes with a launcher that allows you to launch bots with different skill levels, and in addition to deathmatching, the bot also has a teamplay mode as well as support for CTF.

Author: Ryan "Ridah" Feltrin; "QuickStart" Launcher by Josh Holdaway
Version included: v1.02
Install size: 22MB (with QuickStart launcher)


4.5  Jailbreak

Jailbreak is a teamplay mod in which your goal is to capture all the members of the enemy team. Each time a player is killed, they get sent to a jail where they'll remain until someone on their team comes to free them. If you manage to capture the entire enemy team at once, they're all killed in a mass execution and your team scores big.

Developers: Team Reaction
Version included: v2.3a
Install size: 18MB
Maps included (7): haakjail, jbmap1, jbmap5, jbmap6, jbgm1, jbgm2, jbgm3


4.6  Kick

A mod that took second in the PC Gamer Quake II mod contest, Kick is a variation on soccer where you try to kick a ball into your opponent's goal - only your opponents are fully armed and have no problem popping you with a rocket to stop you. There are a few different gameplay modes supported, including versions with and without weapons, a 'battleball' mode where both teams fight over one ball, and a 'fragball' mode where a ball is created everytime you frag a member of the opposing team.

Author: Doyoon Kim
Version included: v1.1a
Install size: 11MB
Maps included (8): kick1-4, azarena, kickback, kstation, outpost

PowerBall 2

4.7  Powerball 2

Powerball 2 is a teamplay mod in which you attempt to either carry or throw the Powerball into your opponent's goal. To assist you, various "orbs" can be found to give you special powers, and also features the Lightning Gun (pictured).

Developers: Spine Design
Version included: v2.0
Install size: 9MB
Maps included (5): pb1-5


4.8  QWar 2

The first (and only, as far as I know) real-time strategy mod for Quake II, QWar allows you to command your own army of Strogg in an effort to attack and destroy your enemy's Power Core.

Developers: Shadowgate Developments
Version included: v2.666
Install size: 10MB
Maps included (4): archlight2, desert_city, qw2_1, qw2f_1


4.9  Q2CTF

Quake II Capture the Flag (Q2CTF) is id's official CTF mod. It was created by Dave "Zoid" Kirsch, who was responsible for the original Threewave Capture the Flag mod for Quake. The concept is simple - there are two teams, red and blue, and each tries to get the opponent's flag and bring it back to their base to score. Probably the most popular Quake II mod to date, the files for Q2CTF are installed right along with the Quake II v3.20 files.

Author: Dave "Zoid" Kirsch
Version included: v1.02
Install size: included with Quake v3.20 install
Maps included (5): Q2CTF1-5

Rail Arena

4.10  Rail Arena

A simple mod that's fun to play, Rail Arena replaces all the weapons and ammo in Quake II with railguns and slugs, and awards points everytime you hit someone. The mod keeps track of your accuracy with the gun, and awards a varied array of powerups for consistent hits.

Developers: SumFuka
Version included: v1.0
Install size: 1MB (server only)
Maps included: none; works on any deathmatch map

Red Rover

4.11  Red Rover

Red Rover is a Tag-style mod in which one player - the "Red Rover" - starts off by himself and tries to convert everyone on the opposing team from Blue to Red. As players are fragged, they join the Red team and can convert more Blues by fragging them. Once all the Blue players are fragged, the last remaining blue becomes the Red Rover and the whole cycle starts again. 

Developers: Level Infinity
Version included: v1.0
Install size: 14MB
Maps included (3): q2rr01-03

Rocket Arena 2

4.12  Rocket Arena 2

One of the most popular mods for Quake II, Rocket Arena 2 is deathmatch stripped down to its most basic. Two players enter an arena, fully armed, and duke it out one-on-one. Win, and you'll take on more opponents. Lose, and you'll have to get in line and wait for your turn to fight again. The mod also has a teamplay mode where you try and knock out the entire enemy team, and includes a whopping 17 maps and 99 arenas.

Author: David "crt" Wright
Version included: v2.2
Install size: 62MB
Maps included (17 maps, 99 arenas): ra2map1-17


5.  What else is included with Extremities?

5.1   Quake II v3.20

This is the patch that will upgrade your install of Quake II to v3.20. It will also install Quake II CTF v1.02, as well as the Q2DM maps 1-8.

5.2   Skins by Rowan "Sumaleth" Crawford

Included with Extremities is the "Zumlin" player model by Rowan "Sumaleth" Crawford, which also includes 4 deathmatch skins and 2 CTF skins. In addition, there are extra skins for the Crackwhore model (also included on the CD) as well as CTF skins for the Guard model.

5.3   Deathmatch maps

Two 6-map series of user-created deathmatch maps are included with Extremities, by Daniel "Trebz" Nolan and Sten "ztn" Uusvali. In addition, route files have been included for each map, making them ready to play with the Eraser Bot. Finally, id's huge 64-player maps have been included as well.

5.3.1.   The "TRDM" series by Dainel "Trebz" Nolan:

  • trdm01a - Sepulchre
  • trdm02a - Shadows and Imaginings
  • trdm03a - Tribute
  • trdm04a - Unknown Domain
  • trdm05a - Vertical Asylum
  • trdm06 - Impurity

5.3.2   The "ZTN" series by Sten "ztn" Uusvali:

  • ztnmap1 - Painkiller
  • ztnmap2 - Killing Machine
  • ztnmap3 - The Rage
  • ztnmap4 - Fury
  • ztnmap5 - Recycler
  • ztnmap6 - The Crucible

5.3.3   id's 64-player deathmatch maps:

  • base64
  • city64
  • sewer64

5.4   GameSpy 3D v2.05

GameSpy3D is an excellent utility for finding servers running Quake II on the internet, and an unregistered v2.05 version of the software is included on the Extremities CD. Also included are GameSpy "tabs", which allow you to search for servers running each of the specific mods included on Extremities.

wpe6.jpg (50976 bytes)

5.5   Installer

Extremties comes with a installer that can be used for any of the components on the CD - mods, maps, skins, patches and GameSpy included. It will also install shortcuts for each mod, with "join server" and "launch server" shortcuts for each.


5.6   Quake III: Arena poster

To round out the package, a large poster of Quake III:Arena comes with Extremities. The poster consists of a large Quake III logo, along with 3 new small screenshots of the game in development along the bottom.


6.  Is there anything on Extremities that isn't available on the internet?

With the exception of the Quake III: Arena poster and the Extremities installer, everything on the Extremities CD is available in the internet in one form or another.


7.  Should I buy Extremities?

I'm certainly not going to tell you how to spend your hard-earned money, but...

If you're a seasoned Quake II player, you may already have most of these mods installed, so the package may or may not be that attractive to you. And of course, it may seem pointless to pay $15 for stuff that's available for free on the internet. However, if you only have a few (or none) of these mods, or if you're a Q2 fan who's heard about these mods and has been waiting for a good excuse to try them, Quake II: Extremities may be for you. Yes, the mods are available on the internet, but you'll still have to go through the trouble of downloading each one (this could take well over 35 hours on a 28.8 modem!) and you'd still need to setup each one individually, which can be intimidating if you haven't done it before.

In the end, keep in mind that the mod authors ARE being compensated for their work, and packages like this may be incentives for them to continue making great mods in the future. If these mods weren't already available on the internet, $15 would be an absolute bargain...whether you want to plunk down the cash or not is up to you.


// Sluggo

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