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History Lesson

The NIQ concept was first conceived and interpreted by Mike Fox. His web page is still up at Planetquake for all of you to check out. Mike has given permission to leech his game concept and bring it into the Quake 3 world. NOTE: Mike is in no way related to the Quake 3 version of NIQ, so please don't bug him :-).

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 This is the easy part, get WinZip and unzip NIQ3 into your Quake3 directory. You should now have a NIQ3 directory with a few pk3 files in it and some other junk like a readme file and so forth. NOTE: if you have a previous install it's best if you remove it, and make a fresh install.

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 Well download the mod and get on a server and play. You don't have to pick up any items cause their are none. Your weapon will change every 30 seconds but the sever can change this at any time. Your health regenerates at 3 hit points per second, and your ammo regenerates at a server defined rate depending on what weapon you are carrying. Every 1 out of 10 weapon changes you will be given a random powerup (all of the powerups have been enabled). The only way your health regenerates is if your not firing your weapon or you are given the regeneration powerup.

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 When your low on health or ammo, STOP FIRING, and duck behind cover and so forth so that you can replenish your ammo and health. It's not a hard game to learn how to play so I'll stop talking now.

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Server Setup

Server Setup is very simple thanks to the addition of UIE with it's simplistic layout you can setup a server with map rotation in seconds.

The new version of NIQ3 doesn't have an optional client download anymore, so there are not special requirements as before.

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Basic Server Commands

Before I explain all of the server commands, you can use the help system. Simply type /help in the console. It describes all of the server commands listed here, as well as how to use it.

changetime time

Changetime defines the number of seconds before changing the weapons. Default is 30 seconds. 

randomweapon [1 / 0 ]

Randomweapon is either 1 or 0. If set to 1 then the weapon is changed randomly, else if set to 0 then the weapon is changed in order (i.e. Gauntlet, Machinegun, Shotgun etc...). Default is 1.

healthchange integer

healthchange is the number of health points that are regenerated every second. Default is 3.

armorchange integer

This is the amount of armor that is regenerated per second after all your health has been regenerated. Default is 0 (i.e. Disabled).

machinegundamage integer

machinegundamage defines the amount of damage the machinegun does. I've set the default damage to 30 hit points per bullet (keep in mind that the machinegun is not very accurate and the damage you specify is for a single bullet).

randompowerup integer  (0 ->100)

Sets the randomness of getting a powerup when the server changes the weapon. The default setting is 10 (10%).

individualpowerup [ 1 / 0 ]

If set, then whenever the server hands out a powerup, everyone will get a different powerup. The default setting is 0 and requires a map_restart.

gibfest [ 1 / 0 ]

Used to be niq3extra but I renamed it. When a player dies they normally sink into the ground, instead if this is set they gib. Try setting it to 100 for even better results. Default is 0 (Server side option)

ammoforfrags [1 / 0 ]

When you frag someone you immediately get 2 times the regenerated ammo for that frag. Default is 0.

ammoforexcellent [1 / 0 ]

When you get an excellent you immediately get 2 times the regenerated ammo added to your current weapon. Default is 0.

spawn_health [1 / 0 ]

When set, the map will spawn all the health items when the map restarts. Default is 0.

spawn_armor[1 / 0 ]

When set, the map will spawn all the armor items when the map restarts. Default is 0.

spawn_powerup [1 / 0 ]

When set, the map will spawn any powerup items that are normally on the map. This will also only take effect when the map restarts. Default is 0.

instagibrail [1 / 0 ]

As a requested by [SPS]GemmaTheDog, I've added an instagib railgun variable. I personally think that NIQ3 is better without, but at LAN parties where "the beer is flowing", you might need this. You as the server admin have the choice. Default is 0.

servermayheminteger  (0 ->100)

Sets the randomness of when the server will change one of the following aspects of the server:

Knock back increased
Less Gravity
Increased Speed
Bouncy weapons (only some weapons)

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Weapon Specific info

There are a lot of new Variables that can be modified in NIQ3. To start off with, all the weapons have 3 important numbers that you can change to configure your server to how you and your 'people' like it. These are the starting ammo, maximum ammo, and the amount of ammo the weapon regenerates per second.

Starting Ammo

Default Value
gauntlet_start -1
machinegun_start 40
shotgun_start 10
grenade_start 10
rocket_start 10
lightning_start 100
railgun_start 10
plasma_start 50
bfg_start 20

Maximum Ammo

Default Value
gauntlet_max -1
machinegun_max 200
shotgun_max 75
grenade_max 50
rocket_max 50
lightning_max 200
railgun_max 50
plasma_max 100
bfg_max 50

Regeneration of Ammo 

Default Value
gauntlet_regen 0
machinegun_regen 5
shotgun_regen 1
grenade_regen 1
rocket_regen 1
lightning_regen 5
railgun_regen 1
plasma_regen 5
bfg_regen 1

NOTE: These default values may change.

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Advanced Server Commands

The commands listed here are a little trickier to use than the ones listed above.

weaponsflag integer  (1->511)

weaponsflag determines what weapons you want to have rotated on the server. By default all weapons are enabled. To use add up all the numbers of the weapons that you want rotated on your server. Note that weaponsflag requires a map_restart.

1 Gauntlet
2 Machinegun
4 Shotgun
8 Grenade Launcher
16 Rocket Launcher
32 Lightning gun
64 Railgun
128 Plasma Gun
256 BFG

For example, To have the Railgun and the rocket launcher the number you would want is 80 (64 + 16). Simple. If you can't handle this then use the damn menu.

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powerupsflag integer (1->63)

Same as weaponsflag but for the powerups instead. Same method as before but using the following table. The default is 63 (All enabled) and requires a map_restart.

1 Quad Damage
2 Battle Suit
4 Haste
8 Invisibility
16 Regeneration
32 Flight

Again you can use the menu to do all of this crap.

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Bug reporting

Well before you email a bug report to me, please read my known bugs page to see if I know about it. You can report your found bugs to me via my email address Just put in the subject "BUG", and I will see if I can squish it.

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Well you can contact me via email at I will try to reply to all email. If you want to Rave about my mod and want to make it public try out my Feedback page.

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