Quake DeveLS - Laser HyperBlaster

Author: Mario[RIP]
Difficulty: Easy

Let's make quake2 more net-firendly !

This code changes the hyperblaster from spawning a series of 'bolt' projectiles, to firing a series of green laser beams. The lasers hit their target instantly like the railgun or machine gun fire.

Just replace the 'fire_blaster' function in g_weapon.c with this:

void fire_blaster (edict_t *self, vec3_t start, vec3_t dir, int damage,
int speed, int effect, qboolean hyper)
   edict_t    *bolt;
   trace_t     tr;
   vec3_t      from;
   vec3_t      end;
   VectorNormalize (dir);
   if(effect & EF_BLASTER)// if blaster, spawn blaster bolt
      bolt = G_Spawn();
      VectorCopy (start, bolt->s.origin);
      VectorCopy (start, bolt->s.old_origin);
      vectoangles (dir, bolt->s.angles);
      VectorScale (dir, speed, bolt->velocity);
      bolt->movetype = MOVETYPE_FLYMISSILE;
      bolt->clipmask = MASK_SHOT;
      bolt->solid = SOLID_BBOX;
      bolt->s.effects |= effect;
      VectorClear (bolt->mins);
      VectorClear (bolt->maxs);
      bolt->s.modelindex =
      bolt->s.sound = gi.soundindex("misc/lasfly.wav");
      bolt->owner = self;
      bolt->touch = blaster_touch;
      bolt->nextthink = level.time + 2;
      bolt->think = G_FreeEdict;
      bolt->dmg = damage;
      bolt->classname = "bolt";
      gi.linkentity (bolt);
      if (self->client)
         check_dodge (self, bolt->s.origin, dir, speed);
      tr = gi.trace (self->s.origin, NULL, NULL, bolt->s.origin, bolt,
      if (tr.fraction < 1.0)
         VectorMA (bolt->s.origin, -10, dir, bolt->s.origin);
         bolt->touch (bolt, tr.ent, NULL, NULL);
   else // laser hyperblaster
      // set origin of laser beam at gun barrel.
      // note that the barrel is rotating, so the beams will 
      // originate from different places each time.
      VectorMA (start, 8192, dir, end);
      VectorCopy (start, from);
      // trace for end point of laser beam.
      // the laser aim is perfect. 
      // no random aim like the machinegun
      tr = gi.trace (from, NULL, NULL, end, self, MASK_SHOT);      
      // send laser beam temp entity to clients
      VectorCopy (tr.endpos, from);
      gi.WriteByte (svc_temp_entity);
      gi.WriteByte (TE_BFG_LASER);      
      gi.WritePosition (start);
      gi.WritePosition (tr.endpos);
      gi.multicast (self->s.origin, MULTICAST_PHS);
      if ((tr.ent != self) && (tr.ent->takedamage))
         T_Damage (tr.ent, self, self, dir, tr.endpos, tr.plane.normal,
damage, 0, 0, MOD_HYPERBLASTER);
      else if (!((tr.surface) && (tr.surface->flags & SURF_SKY)))
      {  // hit a brush, send clients 
         // a light flash and sparks temp entity.
         gi.WriteByte (svc_temp_entity);
         gi.WriteByte (TE_BLASTER);
         gi.WritePosition (tr.endpos);
         gi.WriteDir (tr.plane.normal);
         gi.multicast (self->s.origin, MULTICAST_PVS);
The code is simple and strait forward. Since the hyperblaster is fired at a very high speed, so we don't want to waste any of the server's CPU cycles with a more complicated effect. We also want to use temp entities instead of spawning full entities to reduce network traffic.

Here Is a break-down of what was happening before, compared to the new code: PREVIOUS HYPERBLASTER FIRING ONE ROUND:


I wrote this for more reasons than just for grins. The hyperblaster, as it was, was not very network friendly. It floods clients with info about position changes for each 'bolt' entity through time. It is also not good for the server. Remember The server has to do collision testing for every solid entity you spawn.

I read an article on RUST about making CTF levels, (http://www.planetquake.com/rust/style/ctfstyle.html) where they commented that the hyperblaster should be put into CTF levels only sparingly. It would be a tragedy if we had to start throwing away a good gun because it was causing trouble for the 'bandwidth challenged'. Like me and my 33.6kb modem.

Here are some netgraph testing results of two people doing a continuous spray of fire from old version and new version while in same q2ctf5 flag room. Old Hyperblaster's netgraph:

New Laser Hyperblaster's netgraph:

Tutorial by Mario[RIP]

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