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... august 1998     
august 01, 1998
I verified all of Profile's ~212 interview links this morning, so all of them should work.. As you can see, my updates have slowed down dramatically. I will update from time to time if a really good interview pops up, but most likely I won't bother with non-interesting interviews.

Anyway, in a few weeks I'll be heading out for the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and I don't expect I'll have too much time for webmastering at college. I hope you've enjoyed Profile.. this isn't an official closing, but unofficially Profile won't be updated regularly anymore. It's been fun.

... july 1998     
july 15, 1998
id and ION founder Tom Hall is interviewed about the history of Commander Keen (keen stuff). Tom also talks about the early id team -- its fantastic synergy and genius. (3/3)

... june 1998     
june 30, 1998
ION president and game designer Tom Hall talks about the Dopefish, an early Hall cartoon creation, on the "Burpfish Network"

june 26, 1998
In a voodoo extreme interview with Brian Hook, id programmer, Hook discusses various issues such as id software, development cycles, and Quake Arena. Cali Girl News has a brief profile of Dennis "Thresh" Fong, expert gamer. The profile lists a few personal facts and includes a gallery of clan pics and screenshots. There's also a short "interview" stuck somewhere in between the ten thousand pics of movies and South Park icons.

june 16, 1998
Sumaleth's interview with Paul Jaquays, id software level designer, is probably the longest web-based developer interview I've read. (A tad longer, methinks, than Fragmaster's older interview with Jaquays) With his huge interview canvas, Sumaleth covers a battery of topics from Jaquays's early career to level design. In this well done interview, thumbnails of Jaquays work intersperse themselves between many questions on painting and art in general. (3/3)

june 10, 1998
On Valveworld, Valve's Ted Backman is interviewed on Half-Life and the modelling process. (2/3)

june 08, 1998
In an interview with Tom Hall, ION Storm designer, Hall talks about Anachronox and getting started in the game programming industry. (1/3)

june 04, 1998
Stormtrooper and level designer John "Dr Sleep" Anderson talks about Daikatana and a bit about working at ION Storm.

june 03, 1998
In an interview with Dario Casali, level designer at Valve, Casali talks about level designers and Half-Life. (2/3) On PQ, mapper Neil Manke talks about mapping and coconut monkey.

june 02, 1998
Massive link checking in progress. All the links from A to Z should be kosher. Also, anyone know what happened to email me. Also, look for classic PQ interviews to up real soon now. (yay!)

... may 1998     
may 27, 1998
Webmaster Darren "Dakota" Tabor answers questions on and CTF.

may 26, 1998
There's an "dude of the month" interview with Walter "|2|" Costinak, masterful (web) designer, on ritual's newly redesigned site. Costinak, whose design credits include,, and a host of gaming web page logos mastheads, answers questions on how he got into web design and several funky questions like "If you were a food, what type would you be and why?" Methinks Levelord asked some of these questions.. :) (3/3)

may 25, 1998
Dakota of posted a great interview with David "Zoid" Kirsch, "father of CTF" and QuakeWorld maintainer. Dakota covers a good variety of topics, ranging from background to threewave and quakeworld, but the excellently focused questions set this apart from other interviews. (3/3, plus a spot in the best interviews list)

may 21, 1998
ION Storm "Texture doG" Josh Jay is interviewed on Anachronically Correct. A typical stormtrooper interview, the interview asks a few questions about Jay's field of expertise, texturing, and also includes several questions about gaming, ION Storm, and the Anachronox team. (2/3)
    On, Valve founder Mike Harrington is interviewed, talking a bit about game development, but mostly about Half-Life. (1/3)
    Now that school is "virtually" over I can update this site more quasi-regularly. BTW for the record this site generally only tracks interviews with companies (employees actually:) which use quake-engine software (id, ion, ritual, valve), as well as epic megagames slash digital extremes.

may 19, 1998
A short interview with Paul Jaquays by Bokatu deals with level building and the game industry. Also, the newly opened offers an interview with Harry Teasley, in which Teasley talks about Valve and his beginnings in the industry.

may 11, 1998
powdered joost schuur is interviewed on psychonews about himself and the gaming industry.

may 02, 1998
id's lead level designer Tim Willits talks about his job, gaming in general, and the quake scene in Australia. On Methos Quake, expert quaker Jim "Reptile" Dangcil is interviewed about his gaming background, clan issues, and favourite things. (2/3) Also.. goodbye Fragmaster, may you emulate happiness wherever you go.
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