Roger Bacon's Crusader5/1/2004
Playermodel with hi-res textures and shader.
Decidia by wviperw5/1/2004
Primal forest
Menu world4/30/2004
Shader inspired by Warsow_alpha.
Black Town by XPac12/17/2003
bubble in Black Town.
Bump lightmap12/17/2003
Luscious pre-rendered bump lightmaps using q3map2.
Station 5212/17/2003
Station 52 by Quaker-X. Wavy glass - shader w/ environment map + transparency.
md3 bot in the mine12/17/2003
Smoky light cone shader, rail trail particle effect.
Dirty metal12/17/2003
High-res textures.
Estatica by Cardigan12/17/2003
Lighting, detail, high-res lightmaps, textures...
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Qbism Game Engine
QBISM forums Quakesource forums JEFF@PQ email PlanetQuake
New forum12/1/2005Progress on the "next" qbism release is obviously slow, but the qbism forum has been upgraded and moved to a more stable server.

Timefrag2 hasn't been worked on for a year or two... or three? So the most recent development version has been released, or more accurately dumped as-is, for interested coders. More detail and download link is on the forum.

Also see the forum for an updated texture resynthesizer release for the GIMP, version 0.13. It's great for making seamless map textures!

Texture resynthesizer plug-in for GIMP1/12/2005I've ported Paul Harrison's texture resynthesizer from Linux to Windows. It's a plug-in for the GIMP image editor version 2.2. This is the latest and fastest release (version 0.12).

The resynthesizer makes textures seamless in an uncanny way, especially evenly distributed or organic patterns as might be used for mapping.

Download and more info at this Qbism forum post.
Early screenshots of a QbismFusion project5/24/2004Mauro_Xavier has posted screenshots of a stand-alone project on the Qbism forum site.

Looks good!
New pics5/1/2004Game menu, another cool map in-game shot, and the meticulous Crusader. He seems at home in Decidia! If you want to play with these yourself:
Updated readme and LCC project file4/28/2004The "readme" is updated to reflect two items: Low-end lightmap clamping to allow dynamic lights in dark areas, and single-player (lack of). More detail in theQbismFusion readme.

The LCC-Win32 project file in the source distribution was out-of-date. The issue was corrected yesterday, so the QbismFusion4X_src download is fine now. If you try to compile on LCC and it complains of missing files, please download the source again or just download qbqf.prj from the CVS site.

Coming soon... new screenshots and announcement of a new game project revival of TiMeFRaG, QbismDark or something...
QbismFusion 4.X Release. New forum - qbism.com4/23/2004Here is the completed release of this QbismFusion series, labelled 4.X to match the corresponding version of Qfusion. It's stable, including loading of complex gtkRadiant/q3map2 format bsp files (Quake 3, RTCW, ...), multiplayer internet and LAN, shaders, md3 multipart models, player bots, and demo recording. Go to to see the full readme and new features.

Follow the simple instructions a couple posts down and you'll have a fully playable example.

Download from Fileplanet:
QbismFusion 4.X engine and content
QbismFusion 4.X source code

Download from Sourceforge:
QbismFusion 4.X engine and content
QbismFusion 4.X source code

New game engine forum site: Go here to discuss QbismFusion or whatever. The forums are functional but under development, please post, help test it, give your comments... One idea is to combine the glory of the old 3D Engines List with the forum element. Not just a list, but feedback. A cool ability of the forum is a cut-and-paste javascript or rss feed of topics you select. Try this- topics anywhere

Thanks to those few but valuable posters on the old board, I hope you'll migrate to the new one!

MS Visual Studio project files1/28/2004MS Visual Studio project files, .vcproj, are uploaded to CVS repository. They're located in the same directories as the LCC-Win32 project files. Thanks to Alan for sending me these!
[2/15/04 clarification: the project files are for version 7.10.]

oops... I've also added a missing static library to CVS. lcc_lib/zlibstat.lib

The following are links to maps featured in the screenshots if you'd like to try them:
Black Town by XPac
Station 52 by Quaker-X
Estatica by Cardigan
Swiss Cheese Trickster by Q-Fraggel
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game engine and data
QBismFusion src
source code
CVS source repository

TiMeFRaG part 1
Part 1 - required. TiMeFRaG game using the (old) Qbism Game Engine. In-progress development snapshot/ demo.
TiMeFRaG part 2
Part 2 - required.
TiMeFRaG part 3
Part 3 - required.
TiMeFRaG source
TiMeFRaG. GPL license.

Enhanced glQuake replacement with source and docs. Smoke trails, ProQuake, prediction.
Early version, basic glQuake ported to lcc-win32. Commented source.

Info (TiMeFRaG)3/19/2003TiMeFRaG stuff-
tech info
demo recording
C compiler system and IDE for Windows.
C and QuakeC tutorials, forums.

Other engines:
Pax Imperia
Awesome Q2 engine and epic mod.

Quad-tree engine with in-game map editing.

Realistic HL techno textures.

HFX Textures
Elaborate tech and metal for Q3.

Massive depot of player models.

Quake Army Knife
Model and map editing and format conversion.

Enhanced map compiler

Lip-Sync Project
Lipsync method using MicroSoft tools.

Facade Project
Lipsync method using Baldisync.

home schweet home.

Demo and game dev portal community.

GameDev flipcode
Game development sites.

Mostly Quake news, good forums.

Net play:
Can be configured to help find other players and launch games.

alternative Game Server Monitor
Net game launcher.

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