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This is a list of some places related to the development of NIQ3.

NIQ by Mike Fox.

This is the original NIQ web site, where the idea and concept of NIQ was first thought of. find it at Also special thanks to Mike Fox for letting me follow in his footsteps.


This site definitely helped me code out NIQ3. Actually none of their tutorials were replicated in the coding of NIQ3, but they certainly did help. Check them out at

Well they've got some coding tutorials there. One in particular was their "Reading External Files" Tutorial. Well you can find them at  

Quake style

Yet another good code tutorial web site. Also none of their tutorials appear in NIQ3, but their tutorials did help code NIQ3. You can find them here at

Queensland Gamers League

Well this is an Australian Web site that hosts LAN's and they run some Quake3 servers that I can get a fairly good ping on (Since I live in Australia our land lines are pretty poor compared to America, but we've definitely got the better mobile phone network). I like this site cause I can download stuff faster on their servers than on fileplanet. Anyway their not a bad bunch of people over there so check them out at


This is Sentrallya Studios home page. Sentrallya was going to do some sounds for me but got caught up in a rather large project. But I recommend that you check out some of his work at

Jazz Productions

Home to BFG Tag, another simple mod created by one of my friends. I had to add him cause he's a cry baby. Anyway It's not a bad little mod (mines better) so check him out at BTW check out his links page. If he hasn't linked me then give him a polite kick up the arse via email.


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Last updated: February 16, 2001.