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Welcome to the home page for NIQ3 (NIQ for Quake 3). Take a look at What's New in NIQ3.

Description of NIQ3:

NIQ3 (No Items Quake3) is a mod with no items on the map and all the weapons are rotated every 30 seconds randomly. This makes everyone even on the playing field, so players must rely on their own skill to win.

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What's New

Server Mayhem

Date 20/02/02

I've completed all that I think I want to add to the next release and here it is. I've added the following:
All the original functions from the previous release
Added Server Mayhem
Removed optional client side download
UI now uses a modified UIE (
Added individual powerup option
Added an ingame help system for server admins.(/help in the console)
Check out my files page and start downloading.
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Date 14/02/02

I've completed all of the server side code, and about a third of what I want to do with the UI. I also need to thank Hypo for releasing his UIE (user interface enhanced) code. Without it, there probably wouldn't be a customized UI. I'm not sure whether I want to modify the client side or not. I hope to actually release something soon.

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Date 13/02/02

Sorry for the lack of updates but my computer had a virus and I lost all of my source code. The nasty thing even jumped over the network and onto my other computer. After that I lost interest in rebuilding the code, until now. Also I'm in my final year at University and therefore I might not be able to keep updating the code. So We'll see how I go.

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Date 09/03/01

Wow. NIQ3 got mod of the week on Planetquake. What an honor. A big thanks to Ash for giving me this honor. Hit the files page to download.
Currently I'm working on the next release, which should be out within the next two weeks. I haven't really had too much time to spare to do much coding, since I'm back at Uni (School).
Server mayhem is going ahead, and I'm currently testing it out. At the moment it needs some more work, but it will make it in the next release. There is also one major bug that I fixed. And that was the health wasn't regenerating with the gauntlet. The next release will still be a beta, and the following release should be the final release that I will make.
If your into coding then you might want to check out code3arena. I've submitted a tutorial (Tutorial #39) on how to make the instagib mod. Funny enough instagib final was released 2 days later. Guess who's bot code?
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Date 16/02/01

Wow, NIQ3 beta 0.9 is out there. I think I've updated all of my pages, so if something is amiss drop me a line. Well hit the files page.
New stuff added to NIQ3 is...
Full Bot support
Full CTF support
updated UI so that all 41 NIQ3 CVars are present]
Added the two requests
Added same beeping sequence as when a powerup runs out
Added a CVar to make the railgun more powerful (i.e. instagib)
Server Side only with an optional client download (please read the manual on how to set up a server)
Changed the Score board slightly
Well I need some feedback from everyone to improve this mod. All requests are taken seriously, so send in some serious feedback people, either on the feedback page or via email.
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Date 14/02/01

Well forget what I said yesterday. I did a hell of a lot of coding yesterday. I'm now going to test out the qvm build and then finish up all the docs. The release should be out this Friday.
As I said I've done a lot of coding, and I've added a few more things that I was going too do. If you want to know what's in the next release, check take a look at the status page. I've also removed the serversideonly variable since I did some fancy coding.
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Date 13/02/01

The next release is now being delayed and could be released next week still. If I find the time It could still be released this weekend. I plan on doing some coding today, so hopefully I'll meet my deadline. 
I'm currently thinking of something a little new (at least I think so), a little wild, and just plain crazy. I'm planning on something adding some server mayhem. More info on this can be found right here. (won't be found in the next release).
I've add more into the plans page.
Well NIQ3 has only been out for not even a month and gradually gaining more support from the community. I've had a couple of emails so far about people playing NIQ3 at LAN's and even server admin's wanting to run NIQ3. I would just like to say thanks for your support, and I hope that this next release that I've been hyping about will be better for everyone. More feedback from YOU would be appreciated. Just hit the feedback page and type away.
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Date 7/02/01

I've recently been coding and the mod looks like it could have a server side component and an optional client side component. I've also added a new CVar called serversideonly. More info on this can be found on the status page.
Next release is still on schedule for next week.
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Date 6/02/01

As promised I've done some more coding. I've removed the text files that handled the config of the weapons and the powerups and made a whole bunch of Cvars. More on this can be seen on my Status page.
Updated the Web Site a little. Moving the news around so that the first page loads quickly (or at least I hope so).
You can expect to see a new release of the mod some time next week. What the new release will bring just click here.
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Date 4/02/01

I've now added a feedback page.
I've been thinking about making NIQ3 a server side mod with the optional client side download. I'm planning on playing with the code on Tuesday. The only problem is that I've edited some bg (both game) files. For all of you who don't know much about Q3A coding, these files are used by both the server and the client, to help with client prediction. It's a workable problem, and within my coding abilities.
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Date 2/02/01

I've renovated the web site to look a little more like a Quake 3 mod site. I haven't touched the source code in a while and probably wont get back into it for a while yet, (maybe a week or so). I was wanting to see if any servers out there want to run my mod. I know I've had over 650 visitors, but only half of you are downloading it. What 1.5Mb is too big for you? Oh well.
Hmmm, I hope this new website uploads properly. Front Page screwed up again So I had to cut and paste everything back into it again.
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