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The camera that I took down there (this was in the pre-digicam days) had a malfunctioning autofocus, which made most of these pictures pretty worthless. Alas, they serve fairly well as record shots, and one can amuse oneself fairly easily playing the "I think that's me! No, wait, that's an ink smudge" game. These pictures originally appeared in the #quake yearbook" on February 24th, 1996. I've since revamped them for inclusion on this page, putting larger scans of the full shots and doing a bit more digital enhancement to make the pictures more clear.

There seem to be a lot of misconceptions about what #quakecon '96 was all about. It wasn't about the number of people that showed up (the meager 40 or so people who showed don't even begin to compare to five or six hundred that were at the frag) or which famous industry personalities stopped by. It was the beginning. The first time as far as I know that any group of people as far spread out among North America as we were would all converge on a single city with the express purpose of playing a computer game. #quakecon '96 proved that it could be done. Still, #quakecon went beyond that. The main reason most of us went was to meet the people we had been IRCing with for the past few years. There's nothing quite like meeting someone you've known for years online for the first time in person. It's organization predated even EFNet #quake. There was talk of an IRC gathering even in the days of #doom, #quake's precursor, as can be seen in this email that I posted to the irc-doom mailing list back in November of 1995. Things didn't get serious until the summer after we had stripped off the dead weight of #doom and established #quake. One sunny afternoon in the middle of August, 40 some odd people from around the continent who had no idea what to expect all arrived at a hotel in Garland, Texas. The pictures tell the rest.


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Arcademan shows off his official mousepad. Avatar, Wino, and Fisty Wino gets a frag.
wendigo sneaks in the beer. Indub watches Avatar play around with 3DS. PoLiSh
Swansong and Drizzt arrive to find Indub asleep and Avatar awake. dEviLsEyE Monolith, DemonEatr, and Wino
PoLiSh, H2H, and AceJas DemonEatr Avatar

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