All About Me

Real Name : Alex Moore
Age : 21 years
Sex : Male
Occupation : Artist/Mapper for Rebellion Developments Ltd
Address : Oxford, England

Why??? : Yeah, good question. Why maps?? How'd I get into this mad hobby that takes up all my time?

It all started with Doom, and me nearly failing my GCSE's because of mapping for it. I'd only had a PC for around a year, but was already a self-confessed games player. Then Doom came about and all of a sudden I could make my own game!! Well, close as at any rate...

And so it began...

Arriving at University (studying Computer Science - boo hiss) I finally bought a PC worthy of playing Quake, and soon after began mapping for that. A few maps were knocked up, mainly tests to see what this new '3D' engine could do, then I finally sat down and made a full map - 'Room1'.

And so it continued...

Now I've got my degree (only just mind, but I am officially Alex Moore BSc) and it was time to make my mind up what to do. Games. And more games. Possibly web design, but games really.

Then Rebellion came along, they were interested, I was more interested, and here I am, working away in the games industry - a dream come true...

The rest, as they say, will be history.

Quake Maps
Doom Maps