Welcome to ProQuake

ProQuake is the first modification to the quake source which is specifically intended for intense deathmatch play. You won't find spiffy new graphics, cheats, changes to the physics, or features that work "most of the time". What you will find is a rock solid set of enhancements to unmodified netquake. Things that quake should have had from the get go.. like precise aim. Small, simple changes that improve the quality of netplay enormously.

ProQuake is fully compatible with standard NetQuake. NetQuake clients can connect to ProQuake servers, ProQuake clients can connect to NetQuake servers, and ProQuake servers can run exactly the same modifications as NetQuake servers. ProQuake is also fully compatible with the advanced features of Clanring CRMod++ version 6.X including team scores, match timer and client pings.

Current Status

September 21, 2002      The last in a series of three quick updates.. ProQuake 3.50 eliminates the lag that modem users were experiencing on cheat-free servers. Thanks again to Lance Woollett for his help with testing.

September 14, 2002      ProQuake 3.40 updates 3.30 with a feature that I didn't have time to add last weekend - connecting to servers across NAT/IP Masquerading. No more FAQproxy chains or manually editing ip_masq_quake.c on your linux gateway! Thanks to Lance Woollett for his help with testing this feature.

September 8, 2002      ProQuake 3.30 is now available. This release contains minor improvements and bugfixes only (unless you consider support for four mouse buttons and mouse wheels a major improvement). The source will be available in a week or so.

June 27, 2002      I was hoping to work with trujen to make the XQuake client compatible with cheat-free ProQuake servers, but unfortunately the negotiations just broke down. Bottom line: he doesn't think he's done anything wrong in not releasing the QuakePro+/XQuake source, so I'm choosing to not be associated with that project. Find out more here.

June 24, 2002      As you know, the security code in ProQuake 3.00/3.10 was not made public in order to preserve the integrity of cheat-free quake. Recently, however, I have received some complaints from a GPL enthusiast. Recognizing the possibility that I may at some point be forced to release this code, I have taken the preventative measure of completely rewriting the ProQuake security code and packaging it separately to protect it from the GPL. Please update your clients and servers to version 3.20, available below. You will need to download qsecurity320.zip and place the appropriate file (qsecurity.dll for windows users, qsecurity.so for linux users) in your quake directory. Cheat-Free ProQuake 3.20 is *not* compatible with earlier cheat-free releases, as the security of the earlier protocol may soon be compromised. It *will* be compatible with future cheat-free releases. Note that the server command line has changed: you need to put +pq_cheatfree 1 in the command line instead of -cheatfree.

To find out more about the current situation and the GPL, click here

The version 3.20 server also contains an important security update. An old program ("q1crash", circa 1997) was brought to my attention that can crash any quake server by causing a buffer to overflow. This has been fixed.

June 7, 2002      I had a few requests to take care of the mouse acceleration problem in Windows XP. My plan was to release 3.11 with that and some other very minor fixes. However, when I looked at the code I found that there were already existing command line parameters that solved the problem! This has motivated me to start a small list of Frequently Asked Questions. This list will grow over time. Have a look at it before you send me email if you're having problems with anything.

May 29, 2002      glpro now supports bona-fide honest-to-goodness gamma correction. Gamma correction has a very specific meaning in computer graphics; it does not mean simply using a hack to brighten the screen, which is what most other mods do. glpro now looks almost exactly like wqpro. For example, the following two screenshots were both taken with gamma 0.5:


To use gamma correction, use the command-line option -gamma <value> (you cannot change gamma once glpro has started). While I was at it, I also fixed the gamma correction in the wqpro screenshots.

ProQuake Features (Details)

New Client Side Features
New Server Side Features
  • Eliminated cheat-free lag for modem players on 3.50 servers
  • "cheatfree" command tells you if you're connected to a cheat-free server
  • Connect to 3.40 servers through routers/NAT/IP Masquerading
  • Four button mouse support
  • Mouse wheel support
  • Fullbright shaft in glpro
  • r_polyblend in wqpro
  • QuakePro+ bestweapon command
  • Recognizes ip_address:port notation
  • Remove '\r' from console output
  • Added %d for binds to say where you died
  • Various minor bug-fixes and improvements
  • Eliminated cheat-free lag for 3.50 modem players
  • Append "(cheat-free)" to the host name for cheat-free servers
  • 3.40 clients can connect through routers/NAT/IP Masquerading
  • iplog supports multiple concurrent servers
  • Clients without map can connect to cheatfree server
  • Cheat protection
  • Fixed incoming message buffer overflow (q1crash)
  • Added pq_logbinds to store player binds in log file


These files are also avaliable at ftp://ftp.runequake.com/quake/engines/proquake/

wq100.zip You need to have WinQuake installed and running correctly before you can use wqpro. If you don't, here it is.
glq8_27.zip You need to have GLQuake installed and running correctly before you can use glpro. If you don't, here it is.
wqpro350.zip ProQuake - Win32 executable
glpro350.zip ProQuake - GL executable
sqpro350.zip ProQuake - linux executable
qsecurity320.zip Security Module - required to run or connect to a cheat-free server
locs.zip Location files (Updated November 18, 2001)
pqsrc350.zip Source Code