So then, how it all *really* started. None of this true 3D stuff or polygon monsters, but the real beginning of my map making.
In total there's a hell of a lot of maps here, 2 and a bit episodes + 4 DM levels. Enjoy...

World.wad World.Wad

The first ever maps. Bit bizzaar. Bit tricky to complete without knowing all the secrets... usual stuff really.
Around 1/2 way through the levels do become more linear and easier to complete, with the sacrifice that you'll need to load the levels in an editor to find all the secrets.... Your best bet is to download tips.txt which I wrote after finding these levels.

Never released when made (no internet connection), I've packaged this .wad in with World2.wad, a much better effort.

A complete replacement to Ep1 of the original Doom, and also a bonus DM level replacing E2M1.


World2.wad World2.wad

Starting to get there now, with most of these maps being damn fine. Bit large, but damn fine.

Should be no need for tips, because if you're going to play them then you're probably an experienced doom player. One thing though, if you play with Legacy then you can cheat by jumping over ledges you couldn't get over in the Original doom. Try not to eh??

Get Worlds (709kb)
Tips File for World.wad (6kb)


World3.wad World3

Okay, not an entire episode - not even close in fact.

There's 2 complete SP levels - in.wad and inside.wad, to be played in that order. These replace E4M1 & E4M2 of Ultimate Doom, and rock. Unfortunately I never finsihed the episode, don't know why - there's parts of the next 3 maps on my HD now, so something must've gone wrong...

Might've got distracted by Doom II (the maps I made (the best ones surprisingly enough) have dissapeared forever #8-[ ).

Also in this .zip is steps.wad, a suuuuuuuuuuuperb DM level. It's got SP stuff as well (was the secret level planned for the episode) which is a wee bit mad, but completible if you get the big-ass baddies fighting each other.

Lastly, there's Den.wad, the most complete of the scraps - seems most of the architecture is in, just needs some baddies...

Get World3 (100kb)

death1x.wad Death

Ickle DM only maps, the first 2 (death11 & death12) are wicked fun (death12 also appears in world.wad). Death13.. don't remember playing it much but I think it's ok. Death14 was a big experiment & not a good one at that... oh well...

Get Death (29kb)

Quake Maps
Doom Maps