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Logo designed by CO2 - http://www.planetquake.com/CO2
Logo designed by CO2 - http://www.planetquake.com/CO2
Logo designed by CO2 - http://www.planetquake.com/CO2
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      Compiling with Borland C++ -Updated Edition

    OK, hello all you Borland lovers! This tutorial are for you guys using Borland C++ version 5 (might be compatible with lower versions, so try it). OK, unfortunately, I do not own Borland C++ :-( thus, I can not be sure this information is correct. If anyone finds problems, please do contact me and help me correct them. Much of this tutorial was gathered using information by Adam Wright, so a big thanks to him! OK, enough bull shit, lets get going!

    Firstly, you will need to download a couple of files. You'll need the Quake2 source, which can be downloaded here, and the Borland project files, which you can get here.

    Then, move the Borland project files into the directory where you are keeping the Quake 2 source, answering yes to any "Overwrite these files" questions. Load up your new project file.

    Now, open up qshared.c and add these lines:

    #define CONLY
    #define C_ONLY

    With that done, open q_shared.c and find the function declaration for Q_stricmp . Replace the whole thing with this...

    int Q_stricmp (char *s1, char *s2)
        #if defined(__BORLANDC__)
            return stricmp(s1,s2);
            #if defined(_WIN32)
                return stricmp(s1,s2);
                return strcasecmp(s1,s2);

    Now, alter the settings of your project (Menu Options->Project) to point to the correct directories for your setup.

    Use the target expert to change your project's linking settings to Static (go to the project view, right click on the gamex86.dll node and choose TargetExpert).

    Now, compile your dll. There should be about three errors, all refering to a cannot use float in  this situation type error. To remove these typecast them. This means track them down and in front of the usage of the deathmatch->Coop type statment on the lines that give errors, add (int) .

    Do a Project Build all to check its OK (ignore the 8 warnings).

    Use your new dll!



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