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I was definately very excited to be able to attend this event without having to drive the 20 hours that I did last year. You guys were lucky that I was able to take my computer on the plane, as that allowed me to download the contents of my camera every few hours. That means that not only could I take all the pictures I wanted to, but I could take then in hi-res. The first few are still in low-res but as soon as I figured out I had unlimited space, I went off.

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Super exciting fluffy clouds! Woah nelly! Avatar munches on a spare fist.
Downtown Dallas from above. Indub DaKiller
Tanner It's Monolith! yossman limbers up for a long line of facial contortions.
WolfRaven, PoLiSh, and yossman arguing about paper towel absorption. Avatar edges away from WilyKit. Montana gets started on the tourney.

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