Here it is, all my maps ever released for Quake, in chronological order. My Half-Life map is missing from this list at the moment, it will appear once the final installment of the P3:A trilogy is complete.

The Butler Trilogy The Butler Trilogy

My first released maps, #1 is 4FFA, #2 is for as many people as you can find & #3 is a duel map.

They play pretty good due to loads of playtesting from The Butler Clan (which I was in, hence the name of the trilogy). Looks wise... nothing overly special, except the bridge in #2 - it's the biggest freestanding object you'll ever see in a quake map #8).

Get the BCDM trilogy (650kb)

Random Collection The Singles

In the usual 'yay, I can map now', I applied for a mapping job with Impel Productions, and they asked for a small demo map. Ickle was the result. Looks nice, plays ok in SP, nice timings, but no job =).

Twelve Minutes came next, my stab at a decent sized SP level. As with ickle it plays nice and has some great timings (plus funky switched bridges), but it mixes a few too many styles to flow easily.

And then BCDM4. Don't know why I made this, it's never been played, never should be played..... Basically oversized, blocky looking, 16 player size but with only one RL....

Get ickle (256kb)
Get Twelve Minutes(741kb)

The 3 P`s Trilogy The 3 Pee's

This is more like it. The origianl atlantis - more detail than I'd ever done before, more playtesting than ever before.. more revisions than ever before (I released 3 versions - atlantis, atlanv2 & atlanuk). You'll need 16 people and a LAN, but it's good. As with Twelve Minutes the only real flaw is the number of different styles mixed in...

Space Station was my first 'toy', setting the scene of a small area and creating it well within Quake. As with all firsts though it has a couple of flaws. Firstly, it's dark, damn dark. Secondly it can be a bit tricky to navigate (stay out of the water...). Good for duels and 4FFA's though.

Pingu's Castle - the map that got me somewhere. At it's basic level just a big toy, Quad and Pent in the same room, big and open. Looks wise it's a bit bland for poly count reasons, but the lighting, architecture and sounds create a very atmospheric map. And it's small enough for duels whilst being big enough for 8FFA....

Get Atlantis & Station (808kb)
Get Castle (343kb)

Land of Nod The Land of Nod

Difficult to place time wise, as they were made after my beta of UKpak7, but released before the UKpak was released. A series of duel maps though, varying from normal play to madasitgets....

Insomnia, made in 6 hours one night when I couldn't sleep (well, the first 3 hours in the middle of the night, the next three the next morning). Standard duel map, little bit wierd with the transparent lifts...

Once you've conquered Insomnia, you're gonna have a nightmare =). My worst map after BCDM4, it's too tight. Basically I forgot about playability and just went for looks. Which are nice, if a little strange.

dayDream. Ironic name given you have no time at all to linger about once you're playing. Meant for DMM3 as a minimum, it's suited more to DMM5. Mad, frantic, adrenaline rush - to play it (against a human) is to love it...

Get insomnia (139kb)
Get NightMare (227kb)
Get dayDream (185kb)

UKpak7 UKpak7 : Secluded Store

The map that really got me noticed, part of the fabulous UKpak Project. As with Station, Castle & dayDream this map takes a strong theme and creates a very atmospheric map. Crates, rocks and lots of pillars give the map a distinct look, a little bit Half-Life, but certainly one of the best looking quake maps you'll ever see.

As are the other UKpak maps. Get the pack, get some friends & do some serious team play....

Get UKpak (3623kb)

The Good Stuff Smash Hits

The maps that got me somewhere...

A2 - best map ever (MPQ), Level of the Month (.Net magazine), reviewed on Inspection.

B2S - good, bit small. Also got Level of the Month on .Net magazine though, and loved by many (being converted to Q3 by LordImiric).

P3:A - Best map ever (MPQ), reviewed on Inspection, loved by the Looks wise it isn't as detailed as some of my maps, but low r_speeds and a 'see it, get to it' open architecture make for an amazing adrenaline rush when playing.

Get A2 (386kb)
Get B2S (217kb)
Get P3:A (246kb)

RF & A3 The Final Chapter

RF - My last DM map, people either seem to love it or hate it. Utilising the Q3:A-Demo texture set as best as I could, and employing some drastically over the top architecture, RF is a map that bounces you along at a merry pace, just remember to keep your head when flying.

A3 - My last ever Q1 map, marking the end of an era. Going back to my roots (by this I mean Doom) I've tried to make the ultimate SP experience for the standard Q1 engine. GLQuake is a must though, as is a PII.

Get RF (343kb)
Get A3 (808kb)
Get A3 (uk mirror) (808kb)

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