"Jacked up and good to go." -Starcraft dude

Clan Death Row embraces after their victory over Clan Kapital. They're confident going into the battle against Clan Gib, and fight with renewed vengence after their match in Sweden -- is this a new team?

The Champion:
Thresh (5 - 1)

Immortal (3 - 2)
Lord-187 (0 - 2)
Pharoah (Elim.)
revelation (1 - 2)
Noname-99 (0 - 2)
K9-Mastah (2 - 2)
RB-Ren (2 - 2)

Thresh comes back wit a renewed assault to prove to the world that he's got mad skillz at Quake II as well as Quake I. He fought his way out of the loser's bracket for a commanding win to take it all!

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All Results In!
- Death Row 1st
- Clan Gib 2nd
- Clan Kapitol: 3rd
- Power Rangers: 4th

Death Row reaffirmed their status as badasses, and already they've begun to talk about a possible rematch with Sweden's Clan Nine. Clan Gib put up a good effort to take second place, while an impressive shoing from Clan Kapitol earned them a third place standing.

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Gadianton (4 - 0)

Kin-Dom (3 - 2)
Insane~Frog (3 - 2)
TanthalaS (2 - 2)
ESP (0 - 2)
TillerMan (0 - 2)
~Jolly~ (1 - 2)
KGOR (1 - 2)

Gadianton takes it all the way, with Kin-Dom pulling out in second and ~The~Insane~Frog~ (my new hero) clinching the third place spot!

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Bringing it on!
- a lighthearted talk with the new Death Row

Late Friday night and the players were all hanging out. The only rivalries are inside the game -- outside, all the players are joking around and talking. That's where I found Immortal and the Death Row guys, and I snagged a couple of moments with them before they took off for the night.

PlanetQuake: (Featuring Fargo, yours truly. Fear my skillz with the pocket casette recorder!) Hey! Okay, I'm talking with Death Row! Real quick, just a couple of questions for you guys. First off: To what do you owe tonight's victory?

Reptile: ... to not eating food. We need food. Now.

Immortal: They owe it to Immortal.

[Editor's note: Astute readers will note that Immortal is, as a matter of fact, not on team Death Row, he was just hanging out.]

Thresh: (AKA Dennis Fong, Death Row Team Captain) I think our inpiration was Immortal... [Grinning] ...we were striving not to be like him...

[Immortal punches Thresh in the arm, laughter all around]

Thresh: But seriously, I think we learned a lot in Sweden. We learned a lot of new strategies, new techniques -- I mean, if there's anything, that's probably it.

Reptile: Definately, the Swedish team, you know, we went in there with a blindfold on, we came out seeing all sorts of different things that we'd never thought of before. It really helped our game a lot.

Thresh: Yeah, and at this time, I wanna make it clear that ... we do want a rematch with them.

[Editor's Note: at this precise moment, the sky was torn asunder with lightning and the deafening crash of thunder. The earth trembled. I'm kidding, of course.]

PQ: Whoa! The smack talk begins anew! We'll be eagerly waiting for that one. [Turning to Frick.] So, you in particular were kickin' some ass out there, hunh?

Frick: Eh, I was doing allright. [Smiles.]

PQ: Okay, lemme ask question number two. And then we can go let Reptile eat. How do you plan to do it tommorow?

B2: We're just gonna play the same way we did tonight. Basically the same strategy, basically play our game...

Reptile: We plan to do it fast, and painful. [Big smile.]

Thresh: Yah, we gotta take down the East Coast for the \X/35T 5i|)3! [I'm pretty sure he was speaking l33t. High fives all around from the Californian Death Row crew!]

PQ: Awesome! I'll let you guys get the hell outta here now, can't wait for the finals tommorow. Good luck guys!

Buncha people: Thanks!

Before DeathRow can get their coveted rematch, they gotta prove themselves against Clan Gib on Saturday. The crowd at the PGL is looking forward to an amazing fight!

The match that everyone's still talking about remains the first time Immortal and Thresh collided on the Fragpipe. "It was like watching Thresh play Thresh!" commented one of the PGL officials. The game was tight throughout the first half and suddenly Immortal exploded onto the scene and commanded a 10 to 1 victory! Download the Demo and watch this one for yourself!
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