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Pointless Violence | 5-22-28 |

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ReleasedMap Name | ReviewFile SizeDownload
| 5-22-02 |Pointless Violence296kgomdm2v2.zip
| 1-21-02 |Herzblut367kgomdm5.zip
| 2-11-00 |Pretty Hate Machine319kgomdm4.zip
| 2-18-99 |Imaginations from the Other Side147kgomdm3.zip
| 10-5-98 |Hammer Down122kgomdm2.zip

Pointless Violence | 296k | 5-22-02 |

.bsp name: gomdm2v2
Size: small
Layout: atrium
Style: experimental
Gameplay: intense
Y/X Ratio:1.2

Rebuild of Gomdm2, Hammer Down, that comes across quite nicely. Very original and stylish visual design, with nicely curving walls, moody lighting, and some unique texturing. Plays a little more streamlined than the orginal, making Pointless Violence Gom's least pointless map. Great work.

Herzblut | 367k | 1-21-02 |

.bsp name: gomdm5
Size: large
Layout: sprawl
Style: midieval
Gameplay: strategic
Y/X Ratio:.4

The latest original peice from Gom Jabbar! Nicely textured in a medieval manner (reminds me of a Rune level), with some stunning lighting effects. Solid and spread out design is a nice depature from the more vertical levels. Nonetheless, the play begins to get a little monotonous after a while. But until that point, this level is a blast, and easily outdoes any of Gom's previous work.

Pretty Hate Machine | 319k | 2-11-00 |

.bsp name: gomdm4
Size: medium
Layout: formulaic
Style: base/metal
Gameplay: relaxed
Y/X Ratio:1.0

Gom Jabbars' lattest offering is a funky map that blends a Q2 type base theme with an outdoor rocky atrium. The affect? The level is pretty cool, but something about it didn't really catch me. I was never a big fan of the black/base style from Quake2, so perhaps that is carrying over. Even so, it's a high quality level from a respected map author. Worth the download if you're itching for something new.

Imaginations from the Other Side | 147k | 2-18-99 |

.bsp name: gomdm3
Size: small
Layout: atrium
Style: white brick
Gameplay: strategic
Y/X Ratio:1.0

A small level that can be confused with Prodigy XL's Third map. The reason? They both use the grey stone wall / blue & brown marble floor theme that was a little trendy for a few months. Nonetheless, the design is Gom Jabbar's classic atrium setup with good multi-level connectivity. Good level for a few people wanting something new to duke it out on, but by no means a "killer" map.

Hammer Down | 122k | 10-5-98 |

.bsp name: gomdm2
Size: small
Layout: atrium
Style: base/tech
Gameplay: strategic
Y/X Ratio:1.1

People know Hammer Down, it's a classic. The map was a big hit when Ramshackle was stil swingin' it, and it still plays damn well today. Features tight atriums, pleanty of weapons, excellent connectivity, and a simple stramlined cosmetic get-up. Hammer Down radiates simplicity in deisgn and build, and the net result leads to some furious action. Excellent map.