The q2servers FAQ Revision 2.1

Welcome to the q2servers FAQ, the official FAQ for the Planetquake q2servers mailing list. This list was made to answer the most common questions among q2 server admins.

This document is maintained by Kevin Lee (aka kpl, Stress, etc.), This is Revision 2.1 of the FAQ, and is current up to version 3.20 of Quake 2. This FAQ was last updated February 2, 1999.

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Part I: Server Setup
  1. What are the minimum requirements for a Quake 2 Server?
  2. What hardware should I use?
  3. What OS can I use?
  4. Which OS should I use?
  5. Where can I find the latest Quake 2 executable?
  6. How do you setup a dedicated server in Win95 or NT?
  7. How do you set up a dedicated server on Linux, or on Solaris?
  8. Can I enter console commands via the command line?
  9. What settings can I use?
  10. Bitflags?!? What do I do with dmflags?
  11. Is there a way to save settings to a file? How do I use .cfg files?
  12. Can I have my Quake server on a port different than the default port (27910)? Can I have more than one port?
  13. How to I list my server on the Master Servers? How do I get my server listed on Gamespy?
  14. How do I use mods or patches?
  15. Where do I put new skins, maps or models?
Part II: Features
  1. How do you enable custom map cycling?
  2. Does downloading work through the server like Quakeworld?
  3. How do you ban users?
  4. How do enable the server to keep logs of the server console output?
  5. How do you enable frag logs?
  6. How do you enable the server to show a welcome message or a MOTD?
  7. How do you do remote administration? How do you use "rcon?"
  8. How do you password protect a server?
  9. How do you disable password protection for a server?
  10. How do you create extra 'rules' that display in Gamespy?
  11. How do keep people from flooding (or spamming?)
Part III: Miscellaneous
  1. Where can I find a list of console commands?
  2. Does Quake 2 perform better on a machine with multiple CPUs or SMP?
  3. Can I adjust the bandwidth to and from my server?
  4. How can I set up a web page to show the current status of my server?
  5. Is there a definite way to figure out if a certain user is using the ZBot?
  6. What other master servers are there?
  7. Can I run a master server?
  8. How can I set my server apart from the thousands of other servers out there?
  9. Are there any utilities that can help me administer and run my server?
  10. Are there any websites for Quake 2 server admins?
  11. My question isn't here. What should I do?


Thanks to who have provided the answers to this FAQ:

Phillip M. Stewart
Quebec Barf
Michael Sims

This FAQ was edited by kpl (, and created with the subscribers of Planetquake's q2servers mailing list.

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