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by kolinahr

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Abrash, Michael::

former id programmer. see who's who

Actura software::

software company that released a cd compilation of quake levels and addons without the creators' permissions. spawned the "skrew actura now" campaign. in the past, companies have illegally repackaged user made levels and addons for doom/2, even though id's license forbade it. see more community action info at QNG...


quake software that adds on new weapons, levels, models etc. the inherently modifiable quake allows users to create their own addons, through the use of quake-c and various editing programs.

addons vary from serious efforts such as CTF to stranger addons such as Kill the llama. there was some debate about the use of the quake engine for commercial products -whether or not homebrew addons (not id supported) can be sold. try the quakec archives. see also: dissolution of eternity, scourge of armagon, list of addons


late+great quake news page by Joost Schuur. aftershock was a regularly maintained quake news page that was sadly closed down fairly soon after quake was released in the middle of 1996.
see also: slipgate central


advanced quake console command. allows players to perform complex actions such as rocket jumping with a keypress

alien quake::

foxed TC. see addons


online service that spawns newbies. probably NOT a good idea if you want to be a devout quaker due to lag finger: ronsolo for specimen samples

Assassin 3d::

specialized game controller from, designed for 3d games such as quake. read loonyboi's review. see also spaceorb 360, mouser




head of the planetquake site. see who's who


type of software that is nearing completion, but still must undergo bug testing. sometimes wrongly used to describe unfinished half-baked software that is released incrementally and annoyingly. see sinistar's "all about beta"

BFG 9000::

back in the old days (~1994), there was a weapon in doom called the BFG 9000. nobody knew how to use it correctly, and in those days '7' meant bfg, not rocket launcher. bfg stood for "big fun gun" (ok the F has an alternate meaning :), and fired a huge greenish sphere of energy at slightly slower than rocket speed.

eventually, doom.gods figured out the arguably most complex weapon ever invented. basically, whenever you fired, the angle of discharge was recorded. when the bfg impacted, invisible rays of death emanated in the recorded angle, fragging anyone in it's path. people also discovered that pressing space to push the wall (or by falling) caused the space marine to grunt, allowing players to perform the silent bfg (no sound).

quake2 will have a bfg-type weapon. check out the classic BFG faq by Tony Fabris


superhero + creator of superduper blue's news. see who's who

blue's news::

one of the most popular quake web pages that features recent, revelant, and well-written quake news. run by superhero blue: more qnews info at QNG...


a (ro)bot is a quake addon that allows players to play against simulated deathmatch opponent(s). the most popular bot is the reaper bot.

although quake c bots such as the reaper must be run on the server side, a true client side bot can be run on the clientside. this means that even if you don't run a server, you can use client-side bots such as Stooge bot while playing net quake. although the client-side Stooge bot only enhances a player's aim, many other client-side bots such as the mike bot are fully autonomous and run by themselves.

client-side bots also can not cheat like some quake-c bots can because the client does not have as much access to game information as a quake-c bot does. many players frown upon client-side bots that do not announce their 'botness', and most bots obey the command 'no bots'.

try the scrap heap. see 'client side bots are not evil' editorial, more bot info at QNG...


formerly known as quakemania, brutality features up-to-date news, files and a host of hosted gaming sites: resources: run by Polish and Monolith


very popular quake level editor by Yahn Bernier. go to BSP hq. more mapping info at QNG...

to 'bsp' a file also refers to the entire process of using qbsp, light, vis. as maps increase in size, system requirements and time for bsp-ing also increase, making home-brew mappers less common.


stands for "bring your own computer". most lan parties require this, as computer rentals are rather expensive




used in quake movie making or demo recording, cameras are programmed (in quake-c) to do various tasks such as teleport to the area of most action, track a certain player, or move in a predetermined way


type of deathmatch player whose strategy is to grab a weapon such as the rocket launcher and sit in a dark place in wait. other variations include players who guard a certain area full of goodies. certain maps tend to breed campers, as designers sometimes group powerful weapons/power-ups nearby. camping is usually frowned upon except in capture the flag where it is considered as a viable defense tactic. try Quake Camper's page or clan of the camper: campsite

Carmack, John::

id's head programmer. see who's who


organized quake playing team. clans play matches with each other, sometimes results are tabulated for clan leagues. there are virtually hundreds of clans: ClanRing, list of clans. association with a clan is usually denoted by a prefix or a suffix, such as [RL]Bob or Entropy9 where Bob is a member of clan Rocket Launcher (fictional) and Entropy belongs to clan impulse9. see a history of clanring. more clan info at QNG...


quake is a client/server game. the client asks the server, 'hey que pasa mufasa?'. the server says 'bill fragged bob'. even in one player, quake simulates this client/server situation. in internet games, you are probably the client, and the computer that handles all the player connections is the server


pressing '~' in quake pulls down the console where players can type in commands, such as "crosshair 1" or "color 4". a list of console commands is available at the Quake Console Command page. more console info at QNG...

crack dot com::

see 3d gaming companies


in early versions of CTF, players could choose whatever shirt color they wanted. a crossdresser is a person who is on the blue team (wears blue pants), but wears a red shirt (or versa vice). crossdressing was particularly annoying knee-deep in the dead err water, when only a player's shirt is visible.

later ctf versions show the pants color more prominently on the shirt, thanks to grey_ghost's custom ctf skin. as of version 4.1, CTF disallows cross dressing.


capture the flag. see addons

cult of phoebus::

good gaming site for virtually all 3d action games: (by Phoebus)




see 3d games


a ffa (free for all) where the players get the biggest gun they can find and try to kill everybody else. modifications are teamplay, and other addons

deathmatch maker::

new commercial 'id authorized' level editor by Virtus. try the Deathmatch maker homepage. the web page caused a controversy when marketing made supercilious comments about their editor as compared to others.


a quake recording usually of deathmatchs. movies have been created such as Operation Bayshield and various Ranger clan movies. DemoLand or QL: multimedia are great demo resources. Some editors are: dic KeyGrip, DEMentED, and Film at 11. more demo info at QNG...


microsoft's 3d API (programmer tools) that allows programmers to code a graphics engine without being concerned with hardware details: compatibility, speed, etc. quake does not use direct3d, but uses its competitor OpenGl. recently, many game developers, including John Carmack, joined forces to send a letter to microsoft requesting more support for opengl


a dynamically linked library. id software and other companies using the quake engine are switching from quake-c to DLLs. Using DLLs would offer more flexibility in addons, but would sacrifice security. DLL programming is harder than quake-c, and DLLs would have to be recompiled for different operating systems. try Quake C issues, wm_quake2

dissolution of eternity::

2nd quake mission pack. see 3d games


classic pre-quake id game. see 3d games


originally one of Tom Hall's creations for Commander Keen, the dopefish appears in a secret area of E2M3 (Crypt of Decay). The second dumbest creature in the universe, a dopefish is a fat green fish with buckteeth. go to the official Dopefish home page

druken lag::

variation of ice skating. instead of gliding in one direction, drunken lag occurs when direction control of the user is rendered in a "drunken" state. i.e. you try to move forward, but instead turn left and fall into lava

duke nukem 3d::

see 3d games




if you don't know what elite means or you say that you are elite, you are obviously NOT 3l33t. compare llama




frequently asked questions. although the rise of the web has made faqs less up-to-date and all-knowing, faqs are still useful and commonplace. see the quake2 faq, gl quake dojo faq, quakeworld faq, hexen II faq, half-life faq. more info at the QNG


unix command that queries a .plan file for information and tells last login and other misc data. many game designers offer current information about what they are doing in their (finger) '.plan'.

the best finger resource is quakefinger by dweomer and hank. more finger info at QNG...


as a noun, (20th century) fox refers to a media company which has earned the ire of many quakers. as a verb, being "foxed" refers to being shut down by fox (or perhaps another large corporation). when a conversion is foxed, the creators are forced to stop work and must tell the public to delete any and all references to the foxed conversion.

historically, companies did not crack down on addons for doom that used trademarked motifs such as aliens doom or the ever popular barney doom. companies are beginning to guard their "intellectual" property more carefully as popular (albeit free) user-made addons become more popular (and profitable).

TCs that have been foxed include: alien quake, predator tc, mortal kombat tc, mario tc and the shut-down Wheel of Time quake (WOTQ). cross-reference with quego, a TC that changed names from Lego3d due to legal reasons.

several TCs have been reborn after foxing. wheel of time quake has tranmogrified into fantasy quake: rise of the phoenix, and mario ate some mushrooms and turned into bugz.

the st@r w@rs tc changed names to stellar conquest to avoid being foxed, but soon returned to its star wars moniker in hopes of forming a (rebel?) alliance with lucas arts. lucas arts has allegedly said they may "look the other way"

figuratively, being foxed can also refer to being forced to stop work on any project (not necessarily a TC) due to pressing legal action. for example zanshin, who is writing a full OpenGL port for the 3dfx, was mysteriously foxed and was forced to go to court (currently going to arbitration, not a jury trial). see FIST, a site about mainstream foxing of fox-fan websites (simpsons, x-files etc)


fps = frames per second. higher fps means more screen redrawings per second, and therefore smoother play. pull down the console and type "timerefresh". at least 20 fps is required for smooth play. to improve fps, get a faster computer or a better video card


to frag someone means to kill them. the term originally meant to kill a fellow soldier with a fragmentation device. frag, as a noun, is the point awarded when a player kills. usually in deathmatch, the one with the most frags is considered the winner


quake convention held late august 1997 in nanuet, NY. see fray homepage, mystery review, witzbold report, jakfrost's photos

future vs fantasy::

see addons




popular server query utility that is compatibile with many 3d action games. gamespy enables players to see who is on what server, and automagically pings the server to gauge lag. available at (formerly known as quakespy) more server finder at QNG...


to gib someone means to blow them into tiny kibbles + bits (meow meow meow meow!). gib is pronounced "jib", not "gib" with a hard g.

according to id's adrian carmack, who coined the word, "Gib is short for gibblet. Gibblets are guts of a chicken. I first heard a friend of mine use the term. Once I started working at id, I would call the guts I drew 'gibs'." see also gibbage, jib


the residue left behind after being gibbed.


bitual rapper. see who's who


special version of quake (.exe file) that offers better graphics if you have a compatible 3d video card. not all 3d video cards support OpenGL (Zanshin's def), which is needed to run glquake. the 3dfx (Zanshin's def) voodoo chipset, used in cards such as the monster 3d, is often recommended. glquake provides effects that regular quake does not have: shadows, reflective surfaces, transparent water, and better texture-ing.

the newest version of glquake offers a bit of colored lighting and better performance. see also vquake, and check out the 3dfx faq and Zanshin's GLdojo. more gl info at QNG...


future game. see 3d games

grappling hook::

see addons


a hexen (II) clan




quake engine game from Valve software. see 3d games

Hall, Tom::

ion founder. see who's who


see addons

hexenworld::, planetquake's sister site, features hexen II news/info, hosted sites, and plenty of catapultable sheep

high ping::

someone who has a high ping is lagged, and moves like quake on a 486. a high ping is greater than about 300 milliseconds. modemers (people who use modems) usually have fairly high pings because modems are relatively slow. a high ping can also be caused by a slow internet connection or quake server. compare low ping bastard


now known as ritual entertainment

Hook, Brian::

3(i)d programmer. see who's who


high ping capture league. QW HPCL homepage


heads up display. as of quakeworld 2.0, the status bar is see through and subsequently less obstrusive



ice skating::

ice skating occurs when a player has bad lag, and therefore glides around haphazardly like a drunken ice skater who drank too much coffee mixed with shots of red rum. see also drunken lag

id software::

created quake. see 3d gaming companies


well-known quake addon development team located at impact has released quess (quake chess), and quake rally

ion storm::

see 3d gaming companies



java quake::

quake implementation using the java language. located at in may, java quake offered deathmatch, but was forced to shut down on 5/29 due to usage of id levels, textures, and models. reborn in frag island


apparently a smaller version of gib




a sometimes derogatory term for players who solely use the keyboard. although in doom, keyboarders died mercilessly, in quake (with adjustable keyboard sensitivity) keyboarders fare a bit better.

joystick users are generally frowned upon, but probably will not suck as much in future games as joysticks and game controls become more configurable. compare mouser




lag is the general term for the slowness of a quake net game. lag is caused by a slow connection (ie modem), or poor settings. it is usually measured by ping. see also Lag City, high ping, low ping bastard. more lag info at QNG...


Local Area Network. many players play on these because it is faster than internet play. a lan is a group of computers connected through wires, usually found in colleges and companies. a lan can be created if each computer has a network card and cabling.

lan party::

ranging from tiny get togethers to massive 500+ conventions like quakecon, a lan party is simply an event where gamers bring (or rent) computers to one location to play network multiplayer games. most lan parties stipulate: byoc. check out blue's lan party list


latency is the time required for a data packet to go from one place to another. see also ping, lag


the file containing the 3d geometry and monster/item placement that make up the worlds of quake. also known as a map, levels are created using level editors. many user-made levels are available. try matt's spq level heaven and crash's page for fine spq (single player quake) levels, or alternatively ramshackle for deathmatch levels

level editor::

software designed to create and edit 3d levels. aka map editor. while id software (and other companies using the quake engine) use the in-house QE4 (QuakeEd4) editor, many quality editors have been developed and released by the quake community. map editors of note include the popular worldcraft editor, the powerful BSP editor, and the discontinued but successful quest. more level editing info at QNG...


ritual mapper. see who's who


.map editing utility that lights the final .bsp file based on light data. quake2 will include a better light utility that will allow more types of lighting. currently, lighting is based on spheres of light that originate from a single point


free unix clone for x86 machines (and others), popular with hackers (not crackers). full source code is included. try for info. quake has been ported to linux (and other unix systems) by Zoid


strange animal; favorite among quakers for "various" actvities. also synonymous with lamer. finger: Candy the Llama, or try the Kill the Llama game.

according to mynx of dear mynx, the term llama has its roots in the derogative term 'lame'. apparently, the word was coined in 1994 by Warp2 in the irc channel #doom

log parser::

quake utility software that parses (interprets) server data, and outputs nifty info such as frag tables etc. try Richard's Quake Console.log Filter, gibstats

low ping (bastard)::

quake player who has an extremely low ping, and is therefore able to run around high ping players easily. some consider playing as a LPB against high pingers "cheesy", so leagues such as the HPCL have been formed. LPBs usually have an ISDN (superfast connection) line from their telephone company, or use a college's net.connection.

a LPB has a ping of less than 100 milliseconds, while a 28.8k modemer has lag of about 200 to 300 ms. Clans usually have separate low ping and high ping divisions. quakeworld makes the low ping/high ping schism a bit more bearable. see also lag, high ping, latency




Manhattan Memorial (day) Marathon. m3 was a quake LAN party in NYC, May 23-May 26, 1997. m3 was free, and was held at Pseudo Online (home of quakecast). although m3 was byoc, many quakers graciously left their computers on, explicitly allowing those without computers to play quake. m3 was sponsored by the cyberweb cafe, pseudo online, and planetquake.

some of the people who were at m3: [pq] bastard, blue, dweomer, fargo, fragmaster kolinahr, lithium, loonyboi. [ritual] giggler, paradox, sCary. [misc] avatar, crt, dipstick, drastic man, some Gib clansmen, hs!, Ikkarus, joost schuur, judge cal, killcreek, Mute, pms-phoenix, phoebus, radpipe, some rangers, stormalong, some THE clansmen, tony fabris, wanker, wendigo, yossman. [qa] Steve Smith, Kevin Grimm, Matt Walsh, (greenie) Embrionic Pete. more m3 info at:


as in "you need a manbeating?". refers to fragging opponent senselessly in deathmatch. variant forms: skullcracking.


a ".map" file is a text file that contains quake level information. it is unusable until it is bsp-ed and light-ed. vis optionally speeds up the final bsp level in quake. although it is possible to create a .map file by hand, most people use a level editor such as a BSP. more mapping info at QNG...

McGee, American::

idesigner. see who's who


popular quake software to edit 3d models. available at


1 on 1 deathmatch duel where the loser is forced to drink from a big juggernaught jug of (possibly rancid) milk


(quake) modification. see addon


quake thing of polygons. aka MDL. the player, monsters, weapons etc are all models. 3d modelling software such as meddle is used to create custom models such as in FVF. to texture the models, a custom skin is drawn and placed on the model. see also Kray-Zee's modeling guide, Supermodels, Bubbah's monster page, or the free models page.


quake player who uses the mouse to aim left and right, as well as mlook (mouselook) to look up and down. mousers use the keyboard to strafe and do other misc stuff.

virtually all good quake players use the mouse because they can 'mouseflick': quickly move the mouse to face any angle instantly. the two most popular brands are probably microsoft and logitech. trackballs are also sometimes used. see the truth about mice. compare keyboarder


using edited demo (.dem) files, and custom quake-c hacks, people have been able to create movies with voice and action. try Operation Bayshield or Ranger clan movies. try QuakeLab: Multimedia for movie making info, or FDP movies


mplayer is a young multiplayer service that touts that it is "the place for fast multiplayer games on the internet". mplayer offers free and "plu$" access for multiplayer gaming. it supports great games such as quake (+ctf), and other games such as red alert or mech warrior 2.

mplayer came under attack by quake players who were angered at the decision to hold the tournament for John Carmack's "old" ferrari on mplayer. (btw thresh won) mplayer does not support quakeworld, but uses its own lag reducing techniques which may not be as good as those of quakeworld's. one wonky bug was that players whose names were longer than 16 characters automagically qualified for the second round. although players complain of misreported scores, poor lag, and software problems, mplayer is working hard to improve their technology and fix existing bugs. mplayer currently supports "classic" net.quake which is better for lpbs. company homepage:



new vore times::

quake parody site; offered funnybunny stories such as the adventures of blue, or janitor bob stories. @ run by Fragmaster, as of 4/20/97, NVT was on hiatus, and on 5/25/97, Frags closed down the NVT. see also pork riblets


since redwood pioneered the concept of a constantly updated news site before quake's release, the idea of a news page has undergone many changes. the first style was the idea of multiple daily updates, news bits listed after the date, latest news at the top.

there are several important issues news pages must deal with today. first, the idea of filtering news has caused some debate. although at one time it was possible to fit all the day's news on a single page, news is more abundant today. some pages, like blue's, take a journalistic approach, posting "all the carnage that's fit to post". others post everything they get. another issue is the impending release of quake engine games and other 3d action games. to post or not to post? that is the question.




in quakeworld, players can opt to become an observer and watch the game without fighting


GLquake uses the OpenGL API. this means quake tells the OpenGL driver+card, 'hey draw a polygon at x.y.z, then show it'. Carmack decided to use OpenGL instead of MS direct3d because of ease of use

operation bayshield::

infamous quake movie by clan Undead. the sequel to operation bayshield is being worked on. download Operation Bayshield or its quake-c source




like a doom .wad file, ".pak"s contain skins, models, custom quake-c etc. to use a pak, put it in a subdirectory of quake such as "ctf", and type "quake -game ctf". paks are usually distributed with TCs/PCs. utilities are available to view paks @, or try qped


bsp p1mp. see who's who


quake addon that changes game elements. see also quake-c


PartialConversion. quake addon that partially changes game elements such as weapons or monsters. PCs retain some original id stuff such as textures or weapons. see also TC. more PC info at QNG...


yumyumdoodledum yellow fruit that blows up after several (2.5) seconds. aka grenade. see also gib, pork riblets


unix tool to measure lag/ latency. to use in win95, type ping x.y.z.q where x.y.z.q is the quake server ip address. high ping= slow, low ping=fast. ping is measured in milliseconds. in the quake console, type ping, or in quakeworld just press tab. utilities such as gamespy automagically ping servers. remember LOW PING=GOOD PING! a ping bot has been created that artificially inflates a user's ping, making a lpb seem like a modemer. see also lag, latency, highping, lpb


see finger

pork riblet::

favorite food of quakers, often eaten with quaker oats. pork riblets are a sumptuous feast of a quake dinner offered by banquet, and reported increase the eater's gibbing ability. see the NVT article, or the Pork riblets page by Radpipe

planetquake:: PQ (planetquake) hosts many fine quake sites and offers original content such as quality articles, reviews, reports and news. see the PQ staff, webmasters. more host info at QNG...


future (1998?) 3drealms game. see 3d games


slang neologism from quake argot that refers to salacious visuals


quakeworld console command to increase playability. highpingers using modems will use pushlatency to make the game appear to run smoother. to use, pull down the console in QW, and type pushlatency -X where X is a negative value between 0 and your ping... see also lag, latency




.map editing utility released by id software to convert text '.map' files to quake usable '.bsp' files. a future version of qbsp will offer colored lighting for glquake, better robustness (resistance to crashing), less restrictions, and the ability to create levels without including id's textures. try


quake utility software to help with quake-c editing. available at


level editing software by Matt Tagliaferri. homepage:


level editor: available at


quake browser plug-in that enables players to start a quakeworld game from within a browser. see qplug info at stomped


popular quake server query utility distributed with quakeworld. enables players to see who is on what server, and automagically pings the server to gauge lag. available at a registered version of the now shareware qspy is available, offering bonus options like an integrated chat client. qspy is now known as gamespy, and is compatible with many multiplayer 3d action games


true 3d multiplayer gaming masterpiece by egos at id software. see 3d games


sequel to quake. see 3d games

quake c::

programming language created by John Carmack, loosely based on the C programming language. quake c allows players to modify the quake gameplay in any way, for example speeding up rockets or making new weapons.

months ago, a decompiler was released. the decompiler takes the progs.dat (compiled, usable quake-c) and takes it apart to its component source files. the source files can be used to simply learn how the patch works, but sometimes hacks of the source code are created. most notoriously, the reaper has been hacked, without the author's permission, and various tutorials and reaper hacks are available. since the decompiler was released, programmers have created progs.dat scramblers to foil would-be addon hacks

quake c offers great expandability, but companies using the quake engine are moving to a dll format. quake c (compiler and source) is freely available, check out the QC archives for quake-c patches, Inside 3d for quake-c hacking info, or the qc source page. more qc info at QNG...


weekly realaudio broadcast (Thursday 8:30pm EST), hosted by blue, girlbomb, and judgecal. quakecast is broadcast from in NYC. people can call in live, or listen at see also stormfront. more qcast info at QNG...


a 500+ person gathering of quake players and celebrities, quakecon '97 met in dallas, texas (3rd week of july). besides massive quaking, upcoming games were demoed, lectures and seminars were given, and t-shirts were doled out. see

quakecon reports: pq- fargo's, games domain, gamespot, pc games, brutality, razor; quakecon vs m3 article, brutality pix, phoebus pix, nawc survey, redwood's impressions, stomped: quakecon, pix.


the ultimate finger resource page that lists recently updated plans from ".plan"s (simple text files stored on a server) that game designers frequently update. quakefinger was created by dweomer and hank. located at


brand name (tm) quake fast-frag-food chain of great editing sites. branches of quakelab include: the original QuakeLab by Steve Fukuda, and QuakeLab: Multimedia by fragmaster. future quakelab chains will include QL: 3D, and QL: quake c

quake newbie guide::

the QNG is a resource for newbies: people who are new to the quake community. run by dakota with help from kolinahr, the QNG offers in depth information about all things quake, from qtest to quake C. go to the Quake Newbie Guide now!

quake rally::

rac caring. see addons


project started by Carmack (John) late in 1996 when many high ping modem users complained of lag in internet games.

quakeworld first used the paradigm of qw masters, where every qw server was hooked up to an official qw master server. the master tabulated rank and skill based on frags and other criteria. since id's master coughed up riblets and died quickly under the pressure, several auxiliary masters went up. the ranking discouraged some players, and encourged other llamas to make fake accounts. the current quakeworld does not tabulate rank or skill.

quakeworld attempts to compensate for lag by including the pushlatency command. qw supports skins, and now as of April 1st release of qw, 25 players (32:)

the 8/9/97 release of quakeworld 2.0 adds features such as: flood protection, better gl performance, colored lighting etc. try QW central or more qw info at QNG...

quakeworld master::

dedicated quakeworld server. in the old quakeworld, the master calculated (virtually) all of the ranks/skills of quakeworld players. the master also gave out server lists of the real (non-master) servers that handled game traffic. with the recent release of new master/client, masters only contain server data. try QW central

quantum axcess::

see 3d gaming companies


see addons


see addons




console command. type r_speeds 1 to see polygon information. used in level development for checking the speed a computer will render a particular part of a level. see this WCU log for more info


a ".rc" file is a configuration file that quake uses to set up various things. also known as a ".cfg" file. check out the Quake RC archive


popular deathmatch bot. see addons


to respawn is to come back to life in a (pseudo) randomly chosen deathmatch respawn spot. in most versions, the spawn order is fixed, so expert players know at which respawn spot their prey will pop up next after being fragged. also refers to items that return after being picked up.


previously hipnotic. see 3d gaming companies

rocket juggling::

in quakeworld, rockets impart more velocity than classic quake rockets. a player can rocket juggle an opponent by first firing a rocket at the opponent's feet. The victim flies upward, then the player repeatedly fires at the victim's future landing spot. the victim is "juggled" since he doesn't touch the ground until he dies. compare rocket jumping

rocket jumping::

a technique to jump higher using the rocket launcher. aim the RL down, jump and immediately fire.. expert quake players such as Honus rocket jump in order to cross large distances or get to high places (and powerups).

it is possible to "grenade jump" with grenades, or combine grenade jumping with rocket jumping. in quake2, barrel rocket jumping (doing a rocket jump on an explosive barrel) will be possible. to satisfy all your rjumping needs: rocket jumper's guide to quake. compare rocket juggling

rocket launcher::

go to quake. push 7. if a big gun pops up you have a rocket launcher. the rocket launcher (RL) is considered by many to be the best overall weapon due to its splash damage (damage taken by players near to the impact point), and direct damage. see also rocket jumping

Romero, John::

id, ion founder. see who's who




web p1mp gangster. see who's who

Schuur, Joost::

of sgc. see who's who

scourge of armagon::

see 3d games


server refers to the hardware that enables people to play multiplayer quake on the internet. using a utility such as qspy, players find a server and connect to it. the client (player's computer) sends game info to the server, which then disseminates the info to all the other players.

there are several kinds of servers: dedicated, listen, and quakeworld. dedicated servers (normal quake) do not let a user play at the server machine while listen servers do. the person playing at a listen server has virtually no lag. don't even think about running a net.quake server unless you have a superfast pentium and at least a T1 line (fast net.connection). more server info at QNG...


some members of the quake community use salacious terms such as wood. since pre-quake days, people said they would spooge when quake was finally released.

quake is full of suggestive messages such as: "gary accepts ace's shaft/discharge", "ace rides gary's rocket", and "gary chewed on ace's boomstick". the rocket launcher of course is a rather phallic symbol of power, and some wonder (ok it's just me) if the pentagram of protection or the bio suit will protect Skippy the space marine from STDs. see also llama

there are a number of great female quake players, including killcreek and kornelia. sadly though, female quakers and members of the community are often harrassed, leading to such efforts as the green ribbon campaign


type of software where users download a specific version for free. a shareware game for example may only contain a few levels while the full retail game has all the levels and possibly more weapons/monsters. quake shareware available@: [Get QUAKE now!]. quake2 will not be offered as shareware.


see 3d games


graphics file that is applied to a model in quake world. each clan usually has their own skin to identify themselves in quakeworld. try the Book of Skins, or the skin factory


see who's who


device in quake to teleport people from one place to another

slipgate central::

the yahoo of quake. sg central by Joost Schuur lists virtually all quake sites, organized by category. slip to


quake player who takes high tactical ground with a strong weapon, waiting for unsuspected prey to wander underneath. compare camper

spaceorb 360::

funkyfunk controller device that some quake players use. the majority of (good) quake players use the mouse or trackball (+keyboard), but some deathmatchers (and even clans) prefer this device from Spacetec. read prophet's review, quakelab review, loonyboi's review. compare mouser, keyboarder

speed running::

a speed run is an attempt to run through a quake level as fast as possible, usually on nightmare difficulty. besides simple rocket jumping and/or grenade jumping, speed runners ride box explosions, grenade jump off of monsters, and employ various level-specific tricks. the most impressive attempt to date is Quake Done Quick, a nightmare run through all of quake in 16:35!


(verb) an action that only males can do


hosts quake pages. stomped was one of the first quake news/everything else pages, located at more host info at QNG...


like quakecast, stormfront is a realaudio net radio show about ion storm. stormfront is broadcast live biweekly at:


while playing quake, refers to moving left or right without turning. good players assign separate left and right strafe keys while using the mouse to turn.

a simple maneuver to learn is to 'circle-strafe': strafe right and turn left (or versa vice), keeping your victim in view all the time. good quake players strafe constantly and unpredictably to avoid fire.

sunny doodle::

strange foodstuff endemic to eastern half of united states. a sunny doodle is a yellowish Drake's Cake filled with white filling. sunny doodles may look like twinkies, but DO NOT BE TRICKED! CAVEAT EMPTOR! .. go to QuakeLab: Multimedia for more info. [Sunny Doodle NOW!]




a TotalConversion changes all the graphics, levels etc, in quake and replaces them with user-made stuff. although the "textbook" literal definition of TC requires that every id thing is changed, many so-called TCs such as quess change the gameplay significantly enough to warrant the TC title. the first commercial TC was shrak. check out Nakedman's TC list. more tc info at QNG...

Team Fortress::

classy team play. see addons


a texture is a 2d graphic file that contains a tile-able tesselated image of a "texture" such as rock or lava. id made .bsp files include textures so that companies could not sell levels (that contain id textures) without explicit permission

the FRAG::

brought to you by the organizers of quakecon, the FRAG, a 500+ person quake event, will be held in Dallas, TX, from Oct 31 to Nov 2. the winner of the free tournament will walk away with an uber gaming system. see for more info


discontinued quake level editor


see Mcgee, American




see 3d games




see 3d gaming companies


vis is used to speed up .bsp files by telling the .bsp what it can't see at a certain point. vis takes a hugehugehuge amount of processing power + memory. large levels may take many hours to vis


the void is a great quake news site at, maintained by Patrick Cupka


specially modified quake that enables players with compatible 3d cards to have enhanced graphics. see also glquake. more vq info at QNG...




collection of textures. in doom, a .wad was a level or group of levels

war council::

fomerly the NAWC, the war council is a web site that contains up-to-date quake news, also known for custom map contests. NAWC is run by Embrionic Pete and Hosebag at: nawc gold and nawc unreal have also opened

Willits, Tim::

i(d)esigner. see who's who


psychosexually loaded term referring to the state of a certain quake man's entity. see also quake sex


popular quake level editor by Ben Morris. Since worldcraft (wc) is flexible, it may be able edit Unreal (or other upcoming game) maps in the future. worldcraft 2 will ship with half-life. available at see also worldcraft university, The Forge. more mapping info at QNG...

worldcraft university::

WCU meets quasi-weekly on Sundays on IRC. Its goal was to instruct people about the use of the Worldcraft level editor. check out The Forge



x-men quake::

future commercial TC. see addons




runs YnrohKeeg's guide for Llamas, a listing of quake terms.




CTF creator. see who's who




doom and duke3d are really 2.5d. notice that both of them do not have "true" room over room. they use a sector based engine where each sector (2d overhead space) is defined by a Z (height) value for the ceiling and floor.


3d=quake.. THREEDIMENSIONAL: defined by the x, y, and z axes in quake, (unlike sector based doom), maps are built of brushes. a brush is a 3d convex object: pass a line through the solid and there will be only 2 points of intersection. the brush is defined by at least 4 planes (4 planes = triangloid thing, square = 6 planes). since a line is defined by two points, a plane is defined by three points (x,y,z coordinates)


newly created irc (chat) network intended for 3d gaming discussion. it was conceived by disruptor and brian hook, who were tired of problems they encountered on other irc servers. servers:,, more irc info at QNG...

3d realms::

see 3d gaming companies

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