Quake DeveLS - Porting to MultiModAPI

Author: Logic
Difficulty: Easy

This tutorial here will show you how to 'port' existing quake2 mods for the MultiMod API project which allows the creation of 'Plugins'. You'll need the MultiModAPI source too, which can be downloaded at: http://www.planetquake.com/logic.

First, a little bit about the Quake2 MultiMod API: This game modification permits concurrent execution of game modifications that conform to the API. Any number of modules can be copied to the MultiMod game directory and will execute in conjunction with other game modifications. Included with the distribution are 5 plugins and the sources for the plugins.

This tutorial outlines the steps necessary to get a normal Quake2 mod running with the Plugin API.

Assuming you have already read the qdevels Faster Blaster tutorial...

Create a new file called faster.c:

#include "api_prototypes.h"
#include "api.h"
#include "module.h"
#include "module_functions.h"

void FAST_WeaponBlaster(edict_t *ent) {
   static int  pause_frames[] = {19, 32, 0};
   static int  fire_frames[]  = {5, 0};

   Weapon_Generic (ent, 4, 5, 52, 55, pause_frames, fire_frames,

This changes the pause frames for the blaster. Now open api_support.c. In function GetModAPI(), find this text:

  /* User-Defined functions here                                      *
   * This is where author-defined functions are passed back to the    *
   * main game                                                        */

And add:

    RetVal->Weapon_Blaster = FAST_WeaponBlaster;
    ToggleMode(Weapon_Blaster, 1);

This tells the main game that when it starts executing Weapon_Blaster, it should also execute FAST_WeaponBlaster from your module. ToggleMode(Weapon_Blaster, 1) tells the main game to stop its execution of Weapon_Blaster after this mod executes, making this function a replacement for Weapon_Blaster.
Now, in module_functions.h, add:

void FAST_WeaponBlaster(edict_t *);

This allocates an address for your function, so that it can be returned to the main game. Edit the Makefile to include faster.c/faster.o to the library. That should do it! 3 lines of code to set up the plugin, and the function itself!

Tutorial by Logic.

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