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December 8th:
Our boomsticks!
December 1st:

November 24th:
UT vs. Q3A!

November 17th:
Q3:A demo test lovin'!

November 10th:
The burning and the itching.
November 3rd:
Booberry and Astronauts, oh my!

October 28th
(Insert dumb comment here)

October 18th
Vote or Die!

October 11th
Yeah, baby!

October 4th
You betcha!

September 27th Results
Hula hula wah wah!

September 13th Results
It's back, jerks!

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Hitscans and goat pr0n (not really).

August 9th Results
Q3Atest and muffins.

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July 8th Results:
July 1st Results:

The not-so lame poll.
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The lame poll.
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How large are ya?

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December 8, 1999

Our BOOMsticks!

December 1 , 1999

Quad this!

November 24, 1999

UT vs. Q3:A!

November 17, 1999

Q3:A demo test lovin'!

November 10, 1999

Oh, the humanity!

November 3rd, 1999

Something awful.

October 28th, 1999

Now on... er, Wednesdays or Thursdays or something.

October 18th, 1999

I'm on a roll, bitches!

October 11th, 1999

Yeah, October 11th! That's right!

October 4th, 1999

Two weeks in a row!

September 27th, 1999

Here it is, now shut up!

September 13th, 1999

Delayed by Labor Day!

August 30th, 1999

Now back on Mondays!

August 19th, 1999

Poll tabs.

August 9th, 1999

Poll Lite.

July 29th, 1999

Poll Land.

July 22th, 1999

Poll Position.

July 15th, 1999

Next jerk to ask me where the poll is I'm going to hunt down and shove a pole up their...

July 8th, 1999

I've got your pole right here, biotch!

July 1st, 1999

A real man's poll!

June 24th, 1999

Various vaguely-Quake related things

June 17th, 1999

Now on Thursdays!

June 7th, 1999

Revenge of the PQ Poll!

May 24th, 1999

Colors, Downloads, Maps, and more.

May 17th, 1999

Quake 3, Poll Responses, Ratings Systems, and the ever present "more".

May 10th, 1999

Linux and the Mac, Strategy or Freeforall, E3, and more .

May 3rd, 1999

Strafe Jumping, Nudity, Q3 Hype, and more.

April 26th, 1999

Q3Test, Bots, The Matrix (again), and more...

April 19th, 1999

Q3 Single Player, Beatdown 18, The Matrix, and more...

April 12th, 1999

Weapons Factory, NPC Murdering, Questions on the Poll, and more...

April 5th, 1999

Quake3, April Fools, News style, CTF, and the all new RETRO-poll, featuring a question from this week's poll, two years ago...

March 28th, 1999

Action Figures, Console Ports, PQ Battles, crispy, and more...

March 22nd, 1999

Fragging the talkers, late or early, Quake, Quake, Quake, commentary and more...

March 15th, 1999

Quake III Arena or Star Wars, Star Wars of Quake III Arena .. which will it be?

March 8th, 1999

eeeeeeeeeeeedie, railguns and l33t sk1llz

March 1st, 1999

Warezing Q3A, fragging Kenny, EuroQuake and more.

February 22nd, 1999

Return of the poll! The poll is back in action after recent misadventures.

February 8th, 1999

Can you ever forgive us? What really happened to the poll results? And who runs this site anyway?

January 25th, 1999

Strange mods, multiple personalities, destructive instincts, Tarzan and upgrading for Quake III Arena.

January 18th, 1999

Violence in computer games, homegrown, Q2CTF refreshers, time of day, and LAN partying.

January 11th, 1999

Instant replay, multiplayer FPS, the watcher, lost in cyberspace, and going out in a blaze of glory...

January 4th, 1999

Kenny, eyes in the back of your head, strange sounds, and New Year's Resolutions...

December 28th, 1998

It's a gibbing Christmas!

December 21st, 1998

Endurance Quake, speech vs typing, rocket jumping, overclocking and more.

December 14th, 1998

The "final" Quake II, favourite gibs, speed running, rocket launchers, mouse pads and server stats.

December 7th, 1998

FPS weapons, single player, significant others, inverted mice, and PlanetQuake news.

November 30th, 1998

Beatdown fever, doohickey supremacy, FPS vs visual quality, southpaws united, and getting tired of the McKinley Revival.

November 23rd, 1998

Honing your skillz, Quake mod library, crosshairs, flipping off, feature wish list and rodent hygiene.

November 16th, 1998

We're living in Sin, having a little one on one action, with some sucking going on.

November 9th, 1998

Tired of life on The Edge? Sharing and caring. Repeat offenders. No friends. Mission pack impossible. And the proverbial more.

November 2nd, 1998

Extremities, the patch-fest, Beatdowns, id special requests and are you experienced?

October 26th, 1998

Gender, games clothes, pro tournaments, single player, scary monsters, super creeps, keep me running, running scared...

October 19th, 1998

Nostalgia strikes PlanetQuake as we celebrate our 2nd Anniversary with a bumper collection of questions dredged from the PQ Poll's distant past...

October 12th, 1998

LAN parties, Shogo, gibbing the Spice Girls, withdrawal symptoms and more...

October 5th, 1998

Ground Zero (again), satan satan satan, camping, endurance Quake and more...

September 28th, 1998

Ground Zero, Mod of the Week, PPMs, speakers, gender confusion and runes...

September 21st, 1998

Missing you already, GoldenEye and joypads, Quake II folder bloat, upgrades, gib the corpse and cream of the crop...

September 14th, 1998

Things To Do In Dallas When John Romero's Dead. Plus two of our most requested poll questions; lies, damned lies and poll results; lag killing; spice of life (variety, not Mel B!); and things that go BOOM in the night!

August 31st, 1998

Planet of the Apes, beta testing, cheating llamas, h4x0r w4r3z, running faster than a speeding chaingun bullet and your favourite position. In CTF. What do you think we are, perverts?

August 24th, 1998

Home sweet home, caffeine, LANs, (un)realism, features, metaphysics, GameSpy and submission...

August 17th, 1998

Team play or four play, clan life, favourite mod types, magic lamps, home from home, green balls of fire, lagged to hell and resolutions.

August 10th, 1998

How many players is too many, talking while you frag, time well spent, is your rendering soft or hard, Sin impressions, and a bunch of llamas... What, you want more?

August 3rd, 1998

Everything is under control, Doom 2000, SiN, and is bigger better...

July 27th, 1998

Bot usage, connection speed, under the influence, and frequent visitors...

July 20th, 1998

Avoiding Bill Gates, help the aged, l33tness, and transvestite Quake players...

July 13th, 1998

the latest Quake II patch, the nutty PlanetQuakers, Quake II bots, and .. what color is that Quake armor anyway???

July 6th, 1998

PlanetQuake, LAN parties, weaponry and .plans...

June 29th, 1998

What do you think of Quake Arena? Do you prefer single player or multiplayer? Campers - love 'em or hate 'em? And how many of you honestly bought Quake II just for TF2???

June 22nd, 1998

Do you still have Classic Quake installed? BFG - last resort of the llama or glowing, green-ball-throwing love machine? Time to upgrade? And Quake II v3.15 and that funky flying thang.

June 15th, 1998

How often do you deathmatch? What do you think of The Reckoning? Do you deathmatch at work? Do you ever dream Quake?

June 8th, 1998

What do you most want to see improved in Quake III? Lag frags? What did you make of QW2.21? What do you think of TF2 only being available for Half-Life? And PQ Poll questions - do you think you could do better?

June 1st, 1998

PQ Poll returns! Did you miss us? Unreal vs the Quake II Mission Pack - which are you buying? PlanetUnreal, best thing since sliced bread or a Planet Too Far? And to E3 or not to E3, that's the final question... Who the hell writes these questions anyway?

May 25th, 1998

You're stranded on an island with nothing but ten close friends, a dozen computers, a great LAN and dual T3 to the Internet. What do you do? What resolution do you use the most? Are you interested in playing in online Quake II tournaments or leagues? Have you ever tried to edit Quake or Quake II?

April 21th, 1998

Do you think there should be more Classic Quake Mods of the Week? When you download patches and mods, do you take filesize into account? What system to you use to play online games? When playing Quake II, do you stop and gib dead bodies?

April 14th, 1998

When you play teamplay mods (like CTF), what do you tend to do? Who would you like to see doing the music for Quake III? How many Quake \ Quake II mods do you try out a week? Do you plan on buying the Quake II Mission Packs?

April 7th, 1998

Did you fall for the PlanetQuake April Fools joke? Would you rather have fewer, high quality Quake 2 mod releases, or more frequent, buggier releases? If Doom was upgraded to have Quake-style Internet multiplayer capabilites... would you play it? Who's the most screwed up person at PlanetQuake?

March 31st, 1998

Now that all the patches have been released, are you completely satisfied with Quake II? As Unreal comes ever closer to actual release, what are your thoughts? How many people do you know in RealLife™ that play Quake? How many stars are on the PQ background image?

Week of March 24th

How do you view the news at PlanetQuake? What is your favorite part of Quake news you read on the web? What do you think of the PlanetQuake "Pic of the Day"? Boxers or Briefs?