Quake DeveLS - Clan Banning

Author: Unkown
Difficulty: Easy

This is a tutorial for the Ban Clan function. it is quite easily done. we just need to add a little check routine to ClientConnect in p_client.c. First off we need to add a couple of variables, the file descriptor, and a string to read out of the file

	qboolean ClientConnect (edict_t *ent, char *userinfo)
		char    *value;
		// Clan Banning
	+	FILE    *banlist;
		// Variable to handle the file.
	+	char    *line;
		// To read the file line byline.
Pretty striaght forward. now the actual nitty gritty of it all. still in ClientConnect() in p_client.c

	if (ent->inuse == false) {
		// clear the respawning variables
		InitClientResp (ent->client);
		if (!game.autosaved || !ent->client->pers.weapon)
			InitClientPersistant (ent->client);

	ClientUserInfoChanged (ent, userinfo);
+	// Clan Banning
+	if ( banlist = fopen("banlist.txt", "r") )
	// Open theFile
+	{
+		while ( fgets(line, 80, banlist) ) // We can still read...
+                {
+                        line[strlen(line)-1] = '\0';    // chop off the trailing \n
+                        if ( strstr(ent->client->pers.netname, line )  // if we found the current word in the nick...
+                        {
+                                return false;           // Refuse this client Entrance.
+                        }
+                }
+                fclose(banlist);                        // Give the file back to everyone.
+        }
+        else                                            // Can't openthe file.
+        {
+                gi.dprintf("Can't Open BANLIST.TXT\n");
+        }
	if (game.maxclients > 1)  
... there we go. that is it. not exactly a trying peice of code. now to addpeopl or whatever to the banlist you need to edit BANLIST.TXT in your root quake2 directory (e.g c:\quake2) it will look something like this.

now anyone with any of those things in their name will be denied access.

(SumFuka - don't hold me responsible for anyone using this tutorial in bad spirit ! I didn't write it, so sue me.)

Tutorial by Anon!

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