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QTest was a pretty quirky thing that not a lot of people know about. Back when I was idling in #doom, Dave Taylor (who now works at crack.com) stopped by and asked if anyone local to Dallas was interested in stopping by to engage in a private beta test of Quake deathmatch. This was months before Quake came out and aside from all of the hammer and hellgate cube stuff Romero kept talking about on irc, noone really knew a whole lot about it. Avatar managed to talk his way into getting us on the list and we flew down that Friday. (I was going to school at GMU at the time, Avatar at UVA, both of which are in Virginia) The visit to id wasn't until Sunday, so the first part of these pictures was from a netparty at DoomDeity's apartment that started Friday night and lasted all day Saturday. This event has the same sort of nostalgia effect associated with it that #QuakeCon '96 did in that I got to meet a lot of people from Dallas who I had seen on IRC, many of whom I would later work with on various commercial Quake projects.

Please not: These photos are from the pre-pre-pre digicam days. I bought a 24 exposure disposable camera for this one. It didn't take very well to low light situations, which pretty much described the id office during the visit. I spent a lot of time touching these up so they didn't look as hideous as they did when I scanned them in.


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PoLiSh and Avatar playing some Doom 2. DoomDeity deathmatches while Monolith gives directions over the phone. }{ardball
DoomDeity starts to worry about his frag count. On the count of three, cover your face! Anoat joins the crowd.
PoLiSh, Monolith, and NaTaS go 3 way. Doomdeity and Avatar yuk it up. PoLish quakematching on the Pentium Pro at id.
Monolith playing Quake. American McGee coaches Avatar in the tournament. Everyone watches as American gets on IRC.

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