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• Following the demise of ShubNiggurath the gates to a new dimension were flung open to the realm of mankind. Seizing this opportunity the human civilization on earth spent the next five years building a colony in the new dimension. The humans call this new bastion of human civilization Forge City..........
Through the chaos...
You brave through the first episode of techy terror and the ruins of a human dream. Combating a competitive AI never before seen in a Quake Single Player environment, you blast your way into the bowels of industrial Hell--the barrier between you and strange, twisted gothic landscapes found deep in enemy territory and in Nehahra's second episode. Raging through forgotten tabernacles and brutal lands; reckoning the haunts of bizarre societies awakened from obscurity; madly scrambling from unpredictable creatures who flourish in the medieval moors in the hope you may find the artifacts that will ensure your survival--Nehahra is an experience in terror and discovery.
• For more details regarding the Nehahra story, get the Seal of Nehahra movie from here.

Two Episodes
Level Designers who are amongst the finest in the Quake scene
Atmospheric effects in several varieties
Tinted Ambient Lighting
Enhanced Skies
Interactive Environments
Many new monsters whom compliment the original cast of Quake
Sophisticated Enemy AI
Added weaponry unique to Nehahra
New artifacts/items, some of them shocking :)
Dozens of new ambient sounds
Boss Monsters to end all Boss Monsters


!!!!IMPORTANT NOTE TO THOSE WHO DOWNLOADED THE MOVIE!!!!!! Do not overwrite pak0.pak if you have the movie. This wil corrupt the pak. You can overwrite the rest of the dir.

• You must install the full registered version of Quake before you can play it. Please follow the instructions on your Quake manual for installation instructions Nehahra will not run with Shareware version of Quake. Create a folder in your Quake directory and name it nehahra. Unzip the contents of this zip into the nehahra folder, make sure to maintain any directory structure which exists within the zip.

Running Nehahra
• Simply double click on the 'Nehahra' program in your Quake directory. It's that simple. If you have problems running Nehahra, see the Engine FAQ, and the Nehahra website...

Goal of the Game
• Quake has two basic goals. First, stay alive. Second, get out of the place you're in. That hasn't changed in Nehahra. First and foremost, Nehahra is meant to be survived, not necessarily conquered, though there are places where you have no choice. In some cases you may find it a near to impossible task to get %100 kills, unless you have the skill. In these scenarios escaping the level itself may be your only option.

• The Nehahra start map allows for skill selection. Take the path that is best for you and keep in mind that Nehahra Easy is a bit like Quake Hard :)

Easy: The Skilled Player
Normal: The Veteran Player
Hard: The Elite
Nightmare: The Certifiably Insane

• After the starting map, you will be shown the introductory demos to the game and storyline. This is a continuation of the Quake movie released called THE SEAL OF NEHAHRA. It is not necessary that you obtain THE SEAL OF NEHAHRA, but it is highly recommended as you'll be otherwise missing out.
• See here for links to the movie
• After the first game three demos, the interaction begins. Through the course of the game, you will experience in-between level demo scenes and the occasional in-level cutscene.

The Environment
• Nehahra maintains the standard Quake environment with secret doors, lifts, trains, and the like. In addition to this, you may encounter an object or section of architecture that is pushable, breakable, or interactive in other ways. Experimentation and exploration in different situations is always beneficial.


Hey, something new to look at.

The basic gun, to which all other guns compare favorably.

Double-barrelled Shotgun
A worthy weapon with three minor drawbacks: first, it uses up 2 shells per blast; second, it's slow; third, its shot pattern is very loose at long range. But in general, once you find this puppy, the other shotgun starts rusting from disuse.

A two-barrel dingus that prickles bad guys with armor-piercing darts, technically termed "nails".

The great equalizer. Four cyclic barrels that hose out spikes like crazy. Pro: foes drop like flies. Con: eats ammo like popcorn.

Grenade Launcher
Thumps neat exploding bombs into the air. You can even bounce a grenade off the wall or floor.. When a grenade hits someone, it explodes. If it misses, the bomb sits on the floor for a moment, then explodes.

Rocket Launcher
For when a grenade positively, absolutely, has to be there on time.

Try it. You'll like it. Use the same technique as watering your rosebush.

Autoshotgun(Tsemochian Autoshotgun)
High speed shotgun from Hell. You haven't lived until you've hosed down some baddies with this. Just don't get carried away, it eats ammo like its going out of style.

Sprocket Launcher(Tsemochian Sprocket)
Crossbreed a spear, a rocket, and a grenade and you might end up with a Tsemochian sprocket. This weapon takes some getting used to, but after a while, you'll feel nekkid without it. :)

Weapon Controls

1 : SWORD : impulse 1
2 : SHOTGUN : impulse 2
3 : DOUBLE BARREL : impulse 3
4 : NAILGUN : impulse 4
5 : SUPER NAILGUN : impulse 5
6 : GRENADE LAUNCHER : impulse 6
7 : ROCKET LAUNCHER : impulse 7
8 : THUNDERBOLT : impulse 8
9 : SPROCKET : impulse 9
0 : AUTOSHOTGUN : impulse 100

In addition to the traditional power-ups, Nehahra offers:

Regeneration Artifact
This powerup never runs out, unless you die. You can accumulate these. The more regeneration artifacts you have, the more you can regenerate and the faster you regenerate. Five of these puppies is the maximum that will have affect.

Flight Artifact
This powerup runs out, but lasts longer than the others. This enables you to fly, even take enormous leaps, or hang out on the ceiling. It takes some getting used to, but it's good for getting to high places in a hurry :)

Resurrection Artifact
The most powerful of all power-ups. Like the Regeneration Artifact, you can accumulate these. For every Resurrection Artifact you have, you can rise from the dead right where you fell. It gives you 3 seconds of Invulnerability when you return, use this time wisely to get away from the monsters who were likely standing right over you.

Remember, use your lives sparingly, these artifacts don't grow on trees.

You will notice that when you die, an icon appears on the screen. It could be one of three. Don't rush to hit 'quickload' just yet....

This means you are dead, no resurrection artifacts available. That's all she wrote.

This means that you have one or more lives left. You can rejoin the living by simply hitting the attack key or jump.

This is unfortunate. Even this artifact has its limitations. If you fall into a void, your accumulated lives will not help you. If you die in lava or you have been gibbed, the body has suffered too much damage to be restored.

The Cast

Bad, bad doggie! Play dead! -- blam! -- yipe! Good dog!

Between the probes wired up to their pleasure centers that give them paroxysms of ecstasy from killing and the stimulants flowing through their veins, grunts range from slow to paranoid, jumpy, and surprisingly dangerous. Take care, they could be armed with anything!

Grunt, Mark Two. Outfitted in combat armor, toting built-in blasters, and light on their feet, they range from a nuisance to clever.

Canned meat. Open 'er up and see if it's still fresh.

Death Knight
This particular canned meat tends to open you up instead. Keep your distance though, they've learned some new tricks over the years.

Disgusting little critters who dish it out, but can't take it.

Thou canst not kill that which doth not live. But you can blast it into chunky kibbles.

Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee. Ugly as hell. Keep your aim steady because these bastards can really move when they want to!

Since the death of Shub-Niggurath, ogres have come to exercise more free will than ever before. Although sometimes cautious and other times wanting to save their ass, they can still dish out the pain!

A merrily bouncing blob as dangerous to kill as to ignore. Blech.

In essence, organic buzzsaws, rife with pummeling power! Fiends are creatures of varied dispositions, some may be indifferent. Beware the alpha fiends that walk among them, these guys are especially territorial and cranky.

A spideresque hybrid horror. Keep your eye on the energy pod he hurls.

Even other monsters fear him, so expect a clobbering. He shrugs off explosions. Good luck.

These guys are on your side...in theory. You might find a few survivors of the latest fiasco in the lands of Quake. Some of them might even help you out. Be wary of them at times, they are stressed, scared shitless, and not sure who to trust. Don't set one of them off or you might become a military statistic.

Field Enforcer
More human than he is ogre. One of the many half breeds from archgaunt experiments over the course of years and nuclear contamination from the ravaged Dimension of the Doomed. These guys are sent out with concealed body armor and an armor shard trench coat. With automatic shotguns as a weapon and the stamina and strength of an ogre, they can prove to be a tactical nightmare.

Ogre Mutant
More ogre than he is human. He's missing an appendage but Tsemochian technology has generously provided him with an alternative, a nice big gun with some convenient features. He's a bit slow in the head, but once he's drawn a bead on you, run for cover; having a weapon for an arm has allowed him to become very efficient with it.

Caffeine incarnate. With modern weaponry and unearthly metabolisms, they are the strange products of evolution in an alternate dimension. A little more insect than man. Some of them tote Tsemochian sprockets, if you hear a *thoomp*, head for the hills! It just takes one sprocket to ruin your afternoon.

Once flourishing in the Tsemochian dimension, these animals have seeped into every dimension touching it. It takes a lot to drop one so if you can deal with them peacefully, save some ammo. Give them some respect and space and you might not get "jagged".

The monks of the medieval society. They like to gossip and they're not afraid to tell you what's on their mind...not that you'll understand a word of it. Not too hard to drop, but don't get them excited...their bag of tricks is deeper than you might suspect.

Hierarchs in the making. These pompous, elder gaunts are skilled in the Gaunt magics and masters of aggravation. Fighting these guys is about as fun as a root canal. Good luck with them!

A few hundred years ago, a large group of death knights deserted the ranks of Shub-Niggurath, tired of tolerating Archgaunt councils and the restrictions of the former Archgaunt Hierarch, Zagheida. Since the death of Shub- Niggurath and Hierarch Zagheida, they've come out of hiding from remote medieval highlands and returned to their roots.

An organic gib fountain. Slow, stupid, and not too dangerous. Slip by them and fry the bigger fish, a few years later, they might catch up with you.

Ghosts to the world, scavengers of souls. Existing in two planes simultaneously, they vulture on the dead and go about their strange agendas. Try not to anger them unless you have a handle on how to hurt them :)

1. Coop mode is available. Keep in mind that Coop mode shuts off all in-level cutscenes as well as in-between level demo cutscenes.

2. If you have already seen the demo cutscenes and don't wish to watch them when you play again, hit the `tilde to bring down the console and set CUTSCENE 0. Set it back to 1 to re-enable demo cutscenes.

The Beginning

nehstart -- Welcome to Nehahra -- by Tim Elek "ELEK"

Episode 1: The Fall of Forge

neh1m1: Forge City1 : Slipgates -- by Tim Elek "ELEK"
neh1m2: Forge City2 : Boiler -- by Tim Elek "ELEK"
neh1m3: Forge City3 : Escape -- by Tim Elek "ELEK"
neh1m4: Grind Core -- by John McCann "DaMaul"
neh1m5: Industrial Silence -- by Christian Grawert "CZG"
neh1m6: Locked-Up Anger -- by Christian Grawert "CZG"
neh1m7: Wanderer of the Wastes -- by Jussi Jaiskelainen "Vigil"
neh1m8: Artemis System Net -- by Jussi Jaiskelainen "Vigil"
neh1m9: To the Death -- by Dmitry Svetlichny "Vondur"

Episode 2: The Outlands

neh2m1: The Gates of Ghoro -- by Tim Elek "ELEK"
neh2m2: Sacred Trinity -- by Christian Grawert "CZG"
neh2m3: Realm of the Ancients -- by Tim Elek "ELEK"
neh2m4: Temple of the Ancients -- by Tim Elek "ELEK"
neh2m5: Dreams Made Flesh -- by Benoit Stordeur "Bal"
neh2m6: Your Last Cup of Sorrow -- by Benoit Stordeur "Bal"

Episode 3: Dimension of the Lost The End

nehahra: Nehahra's Den -- by Tim Elek "ELEK"
nehend: Quintessence -- By Dmitry Svetlichny "Vondur"

Cutscene maps:

timcut1 - Elek
cathed - Elek
damaul2 - Reign In Blood - Damaul
exdm3 - Pandemonium - Excessus
romeric1 - Cathedral of Treachery - Excessus
czgneh3 - Seal of Nehahra - CZG
czgnehc4 - Somewhere in Mexico - CZG
baldm1 - Slipgate Facility Back lot - Bal
labby - Slipgate Development Lab - Vigilante
t66 - Base T66 - Vondur

Mindcrime - J. Thaddeus Skubis
Email: mindcrime@planetquake.com
URL: None
Primary job(s): Coding, modelling, skinning, sounds, and all around kick ass team leader and inspiritor. This man made Nehahra what it is. Without his leadership skills the mod would have tanked ages ago.

Bal - Benoit Stordeur
Email: bal@planetquake.com
URL: www.planetquake.com/bal
Primary Jobs(s): Mapper, french bearded librarian

CZG - Christian Grawert
Email: grawert@online.no
URL: www.planetquake.com/greyvoid
Primary Jobs(s): Mapper, creator of immersive environments.

DaMaul - John McCann
Email: DaMaul@planetquake.com
URL: www.planetquake.com/DaMaul
Primary Jobs(s): Mapper, bear inventor

DarcJedi - Jeff Heath
Email: darcjedi@telefragged.com
URL: www.telefragged.com/soup
Primary job(s): Skybox artist, now a professional game artist

Elek - Tim Elek
Email: 4tim2@ameritech.net
URL: www.planetquake.com/tertiary
Primary Jobs(s): Mapper, bossy_arse, assorted graphics, and asker of too many questions

Ender - James Brown
Email: ender@telefragged.com
URL: qsg.telefragged.com
Primary job(s): Engine coder

LordHavoc - Forest Hale
Email: havoc@gamevisions.com
URL: www.inside3d.com/darkplaces
Primary job(s): Engine coder, level testing, helpfull commentator

Vigilante - Jussi Jääskeläinen
Email: jussijj@icon.fi
URL: www.clanworld.dk/team-cotv
Primary Jobs(s): Mapper, alien lifeform

Vondur - Dmitry Svetlichny
Email: Vondur@planetquake.com
URL: www.planetquake.com/Vondur
Primary Jobs(s): Mapper, most responsible, first one to complete all his maps!

• There are many individuals who have assisted in the development of Nehahra in many ways. The following list includes individuals who may have created textures, models, skies and other content which was used throughout the game. Special thanks to all of these people their roles may have been passive, but surely very important.

Stecki: Decon wad
Ogro: Ogro wad
Ikka "fingers" Keranen: ikbase wad
John Fitzgibbons: Rubicon wad
Raven Software: misc. cool textures
Epic Mega Games: misc. cool textures
Xatrix: misc. cool textures
id software: misc Q3 textures
Hipnotic: misc cool textures

Brian 'EvilBastard' Collins
David 'Hotfat' Biggs
King Chou
Tan Sian Yue, a.k.a. 'Bubbah'
Garry Ant
Daniel Garcia Romero, a.k.a. 'Headcrusher'
Cayenne Mandua
Seth 'SerpentLord' Galbraith

Code base
Darien McNeils: Cutscene code base

Jason Abbot

Ken Alverson for WQbsp.
Tyrann for Tyrlite and rvis+
LordHavoc for Hvis.
id software for vis
Tim 'argh' Wright for arghlite
Neil White III for LightDLX

Ty and Neal for Wally
Mickey for TexMex
Robert Duffy for QERadiant
Ben Morris for WorldCraft
Adobe for Photoshop
JGsoft for EditPad
PaintShopPro 6.0
EditPad by Jan Goyvaerts

Sound effects
Eric 'RedChurch' VonRothKirch
Chancellor Films


Special Thanks from the team:

Bal would like to thank the following:
Nehahra crew for feedback and kickin ass
LordImric and Lordhavoc for having shared their cpu speed for some compiling
Stecki for the cool skybox

ELEK would like to thank the following:
My wife Marisa for sticking by me and giving me countless hours of time to get this thing completed. She spent too many hours sitting alone while I poured time into Nehahra.
Mindcrime for sticking through the development of this project, Nehahra has sent him to Hell and back again
Darc Jedi for all the great skies
Jack 'Scrag Bait' Meacher for all the help he has given me along the way
The rest of the Nehahra team for sticking it out and getting it done right
All of my friends for listening to my constant Nehahra/Quake banter

Vondur would like to thank the following:
MindCrime, for organizing such awesome project and collecting under its roof such cool people. It was the true pleasure to work with you, boss.
Nehahra team, you are the best people. Remember that!
Black winter days and dark music for inspiration
His cat for running around

CZG would like to thank the following:
My sisters.
The rest of the Nehahra team.

My father...
The Norwegian army.
Magne Hæstvik Lie. DU FORTJENER SMERTE!!!

• Large portions of this product are property and are copyrighted by the Nehahra Team. If this product appears on any medium/media without consent, full legal action will be taken.
• A small number of snippets were 'borrowed' from Zerstorer: Testament of the Destroyer. If you have not played this conversion, get it. It's inspirational.
• A small measure of the massive code that makes up the progs.dat were originally adapted from early patches performing various tasks. Because code has migrated from patch to patch over time, the original sources become very vague and questionable. While the code may not be recognizable to the original, Mindcrime would like to thank the creators of these patches whom he has no means of identifying. :]
• This zip file may be distributed by any electronic means as long as this txt file is included in the zip
• This zip file may be distributed by physical means (Cover CD's, etc), but the Nehahra team would appretiate being informed and provided with a free copy. E-mail ender@quakesrc.org for more information
• All other copyrights apply to their respective claimers

© 1999-2000 Nehahra Team