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This is a list of features that I have planed for NIQ3. More will be added if I think of anything else.

Remove all items.
Well, It wouldn't be NIQ if I didn't. Might make a server option to select wether or not to spawn the powerups, health and armor.
Get the server to select and change the weapon.
Weapons to be use will be stored into a variable and then randomly selecting the weapon. 
Will also make a server command to cycle one by one the weapons or randomly select the weapon.
Maybe an option to only use the weapons that were used in the map.
Add server commands like wp_changetime etc..
What ever I think of it will be documented.
Change the UI a bit so you know you've loaded up NIQ3.
Get rid of single player if bots don't work.
Create a banner for the UI.
In creating a multiplayer game, have the NIQ3 options shown there.
Client Side Changes
Change the HUD.
Display the next weapon.
Display weapon change time.
Display current status such as kills of each weapon on the left.
Display number of awards achieved.
Add weapon sounds. (add client side option to turn them off)
Add beeps about 3 seconds before the weapon changes. <As requested>
Change the scoreboard
Change the score board so that it displays the number of kills for each weapon.
Display the number of deaths, accuracy and perhaps suicides. Deaths I hope to be different to suicides.
Regenerate health and ammo.
make a server side command to adjust the amount of health regenerated per second. Perhaps when the health is at 100, it will then regenerate armor.
Working Bot support
Teach the bots how to play NIQ3.
Add NIQ3 Voting
Change the UI to make calling a vote easier.
Add NIQ3 options into the voting categories.
The original NIQ had an instagib blaster. The equivalent weapon in Quake 3 is either the gauntlet or the machinegun. Hmmm.

My aim is to create NIQ for the Quake 3 engine, and make it very easy to configure and modify. No fancy new weapons, just good old fashioned Quake 3, with a twist.

The stuff listed here are some thoughts that I've had and stuff that might make it into the mod and stuff that might never get into the mod....
Personal radar as described by Jazz at Jazz productions.
Well This would be just lame. There is not real need to know where players are. "that's why iD invented footsteps". Forget I mentioned it.
More weapons:
Maybe adding Team arena weapons.
Maybe add a flame thrower like the tutorial at Code3arena.
Perhaps get in  touch with the weapon modellers on polycount.
Add different ammo
homing rockets
vortex grenades
cluster grenades
ruin simplicity of the mod. 
I can't model
I can't really code that well
Might infringe some major copy right laws (TA weapon models  would have to be in the NIQ3 pk3 file unless I can work out a way to see if TA is installed)
Very lame copying code from Code3arena
Might get boring with only 9 weapons.
Not going in unless I see a few servers and people want more weapons to kill with.
Also It ruins the simplicity of the mod.
Not likely at this stage.
Server Mayhem
Check out the Server Mayhem page to find out more.

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