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13.April.2005 - WTF : Post by Mindcrime

For starters, those of you having problems getting Nehahra.exe (and for that matter glquake.exe) to work on Windows XP. You probably haven't deleted the opengl32.dll file (might wanna back it up in case). Also keep in mind that the pak0.zip must be unzipped so there is a pak0.pak file in the Nehahra directory. The only time you don't need to do this is if you have the movie. Use some common sense. The pak0.pak that comes with the movie is big. The one that comes with the game is teeny. That's because there's nothing in it. But a pak0 needs to be there.

Those of you emailing me about Nehahra progress and Obscurus. I very much appreciate your interest. I also very much mourn the days when I had a lot of free time to kick around (such as the days I worked on Nehahra). Unfortunately, I've only been going in spurts these last years. Right when my time looked to open wide, disaster fell upon my life. So in light of recent personal tragedies, I simply don't have the time (I'm not doing so good in the spirit department either) to devote to Quake. At this time.

I know it's been a while and I know there were a good number of people anticipating me to jump out any day with Obscurus ready to enter its next phase. That's not going to happen too soon. Know this, I still do not intend to abandon Obscurus and there's an appreciable amount of work done on it. I know it usually goes in the community. Someone says words along the same lines and you figure, "That means it's over." People move on to bigger and better things. Of course, if you assumed that about me, one can reasonably surmise that you don't know me that well. Hehe.

I'm never going to leave it behind. These last 5 years have just been a little rough. I'm sure many of you would be surprised to see just how much work has been done on Obscurus. Without a doubt, there has been too much time invested in it and too much done to ever abandon it. I'm sure the window will open again. Things will get calmer with me. Life will somehow stabilize itself.

For you die-hard Quake 1 heads, rest at ease knowing that Obscurus is looming in the background. It's waiting. It will come.

For those of you still coding and mapping and modding for Quake 1, do not let the community become a wasteland. I don't think I need to elaborate. You know what I'm talking about.

The Quake 1 engine has its limitations, granted, but rise to the challenge. This game is over 10 years old and I don't think it has met even a quarter of its potential. So much can be done if only you use your imagination. Thank goodness there's still folks like FrikaC around as a living testament to this.
That's all for now. Frag on.


Nehahra does not run off GLQUAKE.EXE or WINQUAKE.EXE (Nehahra is GL only anyway). You can only use the NEHAHRA.EXE executible with no parameters, just click on the nehahra.exe icon ((I will also add that you can use DPNEHAHRA.EXE and the DARKPLACES quake engine with the -nehahra parameter))

Nehahra.exe must be in your /quake directory (where the other quake executibles are). The Nehahra pak files must be in the quake/nehahra directory.

As for problems with the Nehahra Game and/or movie. While I intend to make this simpler in the future (ways have occurred to me how, which larely belong to the realm of "duh"), but for now... There is a dummy pak0.pak file included with the Nehahra movie. It is there because it will not run without a pak0.pak. This pak0.pak, however, has to be unzipped from the pak0.zip. The reason it is in its own zip file is because of the danger of accidentally overwriting the GAME pak0.pak. When you install the game, the pak0.pak is game content (and if you have installed the movie beforehand, the dummy pak0.pak file should be written over). If you install the game BEFORE the movie, make sure you don't unzip the pak0.zip file when you install the movie. Basically, just try to use some common sense.

The game also has 3 lengthy cutscenes at the beginning between the start map and the first map (neh1m1) ... in retrospect, I think these scenes are a bit tiresome. To shut off cutscenes and just play (and you needn't watch the cutscenes in order to play). hit the ~ key to bring down the console and type CUTSCENE 0. The Nehahra engine always defaults CUTSCENE to 1. Every time you load up, you'll need to type CUTSCENE 0 if you want to avoid the cutscenes. A pain, yes, but that's the way things are (or the way things went...)


26.October.2003 - NEHAHRA SLEEPS : Post by Mindcrime

You'll find all the old news in the ARCHIVE section. You should be able to find important information therein, regarding things such as troubleshooting tips or the CHEAT codes (if you are a terrible, disgraceful cheater person, haha). If you are having any problems running the Nehahra game or movie, the following tips -- the most commonly given instructions through years of emails -- should be helpful:


Nehahra does not run off GLQUAKE.EXE or WINQUAKE.EXE (Nehahra is GL only anyway). You can only use the NEHAHRA.EXE executible with no parameters, just click on the nehahra.exe icon ((I will also add that you can use DPNEHAHRA.EXE and the DARKPLACES quake engine with the -nehahra parameter))

Nehahra.exe must be in your /quake directory (where the other quake executibles are). The Nehahra pak files must be in the quake/nehahra directory.

As for problems with the Nehahra Game and/or movie. While I intend to make this simpler in the future (ways have occurred to me how, which larely belong to the realm of "duh"), but for now... There is a dummy pak0.pak file included with the Nehahra movie. It is there because it will not run without a pak0.pak. This pak0.pak, however, has to be unzipped from the pak0.zip. The reason it is in its own zip file is because of the danger of accidentally overwriting the GAME pak0.pak. When you install the game, the pak0.pak is game content (and if you have installed the movie beforehand, the dummy pak0.pak file should be written over). If you install the game BEFORE the movie, make sure you don't unzip the pak0.zip file when you install the movie. Basically, just try to use some common sense.

The game also has 3 lengthy cutscenes at the beginning between the start map and the first map (neh1m1) ... in retrospect, I think these scenes are a bit tiresome. To shut off cutscenes and just play (and you needn't watch the cutscenes in order to play). hit the ~ key to bring down the console and type CUTSCENE 0. The Nehahra engine always defaults CUTSCENE to 1. Every time you load up, you'll need to type CUTSCENE 0 if you want to avoid the cutscenes. A pain, yes, but that's the way things are (or the way things went...)


Finally, I intend to give Nehahra an overhaul at some point. I don't know when. Don't email to ask, but I will get to it. Those of you who have been asking about Obscurus, I appreciate your interest but there's nothing to report.

This site *will* come back to life as my time frees up. The problem, of course, has been that I expected my time to free up for the past year and a half and ongoing circumstances have prevented this, but it is a certainty that it will happen. I have not forgotten Nehahra, Obscurus. I have not forgotten Quake.

Until that day arrives (and it will):

Nehahra sleeps.

18.july.2001 - A progs.dat Update : Post by Mindcrime

The progs.dat update on the download page is now up to date. In fact, more recent the main game download so you may wanna pick this up. Little download. Thankfully, the main game download will never change from here on out.

In this update, health respawns as it should in the final level. In doing so, I have also added the rather nifty feature to SP mappers using Nehahra to make items respawn in their levels just as if it were deathmatch. This might be a nice feature for "final fight" type maps where you're respawning lots of baddies, but at any rate, the feature is now there.

It is likely I will continue to update the progs.dat and devkit1.txt, especially if I see more Nehahra maps happening, in the months to come. This news page will likely not be updated often in the future except on special occasions (whatever occasion that might be). If you're interested in updating your progs.dat as the updates become available, keep an eye on the download page and the date beside the progs.dat update. Compare to what you have. If the date on the page is more recent, you're more than welcome to update your progs.dat. Cya.

11.july.2001 - Nehahra 2001 Uploaded : Post by Mindcrime

At long last, the final version of Nehahra has been uploaded nearly a year after release. Included in the new version are not only the soundtracks, new code, etc, but also an updated Nehahra.exe which I have renamed nehexe.exe. It has the old HUD. Some maps have also been updated in this final version and the game itself should run more smoothly now (especially in the first 3 maps).

These files replace the entire Nehahra game, I might recommend reinstalling everything from scratch. For those of you who don't like a good, fast, furious, adult game like Nehahra, remember that you can set NOMONSTERS to 1 at the console and this will shut off a fair portion of AI. If you still think it's too hard, I might suggest visiting the childrens' section of your local video game store and picking up a game more suitable for your skill and mentality, you goddamn wuss. Grow some hair on your chest, grow some friggin' balls, and play Nehahra on Nightmare, bitch.

A number of TXTs are included in the final version. I recommend reading them all. I have also divided the file into 3 zips, which you will see on the download page, for your convenience.

Thank you to all our supporters. I intended to close the Nehahra chapter in my life for good within a year from release and I'm still on schedule :>

REGARDING EMAIL. Make sure if you have questions or problems, you send emails to the right people. ENGINE RELATED STUFF goes to:


See, there's Ender's email. You have no excuse to email me. You can't feign ignorance. I'm a busy man and chances are, I won't respond to your email anyway...(I answer maybe 1 out of 5 emails). If you know the problem is QuakeC related or game data related, then you may email me... I might also recommend thoroughly reading through our webpage and TXT files to look for solutions to various problems...

Mindcrime, out.

20.june.2001 - FTP Borkage + No time = no upload : Post by Mindcrime

FTP problems continue... I think. The problem now is time and the fact I have little of it. I'm going to try to upload the monster soon, but don't have high hopes that the FTP magically fixed whatever problem it had. I haven't received any assurance that the problem has been resolved. I did try the other night, but the upload botched while I was asleep. Go figure.
However, I did update the progs.dat which will contain the new features mentioned in my .plan file as well as a couple bug fixes.
As far as the main game upload goes, patience...I guess...

30.may.2001 - FTP Borkage : Post by Mindcrime

Unfortunately, FTP problems continue. As soon as Gamespy gets its head out of its ass and the FTP begins working properly, I'll update the game content, but cannot at the time. Many attempts have been made to upload the file, 55 Megs in all, a 5 hour upload, only to find the filename present in the directory but it has 0 KB, that's right, no data. What was it uploading for 5 hours? Beats the shit out of me. Whatever the problem is, it appears to prefer to large files. I won't update this page again until the game content is uploaded. God knows when that'll be :)

26.may.2001 - Technical Problems : Post by Mindcrime

Delays, due to something out of my control unfortunately. During Nehahra development, I was on a cable connection. These days, unfortunately, I'm on dialup. The Game Content Update is 55 Megs, which translates to 5 hours of upload time. I have tried to upload the file for the previous 3 nights with no success. My internet provider dies roughly every 3-4 hours, which is unusual. Hopefully, the problem will sort itself out. I'll update the webpage next when I manage to upload the file :)

22.may.2001 - Nehahra Content Update Soon : Post by Mindcrime

I'm making final preparations in zipping up the Game Content Update. It should happen soon. Hopefully, I won't let time slip by again. I expect to have it uploaded within the next few days, I'll make specific mentions of changes/adjustments at the time of updating. See my .plan for a few of the fixes/adjustments:
Mindcrime - 22.may.2001

7.may.2001 - Progs.dat update : Post by Mindcrime

The first of the fixes is being completed. I have just uploaded an up to date progs.dat which has a variety of fixes and improvements. See my .plan file for more specific information.
Mindcrime - 8.may.2001

5.may.2001 - Mindcrime Nehahranizes : Post by Mindcrime

It's been some time since the release of Nehahra in August of 2000. After a long break from Quake, I have decided to go back through this monster of a conversion and polish it up some more. Bugs are being fixed, certain annoyances are being removed, options are being added. It's a work in progress. The progs.dat was recently updated. Ignore the date specified on the download page, the progs.dat update on that page will always be the newest version. I eventually hope to sort through the mess on the download page and consolidate all the fix-patches into one for the main game download.

Keep your eye on the page, there's movement in the halls of Nehahra again.

5.february.2001 - Tides of War expansion pack : Post by ELEK

The Tides of War Nehahra expansion pack 1 is now available for download. Check the downloads page for the link. You can view screenshots at Tertiary Concepts. There are several files which you will need to download as well as the map zip. Mindcrime has updated the Nehahra progs.dat and fixed a few bugs, as well you will need to grab the musicfix.zip Links can be found on the downloads page.

17.january.2001 - Tides of War expansion pack : Post by ELEK

ELEK has been working on the first official Nehahra expansion pack entitled "The Tides of War". This pack should be available relatively soon, and consists of 4 new levels. You can view screenshots at Tertiary Concepts. Keep an eye on the Nehahra news page or Tertiary Concepts news page for further announcements.

4.january.2001 - SON in conventional formats : Post by Vondur

I had to mention this ages ago but I'm doing this only today. Uh... But better late than never, isn't it? :) People at Strangecompany made serialisation of The Seal Of Nehahra movie in conventional (RealMovie and DivX AVI) formats, for anyone out there who didn't manage to watch the film in its original form. So, if you don't own Quake (eh? really?) or you love to watch the movie in mentioned above formats go here and get it.

29.september.2000 - Interview with Nehahra Team : Post by Vondur

Gamespy has posted interview with the Nehahra Team. You can check it here.

25.september.2000 - Site design updated : Post by Vondur

I have revised our site. Fixed html bugs, made it more userfriendly. Especially the Download page [it was sooo lame]. And now it will load faster since I've moved huge chunk of news to archive [finally =]. Enjoy.

And Purusa gave me one fixed tune [neh3] from that Soundtrack pak he released 20th. There were some bugs appeared after conversion from .it format. Grab it from here [500k].

20.september.2000 - New Soundtracks : Post by Vondur

Our very own tracker Purusa has produced 8 new awesome soundtracks for those who is going to make maps for Nehahra, and for those who just likes good module music. There are many styles presented: from the noisy and fast to dark and atmospheric. Grab them from Fileplanet [~3,3Mb]. Since they are .xm files, I strongly recommend you to listen to them with the Modplug player, the best one for the mods. Enjoy.

20.september.2000 - MacNehahra & Engine Update : Post by Mindcrime

MacNehahra has been released, direct any questions, comments, etc, to Ender, not myself as I had nothing to do with it. You can grab that on the download page if you are a Mac-er. See the macnehahra.txt Right Here

There is also an engine update for other users which fixes a few very minor things. Get it on the download page, that's all for now.

17.september.2000 - Nehahra and Beyond : Post by Mindcrime

For those of you 'waiting' for the Macintosh port. There is no news that I am aware of. Ender has been MIA. Check the page from time to time, it's bound to happen sooner or later, but I have nothing to do with the port so I know about as much as you do.

A lot of people have been installing/running Nehahra incorrectly and thus have had problems getting it to run, with errors that range from sprite versions to asking for a Registered version of Quake even though you have the full version installed. The Nehahra pak files should be in the following path: quake/nehahra. Not quake/ nehahra/quake/nehahra or quake/quake/nehahra, pay attention to the filepaths in the archive before deciding where to unzip it. Also, Nehahra is on an enhanced engine, you cannot use quake.exe, winquake.exe, or glquake.exe, it will not work.

Some people have been confused about the demo cutscenes when the screen goes black after the start map. This is normal, let it play. If you do not wish to see the demo cutscenes, bring up the console and type CUTSCENE 0.

Re: Tritin Films' 'Quake: The Movie'. I may be doing some voice acting for the project but I am not running the show. It is not *my* project so those of you sending me emails about it, direct them to Tritin Films.

Now for a bit of news that be of some interest to some. A new project is underway and some members of the Nehahra team are working on it, myself included, but it's too premature to go into heavy detail. What I can say is that it will be Quake engine based and it will invariably focus on Single Player and perhaps Coop. There will be no DM. There will be drastic changes to the typical FPS game formula and the AI is going to move away from the "combat AI" as seen in Nehahra and move in a both surprising and quirky direction. This is a long term project and has just begun development so there is not even a rough development schedule in the works at this time. More information will be given when it becomes available.

9.september.2000 - Mac Nehahra : Post by Ender

I know everyone is impatiently awaiting the Macintosh port of Nehahra.. pOx has done an excellent job of porting the single player elements over, I'm just working on polishing some multiplayer and movie bugs off. Maybe not quite when I promised it, but it'll be out REAL soon now. Next 4 days. Hopefully!

5.september.2000r - Progs.dat Update and Cheat Codes : Post by Mindcrime

Many emails received regarding cheats, they are included with the devkit documentation, but here goes:

IMPULSE 222 - Old Impulse 9

While you're at it, if you've downloaded Nehahra prior to the date of this post. Pick up the latest Progs.dat update from the download page, this will kill that ugly bug where in-level cutscenes would kick you straight to intermission after loading a saved game. Strange bug, but fixed.

31.august.2000 - The First Nehahran...the First To Move On : Post by Prefatory

Mindcrime, the mastermind behind the madness we've come to know as Nehahra, has just joined the Tritin Films team for QUAKE: THE MOVIE in an acting role. Check out their site for more details at Tritin Films.

29.august.2000 - Progs.dat Update : Post by Mindcrime

We have uploaded the first and hopefully the last progs.dat update. If you're experiencing item_shells not appearing (ammunition boxes that give shells). Pick up the update, it's 315k, small :) I'm not even sure how it happened, but it happened, so remedy it with the update.


Every time the progs.dat gets updated or the exe, in addition to the separate download, the main game file has been updated with the information too ((the fileplanet one)). If you are downloading Nehahra for the FIRST TIME, getting the latest progs.dat is not necessary, but won't hurt either, as it's the same file already included.

27.august.2000 - Final Release of Game Data : Post by Mindcrime

The final version of Nehahra has been uploaded and is accessible on the download page by clicking the normal game link. This is also multiplayer capable with a few novelty features. This repairs %99.9 of known bugs and contains a few tweaks.

Contained in this archive are multiple engines. NEHAHRA.EXE is the updated game exe. DPNEHAHRA.EXE is an alternate engine that runs Nehahra and even plays the demos, see Dpnehahra.txt in the archive for more details. NEHMOVIE.EXE is the original EXE released with Seal of Nehahra, many expressed that they preferred watching the movie with this, because the effects were slightly changed when it came time to release the game and engine. Now you have the choice.

Any problems you experience with the engine, that is, running it or bugs that are obviously engine related, email LordHavoc or Ender (depending on the engine). If you experience bugs in the gameplay itself or obvious QuakeC bugs, I'm the man to get in touch with.

I realize for some of you, this means downloading 50 Megs again, but the good news is. This is the final update of the game files. Any future updates will be that of the EXEs or the progs.dat file, which will be quite small to download. Hopefully, none will be necessary.

For Mac and Linux users, I've been told that there are engines being worked on so you can enjoy Nehahra. Check this page from time to time, Ender will probably update it with news of where you can get your hands on it.

The nehpatch1.zip has been removed as it is obsolete and the regular nehquake.zip download has been replaced with the new version. Click on the download page to pick up the final version, there's been a few changes, including but not limited to, skill based alterations to make Easy a little Easier for some of you, uhm, novices :P

The Nehahra Project has been a wonderful experience and I would like to thank the team for seeing this mammoth through. We have made the highest profile addon ever for Quake and released a record-breaking 4 hour long Quake Movie that will be enjoyed for years to come. I thank you the public for your interest and support. What lies ahead for the Nehahra team members? You never know, check the page from time to time, and some interesting surprises may await you in the future.

23.august.2000 - Thoughts on Nehahra? : Post by ELEK

I just wanted to encourage people to post their opinions on Nehahra to the Qmap message boards. There is a Nehahra thread started in the main menu. Qmap also is a great resource for getting newly released maps, and information on just about every mapper in the custom mapping scene. This great resource can also be used for many more reasons. You might also post any questions you have relating to the devkit and Nehahra mapping in general there, as most of the Nehahra mappers do check this page from time to time.

22.august.2000 - Devkit release : Post by ELEK

Today we are releasing the devkit to the Quake community so anyone may use the Nehahra entities and progs dat to create their own levels. You must give Mindcrime and the Nehahra team credit in your readme file if you decide to use this devkit, and the nehahra entities in your own maps. There are many new entities, and many new functions. Make sure that you have checked and double checked the devkit.txt file before sending any emails asking for assistance with entities. You can get the devkit here, or on the download page.

21.august.2000 - Engine Source.... : Post by Ender

Downloadable from Here!. Also, the FAQ has been relocated to Click for the Troubleshooting FAQ <-- there :). B00M!

In other news, some people are not aware they can turn certain video options on and off from the 'Options' --> 'Video Options' menu. I suggest playing with Glows on if you can afford the FPS :)

19.august.2000 - Clarification on a few things....... : Post by ELEK

When you run Nehahra it is not necessary to use the -game parameter. The exe will automatically run Nehahra. Sorry for any mixups I may have created with an earlier post.It seems alot of people are trying to run Nehahra using the standard glQuake executable. YOU MUST USE THE NEHAHRA.EXE to run the game. If you don't know how to run the game consult the README! We are recieving loads of emails which can easily be answered by reading the readme. There is an html and text version available. **Ender sends news that he will be releasing the EXE source by tomorrow, and the Coop/DM portion of Nehahra should be available by the end of next week. There is still alot going on around here, and we are doing our best to keep up with any issues that anyone may have.** Also, some people have felt that some of the maps are a bit too dark. You may want to use the -gamma setting when running Quake. Try playing with different settings, This may help.

18.august.2000 - Patch : Post by ELEK

A few minor things have slipped through the cracks so we have decided to release a patch. Hopefully this will be the first and only patch. These things happen, sorry for any inconvienence this may cause to you. You can get the patch from the download page. We have moved an html version of the readme to the story location here on the website. Please review this while you download. You can access it via the story link on the menu bar below.

17.august.2000 - Release notes : Post by Ender

It's here.. It's done. But there are a few last things to tidy up :)
First of all, if you have the movie, you can replace the nehahra.exe from the movie with the one from the game. It's an update, and may solve speed and compatability issues. If you are having problems with getting the engine or game to work, read the Engine FAQ.. Source for the engine will be posted on the website tommorow. We all need sleep first.

Secondly, Read the readme!. Enough said.

Third.. Multiplayer and coop is not yet possible. There will be an updated exe in a few days to correct this oversight. Basically, we just need to speed the network stuff up a bit, to make NetQuake playable online.

And last, but not least.. If you already have the Movie installed (and the game engine will detect if you have the movie, game or both... Note, yes, you CAN fool the engine into loading the movie maps if you have the game :)... DO NOT UNZIP PAK0.PAK! Doing so will corrupt the movie.

Have fun.... from the Nehahra team (who are now going on a vacation to hawaii.. We wish)... Happy fraggin'!

17.august.2000 - NEHAHRA IS READY!! : Post by ELEK

After over 1.5 years, and countless numbers of hours of development, it is my pleasure to offer to you The Nehahra Project. The game is now located on ftp and you can also retrieve it from the mirrors posted in the download section. It has been fun developing the game, and all of us here on the Nehahra team hope you enjoy what we have created. We look forward to hearing from you, so please send us some of those emails.

The EXE will be updated in a matter of days allowing Coop/DM. For now, enjoy the single player experience.

14.august.2000 - Release date : Post by ELEK

We have slated Thursday August 17, 2000 as the Nehahra release date. There is not a specific time as of yet so please do not send any emails asking. You can watch this page or camp out in #son on irc.planetquake.com or irc.gamesnet.net The announcement will most likely hit there first. We are currently looking for UK and other US mirrors, if you are interested in mirroring the game please contact me.

13.august.2000 - Slight delay : Post by ELEK

Due to circumstances out of our control we are going to have to push the game release date back a few days. Unfortunately delays occur, but I assure you this one will be minor. We are in the final stages making small adjustments to the engine, the game code, and the maps. This stage is the most important and while we are eager to get the game into your hands we want to ensure Nehahra is the best it could possibly be. Thanks for hanging in there. Watch this page for release date. It will be before this weekend.


8.august.2000 - Machinima discussion : Post by ELEK

For anyone wishing to express their opinions on the movie head over to the machinima website and follow the link to the review section. There you may post your views. Anyone can add a review, if you feel so inclined...... Also check out Qmap for more interesting discussion. There is a Nehahra thread located in the Message Boards Main Menu.

8.august.2000 - Updated engine FAQ : Post by Ender

The FAQ for people having trouble watching Nehahra has been updated. More questions and answers to your questions.. (er, and answers...) are now avaiable at:
Engine FAQ
If you have any problems not answered here, Mail ender@quakesrc.org...

6.august.2000 - Mirrors and Models : Post by ELEK

Seems that some people have been having trouble seeing the models in the movie. Use the command gl_ztrick 0 in the console. Or you can add this to a config file and execute the config from the console. View the readme for instructions on gaining access to the console.

For sound problems, try the command line parameter -wavonly or increase the cvar SND_MIXAHEAD from the console. Some people are experiencing crashes that talk about RGB fullscreen modes, and colors. Backup your opengl32.dll and then delete, this *could* help. Or update your drivers if they are old. Make sure you turn your screensaver off.

It is also advisable to watch the movie after a fresh boot and not have too many background tasks running at the time (especially for lower end systems).

If you have seen the movie please take a minute to drop your favorite news site an email regarding the movie. Q1 just doesn't get the kind of press it used to, and Nehahra is definitely some of the biggest news to come from the Q1 crowd in some time. There are also a few Mirrors that have popped up.

UK Download Movie zip

Thanks to Peej for the mirrors. If you know of any other mirrors drop me an email.

6.august.2000 - MOVIE RELEASE!! Very early in the a.m. : Post by ELEK

After six months of hard work and a few frustrating yet minor last minute delays the Nehahra team is proud to present to you Quake: The Seal Of Nehahra. You can find a link to the file on the downloads page. For more information regarding the movie itself read the posts below in which Mindcrime details aspects of the film. Remember this is the movie only. The game release is not until later. The film is not required to play the game, but the movie does build alot of plot upon which Nehahra is based.



Enjoy :)

3.august.2000 - Just a couple days more til movie release : Post by Mindcrime

Everything is on schedule and the 5th looks like it will happen without a hitch. Expect the release to happen in the evening. The release will first be announced on our IRC channel, #SON on irc.planetquake.com. It's a public channel and you're more than welcome to drop by. Whether anyone will be there is another matter, but up to you, the public :) Team members may breeze through as well, including myself.

I'm looking forward to a day off on Sunday. Weehoo :)

30th July - Notes on Quake: The Seal of Nehahra Post by Mindcrime

I thought I would take the time to explain a few things about the "movie" in advance and let you know what to expect...and what not to expect.

I have mentioned to some that the movie is like two feature-length movies released in one batch. This is somewhat true, but to be more precise, the movie is structured more like a dramatic mini-series, episodic but progressing to a conclusion. I mention the word "dramatic", because for the most part, that's what it is, a Drama. One thing you can expect from this particular Drama is it's a Drama that doesn't take itself *too* seriously.

Consider "episodic" to also mean that this mammoth wasn't intended to be watched in one sitting. Its sheer size almost makes the idea preposterous. I have also heard concerns about the length, fears that a lot of pointless scenes are sandwiched in between the important ones. Definitions of "drawn out" vary from person to person I'm sure. Some may enjoy the depth of characterization while others will later argue that when Mindcrime says "Dramatic", it's really a euphemism for "over-extended". I will concede there are a few areas which could be amputated, but even these sections have entertainment value and offer more depth. Utilities to edit a Nehdem.exe .Dem file do not yet exist, I'll explain how the "editing" took place at some later date. Another delay would have been inevitable and I'm not prepared to wait any longer nor do I fancy releasing any Director's Cut or some such nonsense at a later date. It's a one shot deal. But in spite of its length, we on the Nehahra team have been experiencing the movie over the course of months and there is a general feeling of satisfaction all the way around. Knowing the very particular tastes of those on the team, this should tell you something. Also keep in mind that Drama doesn't exclude action, there's a hefty amount of it.

The purpose of Nehahra is and has always been an add-on to Quake. Granted, quite a bit added on, but creating a Quake 2 or Half-Life clone was never the intention. The same goes for the movie. This is still Quake, kids. It has a lot of pretty stuff added and some mindblowing features, but don't expect Quake3 grade polygons. The Q1 community has never been pulled in to the need for eye candy, curves, etc, and we're indeed part of that community. We love Quake the way it is. We added, embellished, but not to the point of creating something Not-Quake.

Another thing not to expect is a full-blown demonstration of how the game will be. This was never intended as a demonstration of the game, just setting up the plot, telling the story of Quake, Nehahra, and how they are entertwined. It does offer a few glimpses however. The engine for the movie and the engine for the game are separate entities, but share some common features. The movie engine offers a taste of things to come. The game engine is more advanced.

If you're a gamer who likes playing more than watching and/or simply don't care for "Machinima", the movie is not a necessary download. You do not need to watch the movie to play/understand the game.

Those of you very familiar with Q1 movies might wonder if you should expect the same feel. The answer is an emphatic "no". The feel is very different, extremely more "movie-like". You should not expect the fantastic tricks and in-game demonstrations that the Quake Done Quick team is notorious for. Prolonged in-game runs just would have interfered with the flow, it's all been done, and QDQ are the masters. I felt no need for this. That's not my gig.

And Finally, expect a military based plot free of "love story subplots". Not to take away from Q movies of the past who attempted one, but this is Quake, we don't want to see anything *sweet* and we can do without romance: we like to blow shit up. Pure and simple. The story has some heart to it in spots, but nothing shoved in the viewers' faces.

It's back to work for me and everything is on schedule.

28th July - Unexpected VisitsPost by Mindcrime

The movie is nearly finished and I think it will be well received when we get it out there. I'm moving the movie released date to AUGUST 5th. Not a long delay. I was just informed my daughter will be visiting me for a day and night. Between the movie and my child, there's no competition :) So August 5th it is.

Again, I will remind you all that the game and movie are GL only, there is no software. You cannot, for that matter, even attempt to "cheat" and play/watch Nehahra on standard Quake as it uses several builtins not implemented in the original engine and a change in the .DEM protocol. This should be common sense for some of you, but...eh, if only you receive the emails I do.

The movie engine is now completed with all known bugs depleted. We're announcing the title of the movie as:


22nd July - Prepare! Post by Mindcrime

The Nehahra movie is scheduled to be released: AUGUST 3, 2000.

Yes, only 12 days away.

The game Nehahra which you've all been (very patiently I might add) waiting for will be released:

((drum roll))

AUGUST 15, 2000.

If you are a sorry excuse for a gamer and don't have Quake installed, now's the time to install and brush up on your skills, because Nehahra is a bumpy ride. The novice player will be eaten alive. I have created what I envisioned, a total, chaotic, adrenaline pumping Single Player experience that I have not found in any other game. I hope you feel the same way and I hope your sanity will prevail when you get your dirty little hands on Nehahra.

In the meanwhile, for us, it's crunch time.

17th July - And what a strange trip it has been Post by Mindcrime

Two months since I was given the royal boot and what a strange trip it has been. I have returned and Nehahra will see completion soon. It's so close I can taste it. It's nice to know that all the work is going to amount to something, just a damned shame it wasn't sooner. Guess there's no guarantees in life except paying taxes and eventually keeling over. I'm settled in my new humble bachelor abode and have returned to full-time work on Nehahra.

For those interested in the Nehahra movie, it's almost complete. Not only will it be the longest piece of machinima ever made, heh, but it will be so long that no one in their right mind would ever try to make one longer. It was the movie that didn't want to end. :) I may seriously consider breaking it up into several hour long segments just for ease of viewing. At least, there will be a builtin PAUSE feature. Heh, I think if I ever do another machinima piece, it'll be a short :)

The game itself. It's looking sweet. Some minor details to pan out in the level design department, but the game code is 99.9% completed in my estimation. I still, as my nature would dictate, look for ways of making monsters more interesting or giving them another quirk about them (usually involving some new routines and animation sequences, heh), but I'm quite happy with what I see.

The engine I shall hope to have in top condition or I will soon be sacrificing a few engine coders (who shall remain nameless) to dark ancient Gods.

Don't touch that dial....

08th July - Nehahra is still alive and kicking! Post by ELEK

While things on the web page have been a tad quiet in recent weeks I can assure you that there have been developments going on behind the scenes of Nehahra. In Mindcrimes absence there has been level tweaking and generally we are getting Nehahra polished for Mindcrime's return. Mindcrime has been in contact, from time to time, and he is doing well. Read Mindcrime's post below for a further explanation of some of the delays which have occured.
While some delays in the development process of any game/conversion are inevitable we realize that it has been some time since anything of signifigance has come from the Nehahra team. So I have taken it upon myself to post a few more screenshots. Here are a few from some of CZG's fabulous maps.

13th May - Don't let the door hit me where the good Lord split me! Post by Mindcrime

The Nehahra movie is seeing much progress. At 2.5 hours, it has become a full-blown saga and there is more to go. The one thing I can say is that I, and the mappers, are thoroughly entertained by the movie all throughout and that is no small feat for a movie of this length.

For the game, the levels are in order and a few need fleshing out. Most bugs have been eliminated but a few pesky ones still linger.

Now, there is something I feel compelled to explain. From the emails I receive and the general attitude of all of you who have patiently waited for Nehahra to come to fruition, I think I owe it to you to explain a major factor in recent delays and still some delay to come.

I began Nehahra almost 9 months ago as a burned-out fiction writer with barely any experience with computers, coding, modelling, etc, at all--not exactly the ideal candidate for the head of a major game project and the one responsible for the longest piece of Machinima ever made and may possibly ever be made. Aside from this, I am a father and have been the equivalent of a "house husband".

Just recently, my relationship of 6 years with my fiance deteriorated to the point of no return and now--at the ripe old age of 25(:>)--have starting over from scratch to look forward to. With a child in the equation, it is even more troublesome. My "Doomsday" is Memorial Day Weekend. This is when I must go and the 'where' and 'how' are quite unclear having practically nothing of my own but my good looks ;)

This is not a "pity me" session as I have not yet cued the violins. I did, however, feel I should be up front. That dastardly thing called "real life" claims us all from time to time. So I ask you for your patience in this very difficult time...

Your strength. And your patience.

I will try to do the same. Thanks.

6th May - Holy Smoke Post by Mindcrime

The Nehahra movie has now passed the 2 hour mark and I have a ways to go yet to wrap it all up. Yes, you're probably thinking the same thing I'm thinking... HOW LONG IS THIS THING GOING TO BE?
Short answer: Dunno

The next thing you're probably wondering is WHEN. I'll reiterate "when it's done". One thing I won't do is release something prematurely that isn't "ready" or I'm not satisfied with. For those of you who have been sticking around and keeping an eye on this rarely updated page, I thank you for your patience. Good things come to those who wait, but the wait will not be entirely much longer. We've had deadlines in the past but never made them because Nehahra kept growing.

Speaking of waiting, I just registered for QuakeCon recently so I'll be looking forward to that this summer. Hopefully it's nothing like a writers' convention as there is nothing more dull in this world, I can assure you of this from unfortunate first-hand experience.

That's all for now.

23rd April - The Final Member Post by Mindcrime

The Nehahra Project has a new and its final member. We've had one engine guy up until now. Give a warm welcome to LordHavoc who brings with him not only great programming experience but 32-bit sprites that you'd have to see to believe.

Nothing of especial interest to report. A lot of tweaking and bug fixing going on.

6th April - Quake Movie From Hell Post by Mindcrime


With the playable portion of Nehahra aside, I am very pleased to report that the Non-interactive Demo or Nehahra Quake Movie has seen a lot of progress. It is full voice. Late last night, it officially crossed the hour mark after 20 days of work only. :)

Unfortunately, the Quake 1 movie scene has been stagnant for a while, which is very disheartening. It seems movie makers move onto the prettier engines, and the prettier the picture gets, the worse the movies get. I expect this is a balance thing in the cosmos or something or that the movies are predominantly created by youngins. =]

For those of you already familiar with the Quake Movie scene, what's left of it anyway. Currently, the longest running Movie ever done on Quake engine was "The Devil's Covenant" by Clan Phantasm. I'm not a big fan of this movie (though I very much am impressed by Benner's work). The Devil's Covenant runs 2 hours and 10-20 minutes (somewhere in there).

The Nehahra Movie will exceed this length. So step aside DC, there's a new chap in town!

30th March - Who knows Post by Mindcrime

17 days to our projected betastage date and I'm not very optimistic. I can't speak for the mappers but I had a number of unexpected setbacks in that evil thing called "real life". Rather than make another promise I can't keep or lie and say I am confident everything will abide by the schedule. Let me just say that Nehahra will be soon but don't hold your breath.

Again, 99% of mods who delay various times, it is because of turmoil in the group or a stagnant period. We're definitely not experiencing this. In fact, I think we're all busier than we have ever been.

When Nehahra is finally unleashed, you'll understand most of the delays :).. That's all I can really say without tipping my hand [:

13th March - Let the countdown begin Post by Mindcrime

In 33 days, Nehahra will be at beta stage. Betatesting will be in-house and amongst an elite group of hand-picked betatesters. I can say with certainty that the latest Nehahra will be unleashed to the public is the first of May. Extensive work is taking place currently in the .DEM cutscenes and the levels are all nearing final completion. We have had a few delays in the past, granted, but Nehahra has grown to a level that few of us, including myself, could have even dreamed.

The non-interactive demo will be released with the playable episodes, albeit not as a package. You do not need the noninteractive demo to play the game, but you need the game to play the noninteractive demo. The "Quake Movie" will not run off normal Quake as previously thought but off the new executible. As for other releases, I can tell you the order in which things will happen:

1. Release of Nehahra (2 Episodes) and the Noninteractive Demo Also the release of the *engine* source code as mandated by the GPL.

[[one week later]]

2. Release of the Development Manual for making levels for Nehahra

[[two to three weeks later]]

3. Release of a multiplayer counterpart of Nehahra (Quakeworld basically) (take note that while #3 will be an option, Netquake in #1 will still be available)

[[an undetermined amount of time later, possibly a few aeons]]

4. The QuakeC source code

--- That's all for now....

12th February - Nehahra draws closer Post by Mindcrime

April is the month when Nehahra will arrive. Let's hope early rather than mid-month. You will, however, have something to enjoy before then if you are the type who enjoys Quake movies and cinematics :) Expect the release of the non-interactive demo next month and a flurry of screenshots. Regarding the playable two episodes, I invite you to take a peek at my .plan.

12th January - Another new member Post by Kab1e

A big helllllllllloooooooo and group hug for DarcJedi :) He's been brought into do SkyBoxes and some other weird stuff that I don't understand... maybe cos its 1:51am? Who know! So hey, check out his info in the team page!!!

9th January - New screeny and member(s) Post by Kab1e

Well, what can I say... I've been lazy. But anyway, here's a great new looking screenshot from Elek!! Check it out in the screenshots page!! Foggy eh ?

New member too.... Ender! Check out all the info in the members page & welcome aboard Ender!! :)

On another note, I've redone my homepage, er check it out if you wanna.

19th December - Mindcrime has a plan... Post by Kab1e

Yeh, after all this time Mindcrime decided it was about time to get a plan file! So, you can check out his rambles and rants about ... nehahra :O) his first update is a rather large and very interesting one :) So, click here to read his evil plans.. mwhawha...

Rumours abound that the mappers may end up getting a plan! Sheesh! Well, anywayz, watch this space :)

2nd December - Excessus leaves... Post by Kab1e

I'm sad to say that Excessus has decided to leave the project, he's now doing contract work for company and can't continue with his work on the project. It's a great shame to loose a member, but we hope the best of luck to him from all the team!

17th November - 4 NEW screenshots!! Post by Kab1e

Yep! It's true, you're wildest dreams have come true! We have 4 great new screenshots of one of Damauls maps! So come on, stop reading and go to the screenshots page!!!

12th November - New member and new screenshot!! Post by Kab1e

K, Got a new screen shot!! Wayhay! It's taken from the beginning of ELEK's new map! It sure looks great and be sure to check it out on the screenshots page here!

Also, Mindcrime.... tut tut! Guilty again! He lied.... again! When will he stop? Anyway, enough crap, we've got ANOTHER new, great mapper onboard the team! He's called Christian "CZG" Grawert, he created the amazing Numb Nimbus!! Check him out over at the teams page!

Thanks to everyone who reported bugs in the website, thats what happens when I do a website in one night :)))) Hope you all enjoy the new look (well, there's one person who CAN'T HELP complain... but we all know who that is... ;o)

8th November - NEW LOOK! Post by Kab1e

OK, welcome to the NEW LOOK NEHAHRA PROJECT! I thought it was about time I revamped the site, it was looking pretty poor in the first place :) So, this look is more suitable for the mod! :) Hope you enjoy the new look site, if you have any comments, thoughts, problems with the new look site, feel free to e-mail me at kable@softhome.net.

There will be a new picture up in a few days! :) Also, an estimated release date... February 1st 2000. Believe me, this partial conversion will NOT dissapoint!

29th October - New member!! Post by Kab1e

Well, Mindcrime is guilty of a crime, he lied... there's a new mapper in the team and he's called Elek! So everyone give a big warm welcome to him :o) Taadaa!

Also, I promise to add more screen shots soon, just as soon as the mappers send me them!! :)

On another completely different note, I moved my homepage :) http://www.kab1e.co.uk

30th September - New member & a move to PQ! Post by Kab1e

OK, we now have the LAST of the 6 mappers! All doors are closed to any extra mappers, sorry! :( So check out the TEAM pagefor news on the latest member/mapper, Excessus! :)

Wow, we've now moved over onto PlanetQuake which is GREEAAAT! Thanks guys!!

20th September - New member & fixed screenshots! Post by Kab1e

Vondur, another top-notch mapper in the Quake community has joined the team of mappers. Check out his quality stuff at Vondur's War Supply, http://www.planetquake.com/vondur

This officially completes the team of mappers, except for a remote possibility of a sixth. The Nehahra Project is closing its doors to prospective mappers until further notice.

I fixed the screenshots, although I really can't see whats wrong. If they work now, then thats OK.

One final department needs to be sorted out. Mindcrime is on the lookout for a GFX Artist. Mister_Mindcrime@yahoo.com Contact him if interested.

17th September - New screenshots!! Post by Kab1e

As promised, I got a bunch of lovely screen shots!! So, you can start drooling over them if you feel the need! Check it out here!.

Also, I've finished of the contact page! Enjoy it here!

16th September - New member!! Post by Kab1e

Well, I have great pleasure in announcing a new team member, Mr. FRIBBLES!! He'll be doing some maps & is also well known in the Quake Community for his maps!

We have officially moved away from Deathmatch considerations and concentrating on the Single Player & Co-Op experience. While users are more than encouraged to make deathmatch maps to use the weapons and artifacts of the conversion after the full release, there will be none supplied with the conversion itself. DM Mods are a dime a dozen nonetheless

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