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"Jacked up and good to go." -Starcraft dude

The two champions of Quake II share a moment after Thresh (right) won the final round of their three-game set to take it all home. All the results are in after an incredible three days of gaming!
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The official events are all over! Congratulations to all the winners. Send your comments about the coverage to Fargo!

The Champion:
Thresh (5 - 1)

Immortal (3 - 2)
Lord-187 (0 - 2)
Pharoah (Elim.)
revelation (1 - 2)
Noname-99 (0 - 2)
K9-Mastah (2 - 2)
RB-Ren (2 - 2)

Thresh comes back wit a renewed assault to prove to the world that he's got mad skillz at Quake II as well as Quake I. He fought his way out of the loser's bracket for a commanding win to take it all!

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All Results In!
- Death Row 1st
- Clan Gib 2nd
- Clan Kapitol: 3rd
- Power Rangers: 4th

Death Row reaffirmed their status as badasses, and already they've begun to talk about a possible rematch with Sweden's Clan Nine. Clan Gib put up a good effort to take second place, while an impressive shoing from Clan Kapitol earned them a third place standing.

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Gadianton (4 - 0)

Kin-Dom (3 - 2)
Insane~Frog (3 - 2)
TanthalaS (2 - 2)
ESP (0 - 2)
TillerMan (0 - 2)
~Jolly~ (1 - 2)
KGOR (1 - 2)

Gadianton takes it all the way, with Kin-Dom pulling out in second and ~The~Insane~Frog~ (my new hero) clinching the third place spot!

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Sunday, Nov 15, 1998
More Demos ...
11-15-98 at 19:37 |

This demo page is courtesy of Ywwg:

Ywwg's PGL Demos

It's a little bit disorganized but has news and info on it, as well as tons of links to every demo played. If you're having trouble with the other sites, check it out. Thanks Ywwg!

- Fargo

Older News

I got three cool interviews for the people: First up we have an interview with Bill Roper from Blizzard, who talks about the new StarCraft expansion and more.

I also talked with Immortal about his upcoming game against Thresh for all the bacon.

Then late Friday night I snagged an interview with Death Row regarding their strategy in the upcoming matches (and some surprising trash talk. ;)

The match that everyone's still talking about remains the first time Immortal and Thresh collided on the Fragpipe. "It was like watching Thresh play Thresh!" commented one of the PGL officials. The game was tight throughout the first half and suddenly Immortal exploded onto the scene and commanded a 10 to 1 victory! Download the Demo and watch this one for yourself!

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