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If you missed it on something then It should be here. There's a lot of news that I've typed out, most of it is just crap, and development thoughts, but still worth a read.

Archived News 2

Date 31/01/01

Welcome to the official opening of NIQ3 here on PlanetQuake. Check out my web site. If you have any questions about NIQ3 then drop me a line at Oh and download my mod too. It's a bit weird though. Since I'm in Aussie time (GMT + 10Hrs) and Planetquake is on the other side of the world,( like GMT -8Hrs or so)  I'm like a day ahead. Cool hugh.
I've added a new page for all my old news so if you want to catch up, or have nothing better to do check out my Archived News Page.
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Date 30/01/01

Well everything is running smoothly. I've currently updated how the powerups file is used, so now you can select how often you get each powerup. I think this is much better than the previous method. I might update the weapons file too in a similar way.
My next release will include the following features
Working bots
I've made them run away according to the starting ammo, so if you change that in the wp_info.txt then they will respond accordingly.
Try to get the bots to use flight. But I think this might not be able to be done since iD didn't do it.
Updated powerups file as above.
I'll look at making NIQ3 server side only. But with this you won't get the next weapon display feature. I have to look at this further.
If it can be done, I will add the Team Arena weapons into the cycle. BUT only if the server has team arena installed. This would also mean that clients would need team arena. This might not be possible due to the way quake3 runs, and legal implications.
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Date 26/01/01

More updates to the bot code. I've got them to work. I also found an iD bug. Has anyone been killed by a bot with the gauntlet? Well you shouldn't have. iD was testing the distance and then exiting (returning without attacking) and then got the distance vector. If my explanation sounds weird, basically they got it the wrong way around. Anyway the bots are more aggressive and I think I've squashed most of the bugs out of the bots. At least they attack now.
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Date 25/01/01

 I was reading the coding forums the other day and found a nice mp3 decoder tutorial. Unfortunately like all mp3 players, I have to revert from the qvm's to dll for the client, which means all of you Mac and Linux users wouldn't be able to run it. But I still might be able to do it, I can get pure servers to work, on both dll and vvm mix. (They say you can). So it might become a reality people.
I also found some useful information about how to get the bots to work. I did some coding and believe it or not, the damn things work. Hurray.... Only thing is they don't play like a normal person. Since they still think the items are still there, (which in actual fact they are, you just can't see them). So If your fighting a bot it might run off and try and grab some non existent health. They also have some difficulty when the run out of ammo. I'll fix that latter.
Oh and if you got an error in the zip file, that's cause I didn't upload it right, (Stupid ftp program). Any way It's all fixed and ready to rumble.
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Date 24/01/01

Today I received an email from Sentrallya telling me that he can't do the sounds that I requested due to a rather large commitment. So today I dabbled into some sound creation and It worked quite nicely. I've added sounds so when the weapons change it says "BFG" (for example).
Today I think it is time. Time for the official (no real major bugs) release of NIQ3 Let's see how we go then.
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Date 22/01/01

I had a LAN party on the weekend and tested out NIQ3 on some friends. The verdict was good. They even went wow when they say the UI menu system. Not a big 'WOW' like the first time you see the kamikaze, but to the same effect. Some minor bugs were found and fixed, and A requested feature was added. 
Today I've added random powerups. Next I'll be looking into getting the Team Arena weapons to work. And possibly change the way the powerups are selected cause at the moment it sucks, but I'm sure players won't mind it one bit.
Lately I've been playing around with the games.log file that Quake3 makes. And I've been making a Games.log stats Generator program. For a taste of a very beta version of the loggers output click here.
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Date 09/01/01

Still Changing around the UI. I've now dabbled into some computer art, and the UI looks pretty darn good. In a later stage I might change it completely again to the TA script type UI system, but I doubt it. I really wanted to add a video somewhere, but I haven't worked that out yet. No matter.
Only two things to go before I release NIQ3. At the moment I can put off Sentarally's addition to the mod, but I really need to be hosted.
Wow three weeks have gone by since the start of NIQ3. From an email to Mike to this stage.
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Date 05/01/01

I've now changed the UI a bit, so releasing the mod won't be held up because of it. I will be changing it in the next version though. I'm currently having difficulty in making a random number in the UI.
I've given up on the scoreboard for now. I'm having a little bit of trouble getting the server to transmit more values to the client, but I'm not having much luck.
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Date 03/01/01

Still adding stuff to NIQ3. I'm currently looking at the score board.
I've emailed Sentrallya at Heresy about adding something a little something to make the download a bit bigger, and perhaps intensify the mod. At the moment nothings happened by Sentrallya has assured me he will help me out with this surprise. So if you want to guess what it is that I'm adding then check out Heresy.
Well I keep on delaying the next release of NIQ3, so I have now set the things I want to have in the initial (working this time) release. I have these listed on my files page.
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Date 01/01/01

The LAN yesterday went rather well. NIQ3 was beta tested and a rather nasty bug was found. When we finished a round and the level restarted NIQ3 basically threw a fit and didn't want to change weapons. I've now fixed this bug and NIQ3 should be ready to be uploaded when I get onto Planetquake.
During the game time of NIQ3 at one stage we were all using gauntlets and there were a crowd of us at the top of these stairs and then it switched to the BFG. Now that's what I'm talking about.
Requests at the LAN were, make the machinegun more instagib like. We did have a mod running instagib machinegun and that rocked. So I've added a new command to select the damage of the machinegun. I've also had to change around the regeneration of some of the weapons but that's about it.
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