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Updated: 1999-01-26 15:19

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990126 As you must already know if you're reading this I have moved my page to Captured.com. There have been some problems with my previous host and moving to Captured with its great reputation was an easy choice. Big thanks to Dakota for offering the hosting.

Pure CTF haven't been updated in 4 months now since the last version managed to do almost everything I wanted it to do, and didn't have any serious bugs. There's still a lot of minor things I wanted to fix but I never got around to it because of lack of time and interest. Now with Q3 just around the corner though, I thought it was time to finally try to put the finishing touches to Pure. Q3 is looking awesome from the previews, and with all the possibilities to modify it I think developing a Q3 mod sometimes in the future should be really fun.


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Pure CTF by Methabol. Hosted by Captured.com