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[Planetquake] A tremendous resource and rock of the quake community, Planetquake hosts sites and features original content including a large number of sometimes wacky but always entertaining interviews by Kevin 'Fragmaster' Bowen and occasionally Jonathan Campbell. Fragmaster has a distinct style of including "complete the sentence" questions that, though widely imitated, usually reveals the stranger side of the interviewed person.
[Shadows] Shadows, the unreal news station, offers more than fast and timely updates. Maintainer Sean Green has conducted several interviews with Epic megagames designers that reveal how the designers got their start, and more importantly how they think. Sean asks great questions, gives background detail, offers related files, and puts interviews together well (even though black on grey can get annoying :).
[Quake Workshop] Lard and Noel have conducted many focused interviews on the Quake Workshop. During their interviews the interviewee often describes an interesting journey towards game design, and even more often details what they think makes a good level and how they make it. Although sometimes hard to read, the interviews are an invaluable resource for mappers, and perhaps more fascinating to those just peeping into the life and idiosyncrasies of the people we call level designers.
[SPQ Level Heaven] Matt Sefton, of his own SPQ Level Heaven review page, has mostly interviewed level designers. Since Sefton is a respected single player quake map author in his own right, he asks focused editing questions that range from simple ones about editors to questions that reveal an author's distinct design style. Interviewees also tell about their favourite monsters and levels.
[video game] VGD's interviews, obviously, usually focus on design issues, but interviewer h0l often asks very good questions which precipitate good responses.
[Daikatana Cabana] Sandmoose, webmaster of the Daikatana Cabana news site obviously dedicated to Daikatana, has several interviews with members of ION Storm. Sandmoose's interviews are usually short and focused on the gaming side of things, but sometimes the interviewees more than comply and offer good responses.
[Gamespot] Gamespot mixes its few interviews with its list of many other features. When interviewing designers, Gamespot only asks questions about various "controversies" and about future games. When interviewing expert quake players, interviewer Tim Soete likes to ask about how they play but mainly focuses on one specific competition or manbeating.
[ION Troopers] ION Troopers, a page dedicated to the men and women of ION Storm, features a few ION interviews and a few informative mass interviews with various teams such as team Daikatana or team Anachronox. The interviews tend to deal with life at ION.
[the Chopshop] The Chop Shop dedicates itself to a variety editing topics. Jonathan Daughtrey's few interviews with members of the editing community are usually interesting in that they describe not only how the interviewee got into his editing field, but also detail the editing processes of the interviewees.
[C Interviews] In each of Chris Mair's 10 or so interviews, he asks the same questions about favourite color, alternate jobs, books, shoes, movies, music, Halloween, and Disney*. The designers' responses are usually amusing even if the interviews lack focus.
[Jaspur's Half-life...] Although Jaspur's Half-life page focuses on news, Jason Thierbach (jaspur) has conducted a few interviews with valve software employees. He usually starts off, in typical Q&A format, with a few questions about the interviewee's past and journey to valve, and progresses to ask detailed questions about half-life or valve.
[Adrenaline Vault] Adrenaline Vault interviews are short and directed, asking clean and simple questions to quake players and mappers.
[Voodoo extreme] Voodoo extreme is unrelenting in its dedication to news, hard and pure. Webmasters Billy Wilson and Alex Ross double as interviewers and ask questions focused future games. The interviews are usually intended to gleam bits of data about games instead of trying to discover and convey the essence of a person. The interviews are, often, frank and strange because Wilson and Ross like to ask strange ending questions.
[Pandemonium] Pandemonium offers a few short interviews, mostly focused on editing, that occasionally feature interesting tidbits.
[Syn of Critique] Tour's Syn of Critique has a few quick interviews with designers that ask typical editing questions.
[Unreal nation] Unreal nation's interviewers, Kevin Stone or Andy Black, basically ask questions about Unreal. Sometimes, questions are purely about the game and do not focus the person being interviewed. The interviews sometimes finish with silly questions and occasional game bashing.

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