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Server Mayhem

At some sort of random time, the server will change something about how the game is played. A server side option to turn this feature on and off will be implemented also.

Some ideas that I've thought of are

Gravity changed from the default to something lower. (Higher isn't as fun as lower)
Speed of the game changed higher than normal. (No use everyone being a slug)
Bouncing rockets, plasma, BFG Blasts, etc. (Bolt weapons)

If you have any thoughts or suggestions please fill out the form below. I can't think of many original ideas so that's why I want to hear what you have to say. Cheers.


Name: Ray Davis

E-mail address:


Actually, NIQ3 adds terrific elements to the gameplay. My opinion - if you want to add stuff like bouncing rockets, higher speed etc... leave it as an option. Great mod, keep up the good work!

Name: Pete the LADD

E-mail address:


Hi, Best small mod there is for Q3 - I play it with my mates all the time. Just an idea would be(of course settable by server admin), The lowest scoring player(or some behind the rest by a certain amount) could select the next weapon in the rotation. This would give him a chance to claw his way back into the game with his fav. frag instrument

Name: Phantasm

E-mail address:


health defaults to 20

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