Quake DeveLS - Another Flashlight

Author: Dustin Ridenbaugh
Difficulty: It was harder to edit the sprite

Hey guys. This is The Gunslinger. I've had a couple request to put up tutorials here, so here goes. This first one is a remake of the flashlight. I don't know about you guys, but when I put it in my code, the dang thing didn't work!?! Then I tried splicing some of the other code together, and after about an hour, something working came out. So theres the history, and here we go. By the way, this is a rewritten version of the laser sight (thanks Geza).

Make sure you have a compiler befor you try any of this. The last question I want to have to awnser "What do you do after you have written the code". Personally, I reccomend the LCC compiler. I used wordpad to edit the code, and lcc to compile, and it works great.

Prelim thingy's

Open your g_local.h up and go to the end of the file where edict_s is. Edit edict_s so that it looks like this. (Be careful, a lot of people acciedntly will switch edict_s and edict_t)

	// common data blocks
	moveinfo_t		moveinfo;
	monsterinfo_t	monsterinfo;

	// Good sir, are you daft?
	edict_t *flashlight;

void FL_think (edict_t *self);
void FL_make(edict_t *self);
Now open up g_cmds.c and edit the very bottom of the file and edit it to look like this :

	else if (Q_stricmp (cmd, "flashlight") == 0)
		FL_make (ent);
	else	// anything that doesn't match a command will be a chat
		Cmd_Say_f (ent, false, true);
This should kill them

For $#!t's and giggles, lets create a new file, and call it p_light.c. Make it look like this:

// Flashlight patch, by Dustin Ridenbaugh, TheGunslinger@ecr.net

#include "g_local.h"

make the dang thing

void FL_make(edict_t *self) 
	vec3_t	start,forward,right,end;

 	if ( self->flashlight )
		self->flashlight = NULL;

	AngleVectors (self->client->v_angle, forward, right, NULL);

	VectorSet(end,100 , 0, 0);
	G_ProjectSource (self->s.origin, end, forward, right, start);

	self->flashlight = G_Spawn ();
	self->flashlight->owner = self;
	self->flashlight->movetype = MOVETYPE_NOCLIP;
	self->flashlight->solid = SOLID_NOT;
	self->flashlight->classname = "flashlight";
	self->flashlight->s.modelindex = gi.modelindex ("sprites/sight2.sp2");	// HEY KIDDYS NOTE THIS
	self->flashlight->s.skinnum = 0;
	self->flashlight->s.effects |= EF_HYPERBLASTER;		// Other effects can be used here, such as flag1, but these look corney and 
								// dull. Try stuff and tell me if you find anything cool
	self->flashlight->think = FL_think;
	self->flashlight->nextthink = level.time + 0.1;

// Congratulations, and welcome to the middle of the file.

make the dang thing

void FL_think (edict_t *self)
	vec3_t start,end,endp,offset;
	vec3_t forward,right,up;
	trace_t tr;

	AngleVectors (self->owner->client->v_angle, forward, right, up);

	VectorSet(offset,24 , 6, self->owner->viewheight-7);
	G_ProjectSource (self->owner->s.origin, offset, forward, right, start);


	if (tr.fraction != 1)

	if ((tr.ent->svflags & SVF_MONSTER) || (tr.ent->client))
		if ((tr.ent->takedamage) && (tr.ent != self->owner))
			self->s.skinnum = 1;
		self->s.skinnum = 0;


	gi.linkentity (self);
	self->nextthink = level.time + 0.1;

Make'in purty lights and colors

Well, the best way to accomplish the effect of funny lights and colors in front of you is to get throughly plastered and high as Green Day , but Q2 is kinda hard to play that way. This might be the next best. I don't know how server friendly this is, but it works great none the less. The original lasersight code used some "lss" thingy to find your sight edict_t. I didn't like it(it wasn't purty) so I killed it. The code is pretty simple, and reminds me alot of going back to ol' Quake1 and Team Fortress editing. That was fun stuff wasn't it guys? Anyway...

That funny looking sprite?!?

Okay, someone may have noticed that this code does use a model, or I mean sprite. You should have noticed is, unless your like me and just copy everything straight from the .html file, and hope it works. Anyway, this is not included in your pak file. However, you can make it using a hex editor. I would highly recommend this for any experienced programer. !!!NAKED TEENAGE CHICKS!!! That was to get the newbie's attention. DO NOT USE A HEX EDITOR IF YOU DON'T HAVE A GOOD PROGRAMING BACKGROUND. Do not come whining to me because you shuffeled your fat table :-)>. You need to edit it so that the size is 0,0. Its there, but its just too small to see. I'll try to see if I can post it somewhere.

I think thats all. If it don't work, well, too bad. Actully, if it doesn't work, email me and I shall fix it ( :-(> 'sigh').

Dustin Ridenbaugh, The Gunslinger.

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