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Q2 Tutorials

  • Stooopid idiot!
  • The Morgue
  • Triple Blaster
  • Bouncy Gun
  • MOTD
  • Jeopardy
  • Faster Blaster
  • Homing missile
  • Proximity mines
  • Detpipes!
  • Co-Op exit
  • Tracker
  • Cluster grenades
  • Statusbar
  • Accessing files
  • Taunting
  • Impulse 69


  • Puke
  • SumFuka
  • Mighty Moe

      Quake 2 Tutorials

    Welcome to our new Quake2 tutorial section! With the release of the quake2 source code, it is now possible to to build your own Q2 mod! The tutorials you see before you have been written by various people as well as the QDev staff. Feel free to write your own tutorial and send it in! Also, a big thanks to the authors who contributed to this section!

    You stooopid idiot!
    The first dive into Quake2 programming; and the first "does-nothing-useful" tutorial! Learn to edit your own suicide message! Author: SumFuka

    The Morgue
    Edit the ClientObituary, and give the quake dude some new stuff to say! Author: SumFuka

    Triple Blaster
    Oh yeah baby! Just what you always wanted, a Hyperblaster with three times the power!!! Author: SumFuka

    Bouncy Gun
    Just like starwars, this is the ultimate rebounding gun! Author: SumFuka

    Message Of The Day
    This great tutorial is the first to go beyond the old QuakeC limits! Here file I/O is used to create a MOTD, which can changed during a game without any changes being necessary to the server, since the message is stored in an external file... Just look, its kewlo:) Author: SumFuka

    Double Jeopardy
    Double the frags for anyone that can gib someone using the chain gun!! Author: SumFuka

    The sickest, most disgusting tutorial i've even seen! This tutorial will let your quake dude throw up at will. Check out the next tutorial, how to add gib/hard stuff to your puke! Author: SumFuka

    Umm..yuumm... Ok, last tutorial we had your quake dude puking blood, now its time to add some meat balls to the vomit! Author: SumFuka

    Faster Blaster
    Ok, now lets get some real firepower baby! In this tutorial, you'll learn to speed up your favorite weapon, in one, very simple step!! Author: SumFuka

    Homing Missile
    And you liked the rocket launcher did you? Well! Try the new and improved homing, rocket launcher! Not without any cells though! Author: Chris Hilton

    Proximity mines
    These babies are cool! Just throw one on the ground or blast one from your launcher, wait a couple of secs, and watch the gib fly by!! Author: Chris Hilton

    Just like... dare I say it: Puke Nukem Author: Chris Hilton

    Co-Op exit
    This time your in a platoon. Looks like you'll have to stick around and wait for your buddies:-/ Author: Chris Hilton

    Can't find your buddies? Wanna know your opponents health/weapon stats? No problem! Just follow the tutorial and you'll know all! Author: Chris Hilton

    Cluster grenades!
    As if you weren't sick of grenade tutorials, we've got just one more! Yes that's right. This is one of the old Quake classics, this time, for Quake2. The cluster grenades!! What the heck, crash q2 with 1001 grenades! Author: SumFuka

    Wow! jeezz.. i got a stiff neck just from reading through it! This is big, this is hard, but this is good! This tutorial will show you how the screen macrolanguage works, and how to take advantage of it! Great reading. Author: Decker

    Accessing files
    This interesting tutorial teaches you about the basics of file I/O. Its very useful, and can be applied to many different things. Author: Nathan Craig

    In this tutorial, we take methods learnt in the previous tutorial and apply them here, to make cool 'random' taunting, which can be edited via a text file. Author: erebus

    Impulse 69 Revisited
    This tutorial brings back the old classic. "Impulse 69" from the old CTF. It also shows you how you 'could' add another impulse command to Quake2. Its cool. Check it out:) Author: Pridkett



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