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Previous Article List:

Graphical Pleasure Without the Framerate Pain?
12-20-99 - Wicked3D drivers and Q3A.
My First Real Deathmatch
12-06-99 - Doomhammer loses his modem virginity.
Q3A Screenshots!
12-04-99 - LadyICE shares some Q3A eye candy luv.
Bring on the Bots!
11-17-99 - Pappy-R gets his ass beat by a few bots, and we think he likes it.
The Quake 3 demo!
11-15-99 - The Q3 demo is released, and Hellchick takes a look!
Mods I'd Like To See
11-13-99 - Hellchick gives modmakers the heads-up.
"The Q3A Bus Cruises to La Mesa, California"
10-18-99 - Lowtax gets drunk with Paul Steed.

"Top 10 Failed Ideas For Q3A"

10-06-99 - You should see what they left out!

"Jailbreak No More?"

10-02-99 - Did RxN Throw Away the Key?

"Geezer Rides the Short Bus"
9-30-99 - Geezer takes a ride on the Q3A bus!

"It's Just a Game, Man!"

8-3-99 - Are we fans or fanatics?


Planetquake Links:

Due to our site redesign, most of our features on PlanetQuake have a new URL. If you're looking for the latest Dear Mynx, then please head over to her new location here on PlanetQuake!

 An All Penis Issue!

This Week:   YES!!  It's the all penis issue!  Penis, penis, penis, dicks everywhere!  Woo hoo and yoo hoo and ho ho ho!  Dicks, they are indeed.


This Week:   Do you really get zits from stroking the one eyed pinky puker?!  What do you do when you find out that twizzlers makes more than mouthes happy?  How do you wank if your hand hurts?  A reader loves Paul Steed, another reader asks a nice multi part question regarding everything you ever wanted to know about girls and sperm, and a reader shares his pubic hair with the world.  Shalom.

 Donkey Dong

This Week: Learning how to stroke your poker, how to tell your parents you're engaged to be married to Super Schlong, what to do when no girl on earth will date you, some guy wonders about Graeme Devine's penis, talking about focusing sex on chicks, and a stinky floater of an embarrassment spotlight. Alright, who hid the batteries?

 Blood Red, Baby

This Week: Does wanking hurt your chances of academic success? Just how small is too small when we're talking gobblers? Where does Mynx come up with all of this junk, and just who does she turn to for advice? Is it okay for a 19 year old to hide the hedgehog in a 14 year old... and some guy wastes baby batter on the Q3A Mynx model, even though Mynx never really wears pink lipstick. Oh, and we even have a playground penis story in this week's Embarrassment Spotlight. Happy Thanksgiving, USA folk. Try not to contaminate the turkey with bodily fluid.

 Do You Swallow?

This Week: Nerd stiffies, worrying about clansechs, cool penises and the women who love everything about them, loving a bisexual chick, worrying about an underdeveloped penis, and Ravensoft's Jake Simpson shares his Embarrassment Spotlight... Open up and say aaaaaaah! .

 Twigs and Berries

This Week: Uncooperative winkies, Mynx's stinky feet, some guy utterly enthralled with the Shambler, Quake for love and comfort, and Big Gay Al stops by to wish for Paul Steed. Sort of makes me want to curl up in a ball and cry.


This Week:   Roommate caught smelling smeared toilet paper (yoink), conquering your fear of spiders, playing hide the sausage with your Dad's co-worker, seeking an inhalable arouser, freakshow, and a spewing Embarrassment Spotlight.  If I didn't have morning sickness already, you reknobs would make me spew.

 "The Suck"

This Week:   Living a sucky life in high school, falling in love with your one night stand, learning to wield the power of the tongue, rubbing force feedback in your panties, smelling vagina and an embarrassment spotlight that will leave you clutching your bunghole protectively.  If your mom sees your anus once you're out of diapers, you know you're bound for some trouble.

 Breasts Are Our Friends!

This Week:   Colorful testicles, a poor young teenager worried about breasts in his computer games(!), wondering yet again if girls really play single player, rubbing your stubby dry, what do hooters feel like, and an Embarrassment that brings a whole new meaning to phone sex.  I'm pretty fly for a white gal.

  Grande que destella erecci?!

This Week:   When the stub plays dead, your dad likes dude pron, and your girlfriend has no idea what's in your pants.  Teenage girls who shave the mouse, some guy and his wife and their as-yet-unknown sex chick, and one of the Shackmonkeys gets caught, literally, in Victoria's Secret in this week's Embarrassment Spotlight.  More fun than a steedchick in a vat of mayonnaise!

  Hock a Loogie

This Week:   Lowtax, aka Senor Jose Sweetcheeks, a poor young man with a hairy stump, some guy who just isn't all that interested in sex (say it ain't so!), a spitshine on the man steak, and a really yucky Embarrassment Spotlight courtesy of RadPipe, and his nose.  Anybody got a kleenex?


This Week:   Another really hairy dude, some random llama getting chubbies for Duke, sticks and stones breaking peeholes, sex roleplaying with Carmack and sCary, the current Steed fad, and an Embarrasment Spotlight by yours truly.  This one transcends embarrassment and creeps into traumatic stress syndrome.  Enjoy it, it about killed me.   Oh, and after you read this, go enter my drawing, cuz it ends today.


This Week:  Geeks with two foot long girl hair, the burning question: do girls poop?  Smoking while you frag frag frag, great big gigantic testicles of power, plucking horny hair while thinking about Quake, and an Embarrassment Spotlight that illustrates the motto, always be prepared.  Really super prepared.   Oh, and after you read this, go enter my drawing, you freaks.


This Week:  QuakeCon.  QuakeCon.  Casual sex at QuakeCon.  Some chick in love with a geek at QuakeCon.  A QuakeCon virgin afraid to go, a QuakeCon id stalker wants to meet the men behind the game, QuakeCon and drunken freaks, wanking at QuakeCon, and would mynx let Mental4 go to QuakeCon??  QuakeCon.  Hallelujah!

  Holy Buttstubble, Batman!

This Week:  Settling into a relationship, stinky femfarts, shaving a hairy hide, a straight man in a bellybutton ring and nailpolish, blah blah Paul Steed blah blah, and a pop-spoogey Embarrassment Spotlight.   It makes me glad I'm double-jointed, y'know?

  Milky Mandingo

This Week:  Cartoon love, a bald hot-dog and beans, geeks vs. "real men" and the women that love them, overcoming a fear of peeing in public, when the pupil becomes the master, the beast that lives in Lowtax's pants, and a really disgusting Embarrassment Spotlight.   Boom chaka laka.

 Summer Sausage

This Week:  Taking a bite out of love, cutting off ciruclation with a manglove, living with a stupid haircut for the love of a good woman, aliens baking bread in the underpants of women around the world, another connection (aww, how sweet!), and an interesting peek into the depths of the Quake community's bathroom habits.  It doesn't get much stranger than this.  Are you guys medicated for these problems or what?

 Hairy Turtle

This Week:  A girlfriend, a strap-on, and a few questions.  An Irish lass looks for love in American places, some guy plagued with violent outbursts questions the Quake connection, a worried girlfriend writes in with a concern about her lover's penile slant, an oinking computer nerd with wife trouble, and a disgustingly gooey Embarrassment Spotlight, courtesy of a "former Ion employee" who remains nameless.  Anybody got a Kleenex?

 Dear John Romero!

This Week:  Dear John Romero!!  I've handed over the leash, er, reins to the Daikatana man himself, where he tackles such pressing issues as the "let's just be friends" excuse, a three-testicled Quake player seeking reassurance, small schmekkies and lack of body hair, some poor dork in love with Kornelia, how to avoid throwing temper tantrums when you lose a deathmatch, and... oh ye of little faith... it can be achieved!  You too can have hair like John Romero!  In this Dear Mynx exclusive, John reveals his ten step program for healthy, shiny hair.  Strip down, grease up, and wallow around with Dear John!


This Week:  Since good things "come" to those who wait, you freaky punks are getting a good old fashioned rerun this week, the special all-embarrassment column from way back when.  Why, you ask?  I can't bear to part with the awesome questions I've received, so I'm spending this week hoarding the funkiest of questions, because next week's column will bring you something new and, dare I say it, exciting.  Arousing?  You'll just have to wait and see.

  "Don't Eat Me!!"

This Week:  Wank, wank, wanking the day away in odd places, a guy that is addicted to girlie (literally) mags, Mynx gives a lesson on how to kiss like a pro, a poor lad with dragon breath seeks help, Carmack visits a lucky soul in dreamland (and brings pet snakes!) and a stretchy embarrassment spotlight that has all the classic players: Lovers, mothers, and condoms.  Bouncy bouncy!!


This Week:  What to do with a gay Quake player ("not that there's anything wrong with that.."), self love as witnessed by a sibling, Quake apathy because of a chick, hot and sweaty Quake, and some guy writes in about his backdoor wife love.  Quake 3 is out - quit pestering me.

 Big Giant Wookie

This Week:  Hooboy.  I downshift into a glossary one week and all the hosebeasts come slurping out of the woodwork.  Where do you people come from?!  Grab your bottle of Mylanta, a nice big spoon, and burrow in for a glimpse at how the other half lives.  Yeap, just when you thought it was safe... some guy is in love with a lesbian, another guy has a great big giant wookie, then there's the dude with the poo fetish, a Quake battle over a woman, and the weekly foreskin guy.  What would we do without weekly foreskin guys?! And wrapping the whole thing up with a small show of good taste is id software's Graeme Devine, who shared his teenage embarrassing moment with us in the midst of the q3test releases.  Graeme rules.


This Week:  Many of you have commented on my, er, creative terms, usually for things relating to sex, and asked how and why I come up with such things.  It all started back in the day when I was a newbie advice columnist, and needed "other" ways to say things that might not normally be so okay to say.  Thus, the Mynxisms were born.  Many are my own, many I've picked up along the way.  You asked for it, and who am I to deny my loving public?  So, by popular demand, the glossary of Mynxisms!  Enjoy!


This Week:  What to do when Quake makes you wet, some guy who offered to let his chick get back in someone else's saddle only to take back his offer, a young man with a late blooming oak, a hairy-assed lad, some low down and dirty net sex (or as Mental would say, "hotchat"), the great "Does she or doesn't she?" question, and Mynx responds to a reader inquiry on sexual orientation.   Where's the beef?


This Week:  I'm back, I'm bad, I'm nasty.  Read all about an eavesdropping older brother and his masturbation woes, wonder aloud with us - do chicks that play Quake deny it?  Don't be ashamed of your penis, all penises deserve love, what to do with a chick who has a better net connect than you, how to get it on if you're too Dorky(tm) for Steedstyle, a squeaky clean mansteak, and that age old quandary:  Why are two women better than one?  Tie me to an anthill and smear my thighs with jam, it's party time!

Dear Paul Steed

This Week:  Dear Paul Steed!!  That's right kids, a tasty morsel for your gobbling pleasure:  Dear Mynx's very FIRST EVER guest host... and who better to for the first time than Paul Steed?  Meow!   Paul gives advice this week on Quake 3 pre-ordering, the patented Steed attraction technique, answering to a "furry" dude, helping out a poor old lonely married man, tidbits on a randy young fellow interested in his Quake playing (!) polysci professor, some random peon who doesn't understand Quake erections, and a pickup on the ole Adrianator.  Oooh... nirvana!

Plastic Fantastic

This Week:  Battery operated friends for your travelling loved ones, mouthy Quake players that offend and annoy, a chick with a history and her disgruntled new love, a guy that has the urge to get greasy and visit Romero, and a stinky Embarrassment Spotlight, guaranteed to honk your tooter.  Bang a gong, baby.

Trout Wrangling

This Week:  Mom's cousin has a schmekkie and she's dating his best pal, dumb teenagers making themselves dumber, how to get pregnant in two easy steps, a really doggone affectionate pooch, and an embarrassing tale about a poor little leprechaun's lucky charms.  Aye, lassie.


This Week:  An old saggy Canuck who Quakes with the best of 'em, evil females in a big hot tamale, grunting like dear old dad in the heat of passion, the rumor mill flies around in a big fat circle, wondering if Mynx has a penis of her own and a new workplace wangodango.  You gotta love it.

Dung Beetle

This Week:  Testicle size insecurity, Answering that age old "does size really matter?" question, when old folk get it on where people can hear them, a Quake dude and his arousing keyboarding chick, some wack gal with id-lust, and a reader contributed Embarrassment Spotlight that brings a whole new mental image to "working late".  Kumbaya.

It's My Party!

This Week:  It's my 25th birthday (2/12/74), and I'm throwing my own little Dear Mynx birthday party!  Whee!  This issue is chock full of some of my all time favorite Embarrassment Spotlights, containing everything from Paul Steed's w00d to Tom Hall's flatulence.  Cut the cake and pop the champagne, I'm ready to party!

+2 Nips of Death

This Week:  A penis washing young man suffers, whacking the weeds that grow 'neath the tree, girls that lean over and let fly, John Romero's nipple action, a u-turn on the roadhog of love, and SamHell shares his peepshow Embarrassment Spotlight for your viewing enjoyment.  If this was any more fun you'd be wearing a peanut-butter filled thong and begging to be called sCary!  Whoomp!

Balled and Chained

This Week:  A horribly demented man, mommy plays Quake with her teenage boys and doles out the verbal abuse, a man so desperate to impress his Quake-toting girlfriend that he breaks out in hives, some poor dork with friends who bomb him with poo, Mynx gets a marriage proposal, and Mental4's Piggy makes a long awaited comeback in honor of the big 33.  Harpy barfday, Mental!

You Show Me Yours

This Week:  A little limp friend, assuming that Quake stiffies make a retard, stripping for fun and maybe profit (hey, it worked for Preacher Boy!), worrying about Rover's winky, loving Romero from afar, and a battery-powered Embarrassment Spotlight that will have you buzzing with laughter.  Don't stop!!

Punch the Munchkin!

This Week:  Mommy and Daddy capture the flag, closeted gay teenagers in love,  an attractive young chap with back hair, a poor kid with a fear of penile torture, loving and leaving a Duke Nukem addict, and a particularly hairy Embarrassment Spotlight contributed by one of our ever faithful and ever twisted readers.  Boom chick boom!

Happy New Year!

This Week:  Stripping for love, A very grinchy kid whines about Christmas, some womanly gossip about a hot male bod, a truly stinky girl, a dominating wife and her quivering lump of husbandry, and Dear Mynx reader Tim contributes his Embarrassing Moment... Caught on tape!  Happy new year!!  Woo Hoo!


This Week:  Hoping Mynx is still alive, some guy who sliced open his little frankfurter, a not-so-fun and messy six nine, pulling a camelbladder over Quake, a husband writes in regarding his doubly fun wife, the obligatory penis size inquiry, a hermaphrodite in love, and our teacher-seducing anonymous Embarassment Spotlight comes back for a second helping!  Deck the freakin halls!

Bow Down, You're Mine

This Week:  A super bitter and grouchy geek, a poor, lost, Hummer-less soul, getting it on in the Mile-High potties, some guy gives mynx 'tude, and a horrifying embarrassment Spotlight courtesy of an anonymous, embarrassed, mortified Texan programmer.  Gobble gobble!


This Week:  What happens when you get a six, and a nine, and you put 'em together, some guy that has a Quake chick but secretly lusts after his male friend, getting some tail at a Halloween party only to realize that the masked lover in your bed is really your evil ex, the safer way to persue oral and/or manual fun, and a sunny side up Embarrassment Spotlight, part II of my boobly misadventures.  Tip me over, pour me out!

Trick or Treat!

This Week:  It's the first annual Halloween column!  Ooga booga!  This week we've got a yearly Halloween sex romp, a sex kitten wanting to burst out of her shy exterior, a gawky adolescent wants to trick or treat, some dude is terrified of the wee goblins, and a true-life embarrassing moment involving me, my boobs, and Halloween.  Trick or treat!!

When It Gets Hard

This Week: Bending and deforming the schlongo, a ravished woman and her lover's Quake-driven lust, mystery lumps on the flesh torpedo, foreskin-yanking pubes, and a battery powered reader-submitted Embarrassment Spotlight!  Didja miss me?!


This Week: The woe of having a pornographic nick, popping caffeine pills and making out with an idiot, fearing your gay brother and his love for Hanson, vagina vagina vagina, perfume d' penis, and a pantsful of smell on stage!  Read it, caress it, read it again and send me your deepest, darkest secrets .  Next week I'll be off getting into trouble, so this one's gunna have to do ya until my triumphant return on 10/21.  Me love you long time!

Peanut Butter Love

This Week: Chowing down on toe jam, an innocent young pup discovers the perils of womanhood, a naughty Quake player goes to the dark side, some guy's old Quake playin, ass-whoopin, deathmatching mom, a peanut butter love story, and two of Planet Quake's bad boys find themselves in this week's Embarrassment Spotlight.  Hey, Macarena!

Cheesefarming Wonderstud

This Week: Ideallistic pig looks for Quake chicks, some poor kid sees grownups boink while his friend bleeds to death, a Quake playing, porn looking, distant wife, a visit from the genital wart fairy, smegma fears and a ripe moment with a 4th grade Tom Hall.  Put the boogie in your butt! Woo!

A Meaty Sandwich

This Week: Naked Quake, a virgin with an "experienced" gal, some boy who wants to get groovy at the Beatdown, annoying the Quake Daddy, living with a teensy weenie, a meaty Paul sandwich, and young CliffyB talks about the time a large man nearly violated him with frozen pizza in a grocery store parking lot.  All you ever wanted, and MORE!

Groom the Poodle

This Week: Some greedy feeb who needs more power, an innocent young thing and her lesbian affair with her best friend, running around with a crowd who can't stand shooter games, a 28 year old virgin, Mynx is a big meanie poopoo head, and the oblig atory question about John Romero's "death".   Yah baybee, it's Meat Helmets in the spring! 

Stinky Wookie

This Week: A lady Quaker gets a visit from the pepperoni fairy, Mr. Happy rolls over and limply plays dead, some guy with a pungent piggy, a freaked out dude and pubic hair on his fork, an obsessive compulsive Quake player with an even number fetish, and an anonymous coder shares his most embarrassing moment, for your sick twisted pleasure.  Soooooooooooooooooooooooweeeeeeeeeee!

Ah, Memories

This Week: The Dear Mynx time machine lands!  Read the now infamous Embarrassment Spotlight by American "Tokay" McGee, (formerly) of id software.  Never one to disappoint, you'll also get your weekly dose of evil chicks, stubby winkies, old farts at id software with their gas guzzlers, Catholic virgins, some guy's .plan, and a random misinformed dork annoys Mynx.  Boom chaka laka!

Binky Watoosie

This Week: We take a trip back in time to revisit one of Mynx's Greatest Hits!  Sit back and enjoy this vintage column!  Laughing in the bathroom, yet another plea for Mr. Steed's attention (give it up, people, sheesh), internet boyfriends, Mynx gets a good tongue lashing, things that go itch in the nether regions, and levelord's run-in with Captain Picard's groin.

Trouser Tent

This Week: It's a man baybee, polishing the knob, dreaming of Planet Quake, spronking w00d over Dear Mynx, a stickshift that won't lay down during car rides, becoming far too happy with love for the family pet (what is it with all the penis mail this week?!  Freaks!), and a trip back in time to visit a young Quake webmaster when he was just a wee little sapling.  Boing boing boing!

Clam Carpet

This Week: Computer game water terrors, a good Quake 2 rogering, yanking up the carpet in the garden of love, trouser snakes who fear the ole doc, some dork gripes at Mynx, this week's id stalker speaks out on his need for Steed approval, and PSX shares the time he got naked, wet, and slippery in front of his entire family.  Oh my my, oh hael yes!

The Yoinkies

This Week: Fetishes over those little footsies, 800 megs of pron, chundering like Mole Boy from Quake, incorrigible penises in the morning, gassy girlfriends, sinking your teeth into Carmack, and Squirrel Eiserloh shares a naked embarrassment from his wild college days.  Wark wark wark!

Hopping the Honker!

This Week: Mom's a babe, best friends with homosexual urges, ugly old net girlfriends from hell, how Quake kills sex lives, holding the pee and the poo, Romero's marital status and vitamin enrichment, and a reader contributes an embarrassing moment. It's two, two, two mints in one!

Groucho Glasses!

This Week: Pubic hair on the lam, losing your shorts while you sleep, speedbumps on the road to willieville, Dad's stank-ass pron habit, becoming a man, and fingering Mynx.  Where did I put that butter flavored Crisco?

Cradle The Onion!

This Week: Rejoice, another butt guy!  Prank calling chicks, Quake while mourning, a homosexual crush on that funky buttmonkey shuga guy, firing the missle in algebra class, questioning the tarty column contributors, and a crusty escapade with Dave "ddt" Taylor's boogers.  Somebody bring me the frosting.

Here Piggy Piggy!

This Week: Being unfaithful to Doom, parents who wanna watch the weasel barf, underwear that stinks to high heaven, becoming a lesbian at a Net Cafe, showing Dad your unit, anal seepage, and an oinking good embarrassment spotlight by Mental4.  If this were any more fun, you'd be naked and it'd be illegal.

Cauliflower Ears

Is Quake grounds for divorce?  Some guy and his braidable butt hair, sucky Clans (is that redundant?), the blossoming of the net-love flower into a real-life fruit, some guy who's too honest for his own good, and a skanky chick with a Quake-bod husband.  Zig a zig-ha!

Skinning The Tadpole

Self love endurance contests, Romero makes someone's husband gay, lying like a dog for fun and profit, some guy pretending to be a chick with a net husband-to-be, beating the boss' ass, and Mynx measures up to Dr. Ruth.

Eating Your Own Hot Dog

Eating your own hot dog, Quake's a pain in the wrist, Going chubbily through puberty, Mom and dad and their audible worm flogging, Stupid chick tricks and Battery operated love!  Lay down the boogie!

Quake Love AWOL

An online love is MIA, messy wives and stanky lovers, too much Quake 2? And a classic embarrassment spotlight from Zanshin, with a special guest appearence...

Don't Touch My Schmekle

Don't touch my schmekle, girlymen, compulsive liar, Mom thinks I'm hot, 2D/3D crack smoking, hands off the teenagers, and an anonymous Embarrassment Spotlight.

Shooting Spitwads

Quake makes you stoopid, id guys naked shooting spitballs, living with parents, daddy cheats on son's girl with Quake, and CTF creator (and id Software contractor) Zoid snorting wine.

Blasting a Sporty

Naughty daddies, lawn poop, web chat is k3wL!!!, hot dogs, w00d is no g00d, and ball size.

They're Her Nipples

Does your girlfriend light her breasts on fire? Does she hAx0r you? Does your "little buddy" often suffer from numbness? Would you like to die? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you've got to read this week's Dear Mynx. Even if you didn't, where else can you see Ritual's Tom "Paradox" Mustaine expose himself to schoolchildren?

Poo Troubles

Bowel movement troubles, body hair shaving, smelly chicks, computer addicts, pissed off spouses, breaking into the biz, and sCary's balls.

Trouser Snakes

Like exposed sexual organs? Superman Underoos? Blood during wild monkey dancing? Perhaps the lively flavor of chalk? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you'll love this week's Dear Mynx! And even if you don't like that stuff, there's still some other interesting letters... like some opinions on Quake III and the blaming Mynx for American McGee's firing (doh!).

Chinese Porn Star

Are you a Chinese Porn Star? Do you want to be? Well, it doesn't matter because it really doesn't have much to do with this week's column. This week, Mynx dishes out advice (and insults) in response to questions about fun names, winkies, mixed signals, "Fluting the Hosebeast," babies in bed and .plan flames. Plus, American "Tokay" McGee in this week's Embarrassment Spotlight.

Short and Stubbies

Where do "Butt People" come from? Does size matter? Who is Mynx anyway? Are women insane? Why do white guys wear shorts? Who's hotter, Ann Landers or Mynx? Plus, Mynx reveals an embarrasing moment of her own.

Professors of Pr0n

Herpes is just ONE of the fun little diseases that pop up in this week's Dear Mynx, as Mynx helps out a few people with... bodily imperfections. Plus, a Professor caught doing some "extra-credit" pr0n browsing, a whining low ping bastard, id's John Cash gets dissed, and an Embarrassment Spotlight that involves handcuffs and a naked Batman... hmmm...

Laughing in the Potty

This week Mynx takes on "Laughing Potty Boy," another Paul Steed stalker, online romance, a fLaM3r hAx0r, and crabs. Oooh, that sounds like fun. Best of all is this week's Embarrassment Spotlight, which involves a certain Star Trek captain's groin and Ritual's Levelord! Err... WAIT! NO! It's not what you think!

Valentine's Day Special!

Ahhh... Valentine's day. Love is in the air... but will a zit on an embarrasing region ruin it all for one unfortunate Quaker? Is Quake II a good Valentine's gift? Are you addicted to Steed? Are you being cheated on? Plus, Killcreek reveals an... uncomfortable moment. And hey, it's Mynx's birthday too!

Brady Bunch Bingo?

Mynx takes on a girl in love with her new stepbrother, a Quake-playin' professor who's into "extra-curriculor" activities (watch the rocket launcher there, doc), and a young man who's girlfriend has a Bush fixation. Also: id Software's Paul Steed disucsses reading poetry... "the hard way."

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