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Logo designed by CO2 - http://www.planetquake.com/CO2
Logo designed by CO2 - http://www.planetquake.com/CO2
Logo designed by CO2 - http://www.planetquake.com/CO2
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    A Quake[1/2] DUEL is an artform. It is very different to normal deathmatch play. Consider the difference between :

    Grabbing the nearest weapon and charging towards the nearest victim with no regard for your own life, hoping to smack them first


    Masterfully taking control of key areas of the map whilst luring your opponent into a firefight when you have the advantage.


    Ok, to 'control' the map you will need to :

    1. Control the key area(s) - generally this means taking the high elevation and ensuring you are always firing down on your opponent.

    2. Control the key weapon(s) - this is a touchy topic ! Where does 'control' end and 'camping' end. Well put it this way - if your opponent is running for a RailGun that is right next to you... are you going to let him take it or grab it yourself ? Of course you will deny it to him. Although this may seem dirty, accept that your opponent would camp or 'cycle' weapons if he were in control. Don't do him any favours...

    3. Control the key item(s) - most often this is the 100-armour or 50-armour. In maps short on ammo, it can be a pack of rockets or slugs. Try to chase your opponent away from them when they are about to respawn. Or alternatively, use them as bait - smack your opponent when they run for them.

      Play the Odds

      Let's take some wisdom from the-book-of-Thresh. Play the odds he says in his bible... I'm sure he would agree with what I am saying here. don't be foolish and go rushing into a fight which you will probably lose. If your opponent is stronger then keep your distance and try to wear him/her down. If they try to rush you then make them pay for it - run backwards firing suppressive rockets or leave a trail of grenades.

      Firstly, keep track of how healthy your opponent is. If they have just grabbed the 100-armour... keep away.

      Secondly, make them pay if they try to approach you. Preferrably, duck behind corners so that they cannot hurt you (but you can still hurt them if they keep chasing you...).

      Thirdly, wait until you have the advantage, then pounce on them. Try to fire a few slugs at a distance... if you hit them then pull out rockets or double shotty and charge them whilst you have the advantage.

      No Mercy

      I have heard many people complain about being raped (killed just as you respawn next to a strong opponent).

      You must accept that DUEL is a game of gaining and keeping the upper hand...

      In other words, there will usually be a player in the stronger position and a player in the weaker position. Accept this... then enjoy the challenge of knocking off your opponent when you are in the weaker position !

      When you are in the weaker position you must be sneaky. You need to avoid fighting until you can grab a weapon and some armour. If you attack at all, use guerrila attacks - sting your opponent then disappear.

      Once you kill your opponent, you are now in the stronger position. Make the most of it ! Predict where your opponent will head after they respawn (rocket launcher ? railgun ?) and try to get a quick frag whilst they are weak. If they get a weapon - don't let them get armour or ammo. Retain the stronger position.

      Map by Map Strategies

      It's certainly too soon to be sure of the best strategies for each map ! But, if you fancy yourself something of an expert, then write up your strategy for your chosen q2duelx map and send it in.



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