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C Tutorials

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      C Tutorials

    These tutorials are here to help you get started doing real programming. I'm sure many of you will have come from QuakeC, and maybe a little familiar with the contents of these tutorials. As I said, this is only an introduction, and definitely, does not replace a good book on the subject. Please send in your comments and suggestions

    Tutorial 1 - Working with LCC-WIN32
    The first tutorial in the series, teaches you how to compile the C code. You can make your first program in C, and i'll show you which bugs in the compiler to watch out for.

    Tutorial 2 - What did I just do??
    This one gives you a detailed explanation of the first program you compiled in tutorial 1. It also gives you a little (rather simple) exercise to try out (and please don't mail me if you can't figure it out!).

    Tutorial 3 - Variables Part 1
    Learn some crucial concepts in programming of any language. All you wanted to know about variables, and too much more:) A sure read for any newbies

    Tutorial 4 - Variables Part 2
    A follow up to part 1(duh). Print this out, and use it as a sleeping pile, it will work wonders...... If your really interested, there are more programs you can compile, and much more to learn about variables (e.g. how to use em!).

    Tutorial 5 - Getting user input
    In this tutorial, you will learn how to get input from the user, to affect your program, using the function scanf and some methods learnt in the previous tutorials. Also, you write your first, USEFUL program!

    Tutorial 6 - Controlling Program Flow - While loop
    Learn about the while loop, and how it functions. Then apply it to the program you built in the last tutorial.

    Tutorial 7 - More While loops....
    Well, in this tutorial we'll just be extending the ASCCHRT program, making it a little more professional, while using while loop nested inside other while loops, and we'll also create a useful function.

    Tutorial 8 - The IF loop
    In this tutorial we'll learn how to use the IF loop. This is a fundamental program flow 'controller' in many programming languages, including C. Here i'll teach you exactly how to use it with a real lame example (as usual:)



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