Quake DeveLS - Make it fast, Baby!

Author: Raptor
Difficulty: (VERY) Easy !

Some weeks ago, I got Quake II and said – WOW. What else could I say about the single player mode of a great game!?! And then, the first LAN – Party came and I played Quake II in deathmatch mode for the first time…And I couldn't believe it, but the deathmatch mode of Quake II is boring… (Remember: it's MY OWN OPINION). [Ed's note... I wouldn't call it boring, maybe just a "different style of play" ?, I think id meant it to be a more strategic deathmatch game...]

And that was the reason for me to write this mod. With this modification you can easily change the rocket speed by a console command. Cause this is the first mod I've ever written, this is the only modification I did. But others may follow…for example you can change the player's velocity by a console command so the deathmatch mode in Quake II is as fast as Quake I! Have fun…

Let's Do It...

First, we need to open the file g_local.h to declare a new variable. For a good overview, go to line 20 and insert the following text :

int rocketspeed = 550; // sets the rocket speed to 550 (default!)

Now we need to open the file g_cmds.c to create a new console command. Go to line 588 and insert the following :
void Cmd_RocketSpeed_f (edict_t *ent)
	int		i;
	i = atoi (gi.argv(1));

	switch (i)
	case 0:
		gi.cprintf (ent, PRINT_HIGH, "actual rocket speed : %d\n\n", rocketspeed);
		rocketspeed = i;
		gi.cprintf (ent, PRINT_HIGH, "new rocket speed is now %d\n\n", rocketspeed);
This function changes the actual speed of the rockets. For example, if you type "cmd r_speed 1000" the new rocket speed is set to 1000. And if you don't give a parameter like "cmd r_speed", the actual speed will be displayed. Get it? Ok, but it is not finished yet… Now go to line 635 and insert 2 lines so that it looks like this :
else if (Q_stricmp (cmd, "putaway") == 0)
	Cmd_PutAway_f (ent);
else if (Q_stricmp (cmd, "wave") == 0)
	Cmd_Wave_f (ent);
else if (Q_stricmp (cmd, "r_speed") == 0)		// insert a new console command -> "cmd r_speed"
	Cmd_RocketSpeed_f (ent);			// added this line too
else if (Q_stricmp (cmd, "gameversion") == 0)
gi.cprintf (ent, PRINT_HIGH, "%s : %s\n", GAMEVERSION, __DATE__);
else if (Q_stricmp (cmd, "fov") == 0)
And last but not least, we open the file p_weapon.c and go to line 655. We see the following line :
fire_rocket (ent, start, forward, damage, 550, damage_radius, radius_damage);
REPLACE that line with THIS line :
fire_rocket (ent, start, forward, damage, rocketspeed, damage_radius, radius_damage);
Ok that's it! Very easy for some guys, but I think a usefull mod for those, who like deathmatch as fast as Quake I ! I'm currently working on a mod where all is a little bit faster, and the new version will have sound support. Compile it and have fun! Bye…


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