Quake DeveLS - Anti-Gravity Boots

Author: John Rittenhouse
Difficulty: Damn easy !

Wheeee !...

Okay I thought it would be kinda cool to jump over someone's head and shoot them with the supershotgun. Not just any kind of jump I thinking more along the lines like on the moon. So I decided to call them Anti-Gravity Boots... to see a example goto http://www.captured.com/startc/ and download star troopers. Remember the lines starting + are ones I added. Here is how I made them first add to g_local.h around line 50.

        #define FL_TEAMSLAVE                    0x00000400      // not the first on the team
        #define FL_NO_KNOCKBACK                 0x00000800
        #define FL_POWER_ARMOR                  0x00001000      // power armor (if any) is active
        #define FL_RESPAWN                              0x80000000      // used for item respawning
        +#define FL_BOOTS                               0x00002000      //Anti-Gravity boots flag
Now go into p_client.c around line 1690

        if (ent->movetype == MOVETYPE_NOCLIP)
                client->ps.pmove.pm_type = PM_SPECTATOR;
        else if (ent->s.modelindex != 255)
                client->ps.pmove.pm_type = PM_GIB;
        else if (ent->deadflag)
                client->ps.pmove.pm_type = PM_DEAD;
                client->ps.pmove.pm_type = PM_NORMAL;
        if (Q_stricmp (ent->classname,"observer") == 0)
                client->ps.pmove.pm_type = PM_SPECTATOR;
        client->ps.pmove.gravity = sv_gravity->value;
        +if (ent->flags & FL_BOOTS)
        +       client->ps.pmove.gravity = sv_gravity->value * 0.25;

        pm.s = client->ps.pmove;
Now we need to add a way to toggle it on and off. So goto g_cmds.c around line 2840.

        else if (Q_stricmp (cmd, "kill") == 0)
                Cmd_Kill_f (ent);
        else if (Q_stricmp (cmd, "putaway") == 0)
                Cmd_PutAway_f (ent);
        else if (Q_stricmp (cmd, "wave") == 0)
                Cmd_Wave_f (ent);       
        +else if (Q_stricmp (cmd, "boots") == 0)
        +       if (ent->flags & FL_BOOTS)
        +       {
        +               gi.cprintf (ent, PRINT_HIGH, "Anti Gravity Boots off\n");
        +               ent->flags -= FL_BOOTS;
        +       }
        +       else
        +       {
        +               gi.cprintf (ent, PRINT_HIGH, "Anti Gravity Boots on\n");
        +               ent->flags |= FL_BOOTS;
        +       }
Thats about it for now! To use it all you have to do is type in "cmd boots".

John Rittenhouse .

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