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April 8, 2006 - Hiatus Broken : Post by Mindcrime

I'm back. The "real life" issues have elapsed and after a quiet weekend of R&R (because I have worked myself ragged) I will be opening the Nehahra folders once again, refreshing myself on how everything works, rocking and rolling. Boy it's good to be back to finish what was started. This development period has been frayed many times, but finally I have the time in which to complete the work.

I can't wait to jump back in.

March 15, 2006 - The Unspoken Hiatus : Post by Mindcrime

Life has intruded and work on Nehahra was on an unspoken hiatus -- one of those priority (must-do versus want-to-do) things -- but I look forward to coming back to the work. It will happen soon as well. I'm almost finished up with the work I've been buried with for the past couple months. Nehahra work will be a welcome vacation, considering I'm exhausted. All work and no play makes Mindcrime a dull boy.

Everyone involved is still on the boat, and it's still sailing. More updates and revamp entries upon my return ( a week from now perhaps? Next month?? Who knows... But Soon.)

January 2, 2006 - Happy New Year : Post by Mindcrime

Another great year for Quake has begun. May it be its greatest yet.
Louis Manning, aka Ijed, has just released a map pak for Nehahra titled A DESCENT INTO THE MALESTROM. I will be adding it to the addons page shortly.
I was slow to find my feet this last month but now things are evening out, and more work on this beast I call Nehahra commences.

Some temporary screens.. get em while they're hot... of the new Nehahra featurette cutscene work on the OTHER page.

December 5, 2005 - The Return : Post by Mindcrime

I'm back, mostly settled in at the new house, and trying to find my balance. Nehahra work will commence soon-ish. My notes and office space are still in a disorganized state. After this long break, I have to find where I left off. Pick up the ball where I left it on the field. We might me looking at a summer release, all things considered, but more on that in future updates.

November 4, 2005 - Unexpected Hiatus : Post by Mindcrime

I will be on hiatus from now until the first weeks of December or until my new internet will be up and running. I'll be moving from the Northeast to the deep deep South. And because I'm on an accelerated move schedule, there will be no time for much of anything else. Packing, packing, loading, driving, unloading, unpacking, settling, etc. During my hiatus, work will continue on Ep4 on the mapper end, so this hiatus from Quake work is only mine. The dates we were playing with for a release are now certain to change. Good thing I didn't mention them before huh? :)

Take care. Frag on. I'll be back.

October 17, 2005 - Nehahra Revamp and Episode 4 Underway : Post by Mindcrime

Look at the revamp notes for more. There will be no mini-releases prior to the big release as I speculated there might be. There is simply too much added content for that.

There is no set release date, but it is well into production. As things tend to happen, it is growing.

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